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Big Picture 1 (Spirit World), 2 (Physical Creation) & 3 (Heaven on Earth)

Big Picture 1 (Spirit World), 2 (Physical Creation) & 3 (Heaven on Earth)

Of all good things there are three.

Three versions of God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Yet One.

Three atoms to every water molecule. Yet they form one entity.

There are three editions of what I like to call “The Big Picture.”

One is here and has probably always been.

The second one is here and has come forth from the first.

The third will be, and will consist of both previous ones. And it will stay forever.

The first edition of “The Big Picture” is the Spirit World -dwelling place of God and His Holy Family, expanding to probably countless of His sons and daughters, both, faithful and fallen. While it would probably take an eternity to catch up on the information that presently eludes us concerning this part of the Big Picture, it probably is also the one that is the least attractive or interesting to most of us.

The 2nd version or part of the Big Picture is the physical realm, what we call the universe, including the time line of its history, and is so to speak a product of the former, since it was information uttered by God that brought it into being (see Hebrews 11:3).

It’s the one that usually intrigues us the most. Partly because it’s “ours,”

at least for the time being. It’s probably not incorrect to say that this part of the Picture is in a somewhat imperfect state.

The 3rd and final stage of the Big Picture is the combination of BP1 and 2:

the Spirit World and the physical realm united and merged into one.

This event is forecast and described in such places as the Book of Revelation, when it talks about the Abode of God coming down from Heaven to dwell on (a new) earth forever (Rev.21:1-5).

The final and ultimate version of the Big Picture will be this one, the 3rd, and it will probably shed more light on both previous ones for its inhabitants, if such a thing as “previous” will be of any relevance.

But I do think so, since God isn’t known to easily discard origins or dishonor his chosen patriarchs.

While man has presently contented himself with the confidence that his heritage is that of tree-climbing mammals, God has never been thus cruel to us, to deprive us of a slightly nobler past and heritage, even if it begins with nothing more than 2 perfect, naked humans in a perfect place, unfortunately not perfectly happy with it.

What we consider fairy-tales, God calls our history, and when history will be done, then I guess we will know what will have been fairy tales, and what the reality.

The reality of God, as announced in BP3, will be greater than any fairy tale man could have ever cooked up.

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The New Testament teaches us that currently this world is under the rule of Satan, the “god of this world (or age),” along with his “rulers of the darkness of this world.”

What is it that rulers do? They determine by what laws and standards their realm will be governed.

Two of those standards by which the “powers that be” have determined to rule this present world are time and money. Both will apparently come to an end, in contrast to the values that God wants to convey to those who are governed by His standards, and consider their Home His eternal Kingdom, where His rules and standards are what count.

The big disadvantage – as far as we’re concerned – about God’s standards and values is that we can’t see them nor touch them. They require faith in order to be perceived, which is one of the rules He established for the members of His club, those who want to play the game according to His rules, and on His side. Some people are simply incapable of that, or at least not willing to adhere to that rule of faith. They totally and exclusively rely on the visible and tangible stuff around them.

Now it so happens that God has placed enough information in the visible things He made all around us, so that we can still perceive the fingerprints and evidence of His existence in His creation, but those who deny the existence of the invisible also refuse to acknowledge that evidence. In order to successfully convince themselves and others of their dogma of denial, they come up with concoctions of their own imagination such as the widely taught theory of Evolution, which, coincidentally, is being fed, nourished and upheld by nothing else but those same two major values that distinguish the rule and government of this present world: time and money.

According to the theory of Evolution, the one factor that makes it possible for the innumerable miracles to have happened that brought forth every species from nothing via mutation is an unfathomable amount of time: “billions of years.” And the one factor that makes millions, if not billions of people acknowledge that teaching as fact, is an unfathomable amount of money that flows into the science apparatus in order to create more “evidence” from virtually nothing: a jawbone here, and thighbone there, and lots of elaborate words and articles in National Geographic or Der Spiegel, along with the televised versions of the same for an increasingly illiterate public; and a whole new reality has been created, a mental conditioning with its own set of laws of “the survival of the fittest” that has been governing most of our globe for the past century and a half, consequently showering it with unprecedented amounts of suffering and violence.

The giant clockwork of Chronos is keeping the enslaved massed in check and dancing according to its tune: “Welcome to the Machine!”

For those who don’t feel as comfortable or at home with that construct as evidently a large part of Civilization does, there is, thankfully, an alternative. You see, time and money haven’t always been the yardstick that measures everything. There was – and still is, in the presently unseen world which envelops our physical realm – a time in which people would not have to rush through their lives chasing after paper money. In fact, some people on this planet still manage to live by that time in spite of the rat race going on around them.

God’s time, the stuff of which Eternity is made, is a different scope than the clock-ticking pace and rhythm that the slaves of Mammon dance to.

And there’s that other shred of news about this whole issue:

According to the Book of Revelation, the time we’re currently living under is going to come to an end.

Oh, and so will money, by the way, most unfortunately for some.

Like all fairy-tales, illusions, or faulty operating systems, the gospel of time and money must also come to an end.

Only the Real Thing is going to last.

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The first and the last two chapters of the Bible are very much connected, and they both go totally against the grind of the matrix considered fact and reality by the vast majority of today’s intelligentsia. In the first chapter of Genesis we find the outrageous statements that not only was God supposed to have created earth, the universe and all that goes with it in mere 6 days, a statement so preposterous that even most Christians are ashamed of it, but He also is supposed to have created the earth first, before the sun and all the rest of the stars…

That, of course, is the one that’s hardest to swallow & just about breaks the camel’s back, since every child in the 21st century “knows” (because it’s damn well made sure to know by its public educators) that the earth is just one infinitesimal spec of dust spun off the incredibly fast revolving matter that brought everything else into being during the “Big Bang” (a story which I personally find just as hard to believe, and yet it’s being told as if each and every science teacher on the globe was present when it happened).

