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As a Christian, (as in follower of Christ’s teachings) who chooses not to ignore what my true Commander-in-Chief has to say and who won’t allow any man-made, government puppet to usurp that position of leadership and souverignty over my life, either, I cannot subscribe to the political choice of most of my supposed fellow-Christians, who presently seem to believe that problems are solved with guns and granades, and think a weekly hour of pew-warming will do to hide the fact that the gods they’re worshiping in reality are Mammon (god of wealth) and Mars (the god of war).

I’m speaking of the political right, as in Bush-ites or McCainians, the kind who would love to put a bullet into the man they call the “antichrist,” just because he has a different color of skin than they do, and because he doesn’t bend over backwards to kiss their flag-waving and pew-warming butts as much as his predecessor did for no other reason than convenience, because he didn’t want to make the same mistake his daddy made earlier by failing to please the Bible belt during a time when most of the colored U.S. population wouldn’t have cared to drag themselves to a voting booth, because they rightly figured it wouldn’t have much of a difference, anyhow.

On the other hand, I can’t subscribe to anyone advocating the mass-murder of innocent, howbeit unborn babies, nor to the notion that man is smart enough to solve his own problems without any help from God, not even if I’m as smart as Barack Obama…

I won’t deny that I consider Obama the lesser of two evils, but that doesn’t mean I subscribe to his politics. I’m happy for the Afro-American population to have for once received a chance to be liberated from the yoke of stupid white men, but I’m afraid their relief will only be temporary.

Call me a conspiracy freak, but I believe that the true powers that be (howbeit well hidden from public view by having bought the media and thus making sure they’ll stay out of them) have always mastered the art of creating two opposing forces – be it fascism or communism in the thirties, or liberalism and conservatives in the nineties – that the broad masses are led to choose sides from, in order to create the illusion of democracy and freedom.

In reality, G.W.Bush has only fulfilled his part in the advance of the New World Order by making the world yet sicker of his supposed type of government and religion, and prepared his country for Obama, who will take it yet another step further toward the goal of replacing religion with the NWO’S universal ideology.

Those who call Obama the antichrist are the same type of wishful thinkers who believe that Jesus will whisk them into the sky before the coming leader of the New World Order ever reveals his true face. Barack Obama is a puppie compared to what the Antichrist will be, and he sure as heck won’t be American, either.
America is a world power in its decline that’s turning out a whole lot less smart than it managed to make the rest of the world believe for some time. The Antichrist will emerge from the resurrected parts of an empire the world presumed dead and will “liberate” the world from the show that the clowns in Washington and their stooges in Europe are putting on.

So, where should a true Christian stand, politically? Left or right? Well, if you listen to what Jesus had to say, you won’t really fall for that whole left-or-right charade in the first place. He made it clear that just as He wasn’t from this world, so His disciples wouldn’t be, either. While we’re supposed to subject ourselves to the powers that be as long as they don’t interfere with the commandments God gave us to keep, that doesn’t mean that there will never come a time when we will have to prove that we are to obey God rather than men and show on whose side we really stand.

Politicians are always bigshots and popularity hunters, and Jesus certainly wasn’t a politician. While there may have been a time that a true Christian could also be a politician, if you look around, those days are pretty much over. Those in politics who call themselves Christians are like the guys who dressed up like Indians in the Boston Tea Party scam in order to get into war with England. They may even think they’re doing whatever they do for a just cause, but so did the Nazis who were condemned at Nuremberg.

When the people of Israel in the Old Testament were asking for a king, they weren’t doing themselves a favor, and God even warned them of this. It’s because people – and especially politicians, it seems – are bound to disappoint you. They simply don’t have the same qualities that our Maker does.

I’d vote for Him Who gave His own life for us any day before I’d put my money on any government-paid mass murderers, be their victims either innocent Iraquis or innocent unborn children.

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