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Darwin & Co.

Aug.19 ‘07

Anybody who has ever read the Bible and cared about what it meant can tell that there’s something seriously and fundamentally wrong with established religion. The blatant gap between “Love your enemies” or “You cannot serve God and Mammon” and the actually practiced cult of violence and greed that has the audacity to officially call itself “Christianity” is too obvious for properly functioning minds to overlook, as rare as such may have become in our times.

What many people don’t actually know, though, is why it is so. Why are the churches so screwed up – so many light years away from the practice of the teachings of the Man and the Book they so hypocritically claim to follow?

What is it about church that can turn 10-year-olds into atheists (as was my own experience)?

Well, you know the old saying, “If you can’t lick’em, join’em,” and that’s precisely what the Devil did a long time ago, when it comes to Christianity. Somewhere along the line he realized he simply couldn’t wipe those early Christians out, but that the more they were being persecuted, the faster they spread. No wonder St. Paul wrote that you can’t really be a true Christian without ever suffering persecution. Truly living your faith as a Christian and consequently experiencing persecution go hand in hand (See 1Tim.3:12).

So, ol’ Satan pulled out the peace pipe and realized that by stuffing it with the right blend of lukewarm compromise, he was able to do a lot more damage to the church (= “the ecclesia” = the “called out ones” from the Devil’s matrix, since he’s the one who temporarily runs things down here) than through opposition, namely from the inside.

So, one of the first “improvements” on Christianity the Devil instigated upon joining the church, was to persuade his fellow-“Christians” to ignore the apostles’ and prophets’ admonition that “the Most High” does NOT live in temples made with hands,” and suggested, “Hey, now that Rome is an officially Christian empire, why don’t we just convert all them heathen temples into Christian temples, er, churches? After all, we don’t have to hide underground in the catacombs anymore, we can openly strut to our “services” on Sunday & show off our clothes. Why, we can even keep some of the old idols, errrr… statues of our old pagan gods and goddesses and rename them ‘Mary, Jesus, St. Joseph, St. John,’ and so on…”

Never before was being a Christian that comfortable.

Before long, Christianity had moved from the arenas of Rome’s colosseums into the grandstands, as they turned from the persecuted into the persecutors.

No wonder Mohammed was so sick of what he saw in Christianity that he felt urged by God to initiate a new religion dedicated to wiping out this farce of Christianity-turned-into-idolatry.

Everything went honky-dory for centuries, and some of the heads of the church, supposed followers of Peter, the disciple of Jesus, who like nearly all the others of the original 12 had given his life for his faith, turned out so diabolical that there are still groups of believers nowadays who firmly believe that the antichrist is the pope.

Not that I subscribe to that, but just to demonstrate how anti-Christ Christianity has become over the centuries.

But then along came Luther. He just couldn’t keep from reading that darned Book, the Bible, and while sitting on the toilet one day, one simple verse in it struck him like a lightning, and the divine revelation that the commercial system of selling forgiveness for money, as the Catholic church was practicing (until the early 20th century, in fact), was NOT Christianity at all, since it said right there that “by GRACE are ye saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast” (Ephesians 2:8,9).

In other words, we can’t go to Heaven by our works. It’s a gift. One can only receive it (see also John 1:12, 3:16, 3:36, etc.). One simply had to believe it. In order to be able to believe it, the people had to know that God said it, so they needed Bibles. That was the beginning of the end of the superstition the world had come to know as “Christianity” for over a millennium…

A millennium which the catholic church officially believed to have been Christ’s reign on earth, while for the rest of the world it pretty much resembled the Dark Ages.

But ol’ Lucy didn’t give up so quickly quite yet. After all, he had managed to deceive and delude and distract them Christians once – nah, countless times – before, and he was going to manage to do so again.

He had – and still has – various tactics to do so. After all, he has legions of fallen angels to help him sow division among believers, tell them lies or tempt them with greed. And if all that didn’t do the trick, he could let them fall into the trap of self-righteousness and have them believe they were better than everybody else.

But on May 1st 1776, he inspired the German Jewish mind of the former Jesuit Adam Weishaupt on behalf of the heads of the Rothschild family in Frankfurt to call into life an organization, which was going to successfully infiltrate pretty much all of the established religions available in the world’s supermarket of faiths – as well as most of the world’s governments, of course.

If Jesus had His church, His called-out ones of followers, then Lucifer was certainly going to have that, too. Only he wouldn’t choose any bedraggled fishermen from some backwood, God-forsaken province of the deceased Roman empire. He was going to use the kings and queens of the world, the richest of the rich, those who were worthy of him and to be called his, the Enlightened Ones.

Apart from enlightening the benighted rest of the world, it was part of the Illiminati’s job to make sure that the churches would stay “enlightened” as well, and not start practicing what that Son-of-a-carpenter Leader of theirs once said. Luckily, Christians turned out to be much more fond of ceremonies and rituals, and colored windows, organs and pulpits and paying off their preacher to keep them at peace for serving Mammon, instead of God, for 6 days and 23 hours a week… except for a few stubborn ones who insisted on becoming missionaries – but apparently there always must be a few fanatics around.

After all, they had been into this type of churchianity for centuries now, and like the chained eagle running back into the rut he had worn around the stake in the ground even after the chain had been taken off – Christians flip-flopped right back into their rut of churchianity, and pretty much didn’t care too much about all that stuff Jesus had said about loving everyone and forsaking material possessions in order to follow Him… After all, that was 2000 years ago, and we had evolved into something much smarter than those apemen back then, right?

Right. That’s why you’ll find a statue of Charles Darwin right along those of the other “great” philosophers (like Jesus) in Rockefeller’s Riverside Church in New York. Now that’s a family that knows how to keep their fellow humans enlightened about what is politically correct to believe and what not, even if you must insist on calling yourself a Christian. And it helps to have the money, too, to make sure that the preacher will preach exactly that, to keep all those “Christians” as nice, obedient slaves to the Matrix 6 days and 23 hours, 52 weeks a year.

They also have enough money to finance the National Geographic society to make sure that some archaeologist periodically finds another “proof” that we all come from the monkeys. And for those who insist on believing the other version (God made the world, and He could have done it in 6 seconds but chose to use 6 days for it), just put a lunatic in the White House who claims to believe that same stuff, and that will cure the half-way properly thinking rest of the world from such fanaticism.

It’s interesting to note that the spreading of Christian fundamentalism was part of the “Majesty 12” agenda for bringing about the New World Order. Have some people who claim to believe what the Bible says and preach it incessantly while at the same time behaving like Adolf Hitler, and that will cure the world of Christianity for good.

So, what’s wrong with Christianity today? The same that has been wrong with it for nearly 1700 years. But you’re not going to believe any of it, anyway, because you’re smarter than to believe that the Devil actually exists, right?

Or, if he does, that you, a Christian, could actually have been so dumb to have fallen for his deceptions all this time, right?


“He that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed, lest he fall.”


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