But according to the last two chapters of the Bible, earth is anything but insignificant, and in fact here we find the reason why God took such special care in creating this little gem first of all, before all the other stuff. Because in Revelation chapters 21 and 22 we find God’s ultimate plan for earth unfolding: He has actually chosen this place for His future Headquarters from which to rule the rest of the universe, and for eternity, that is.

So, if you were going to create a place you were planning to make your home forever and ever, and especially if you were the Boss of everything, you’d probably also bestow some special care on it, and lay the foundation first, before you’d take care of the lighting and surroundings, right?

Of course, for the sceptics and scoffers, this ending of the story is just as unbelievable as the beginning, but for anyone who deems the Bible to be any kind of authority at all, this should make them think. Revelation chapters 21 and 22 describe in quite some detail how the Heavenly City, New Jerusalem, the actual City of God, will descend down to earth, which will have received a new surface with – remarkably – no more sea (5 times as much space, yippee!).

Some people interpret “a new heaven and a new earth” to mean that God will have created a whole new universe. But that’s not what it says, or means, nor what it takes in order to create new atmospheric heavens and a new surface for the earth. Besides, it would contradict Scriptures in the Old Testament which predict that (also contrary to scientists’ speculations) the earth and sun will remain forever (see Ecc.1:4, Ps.72:5, 17).

So, if you ever wondered how God could ever be so dumb to defy the combined opinions of 99% of today’s scientists and create the earth 3 full days before the rest of the universe, (or how some people could be so dumb to believe that), just think about what you would do if you were to build yourself a place where you were planning to stay for a while: would you first build the house, or plant the garden?

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I’ve been watching the first 7 issues of Chuck Missler’s Revelation video series on Google Video last week, and while I am thankful for the elaborate background information Missler gives on the deeper significance that lies in the Letters to the 7 Churches, there are also points in which I personally feel he’s totally off the track, such as the erroneous Pre-Tribulation Rapture, of course, but also his identifying Babylon the Whore as literal ancient Babylon in Iraq. I’ve also read portions of Dave Hunt’s book “A Woman Rides The Beast,” which Chuck Missler repeatedly recommends, to see whether I would be able to reconcile with the tought that Babylon the great Whore as described in Revelations 17 and 18 could perhaps be Rome, but also in this case, I must acredit those two Americans’ interpretation of those Scriptures to the same – typical for Americans – wishful thinking that misleads millions of Christians to belief in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

While it is certainly true that Rome and the Catholic Church are guilty of the blood of innocent millions, and it’s certainly true that the remnant of what used to be true Christianity that they are presenting to the world as such is blasphemous and certainly good reason for God’s indignation, it takes Americans to fail to recognize that the slaughter, rape of the truth and untold bloodshed perpetrated by their own country over the past centuries makes even Rome look innocent and saintly by comparison.

Of course, recognizing this fact takes a willingness to face the truth and to see beyond the “America the Beautiful” image that most Americans and part of the rest of the world (still) are enchanted with, and a look beyond the official version of history; a look behind the curtains as to who really financed and instigated the first two world wars, the Russian Revolution, and literally every other war during the past few centuries of our world’s history.

The bloody tracks lead to another “great and mighty city” that “sitteth upon many waters” and plays the tunes to which all nations really dance, be it financially, culturally or polictically. A city, so great and mighty, in fact, that modern day Rome looks like a little village in comparison, the skyline of which you see daily on TVs, billboads and web pages or in movie theatres all over the world

There is even a town called “Babylon” on Long Island, New York. As (not only) Insiders know, the Statue of Liberty is in reality an idol representing the Babylonian goddess Semiramis, watching over her favored child.

Just read for yourself the verses about “Babylon the Great Whore” which shall be destroyed in one hour, and make up your mind, whether this is most applicable to the Italian city of Rome, the – howbeit rebuilt – ruins of ancient Babylon in Iraq, or the City which not only houses the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, but also the financers behind it all, including the very material they’re forcing on our kids in school as “truth” every day: Rockefellers & Co.

If you’re in touch with reality at all, and you’re bold enough to face the ugly truth about your beloved and oh so great country, you’ll see that the other 2 alternatives are pitifully erroneous wishful thinking cooked up by people whose loyalty is rather to the flag of their country than the cross, when Jesus told His disciples clearly that they were not of this world, just as He wasn’t.

America, it’s time to open up your eyes that the rest of the world is seeing through your camouflage of “democracy.” You’ve just become another big bully world empire, dictating your views on the rest of the world, you’re the greatest oppressor of the poor and innocent this world has ever seen in its pitiful history, and you’re going to reap what you’ve sown. God promises it, and there won’t be any “Pre-Tribulation Rapture,” either, to save you out of it! Oh, and did I mention it? Your President is a mass murderer, – and he’s not the first in line – going down in history as another infamous villain like Hitler and Stalin, who were ultimately brought into power by your money in the first place, too.

What you may not know is, that the Beast you’re riding on, that wonderful and glorious “New World Order” your head honchos like Bush Sr., are so eagerly promoting, will turn against you, rend you in pieces and devour your flesh. Read Revelations 17 and 18 for what they are! Read and weep!

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