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A Study & Comment By McDozer

“We the people have given the power to create money to a banking cartel that annually collects billions of dollars in interest on assets it created out of thin air. It uses this money creating monopoly to suck up most of the real wealth (resources etc.) of the planet.” (Henry Makow)

“Why would people place their hard earned savings into government currencies, which are in reality only pieces of paper that a government can create or destroy at will? Governments have virtually no assets and produce no income. Why are we told (and most people believe) that government bonds are the most secure investment available? Why do we believe that our loans to an entity with no assets or income is secure?… with the world on the verge of financial collapse, why do most people feel that gold is a poor investment? With Keynsian economics being based on flawed logic, why do most people believe that governments can control the economy based on this false theory?
The only conclusion that I can formulate is that most people have lost the ability to critically analyze information, and are subject to government mind control programs. While most people choose to ignore reality, the world is now facing the most severe financial contraction in history.” (John Kutyn – Financial Analyst)

The Green Paper Pig – (D.Berg)

“The most ancient & the longest lasting of any economic system is the economic system of tribalism – ancient socialism.”
“ War calls for an increase of factory output (weapons, etc.), factory increase means more workers being hired & paid. This means more people have more money to buy products of all other industries. This increase in jobs and spending is a “Boom”. Now, the businessman, of course, is making profits from all this buying & selling. He makes billions of paper dollars, but these paper dollars have lost some of their value because of their great circulation. People value them less, spend more & are willing to pay higher prices, so the dollars buy less. The loss in value comes from the fact that the sellers of commodities can ask higher prices for their things because they know that with all this money around, some sucker is going to buy their wares. -–This is INFLATION: More money for less product. The merchant with his billions of dollars from the “Boom” knows that each one of those dollars would be worth more if less people had money to spend. So he lowers the circulation of paper money by calling up the King, (president or congress), who in turn calls up the Captain of War & tells him to stop fighting. The Captain of War has no more use for rockets, planes, bombs, tanks, jeeps, army clothes, boats, bullets, 3.2 beer & all the multitude of things necessary to fight a war. The merchant stops his assembly lines & the slaves are sent home & the paychecks stop. The other industries that don’t make war equipment soon stop producing because the slaves have no paychecks. Everyone is broke, but the merchant is happy,because the value of his paper dollars is increasing because they become so scarce & buy more at lower prices. People will give up their cars & houses just to get their hands on a little money. This is a “Bust”, recession, or depression. People sell their possessions for a little money, and the Big Merchant ends up with everything (Gen.47:20).. Of course, there is always a chance of a slaves’ revolt at this point (Revolution). So the merchant takes a few straws off the camel’s back by giving them a few crumbs. But the quickest way out of depression is, of course, to start another war… So Big Business continues to produce war toys, well lubricated with the blood of human sacrifices, as usual…. cannon fodder of the DEATH CULT’S genocidal “economy”.
(s.a. Rev.17:7; 18:4,23,24; Jer.32:35; Ezek.16:20,21; 23:39)
The power of the Death Triangle (War, Business, Politics) is of spiritual origin (Rev.6:3-8; 16:13: 18:3,24),
and it must be fought on a spiritual level (2.Cor.10:4; Eph.6:12; Heb.4:12; 1.John 3:8; 1.Tim.1:18; Rev.1:3).”
“The dollar became nothing but a piece of paper which is worth as much as people are willing to believe it’s worth… only backed by faith. The dollar will find its own level at whatever they think it is worth… The money for war comes from taxes on the people, but the government borrows the money in bonds… so people buy bonds to loan the government money…suddenly we’re beginning to wake up & find that billions & billions of dollars have been thrown away in the most wasetful thing you can possibly do: making war!”
“Presidents use war as a remedy for a Depression. Hitler blamed all the problems of Germany on the radicals & Communists & Jews (“terrorists”?) & Germany began to prosper because of the tremendous amount of money being spent on war materials…industry boomed, & the Germans began to take over the countries of Europe. The rich are always thinking that somehow their god mammon will protect them if they feed him enough of their children or other people’s children for cannon fodder…”
“Western economy, capitalist economy can only thrive on war. No ungodly leader can solve the problem of having both peace & plenty without war. As long as a nation demands more than they need they have to rob the poor to get it, & to rob the poor to get it they have to wage war. Even non-war industries are making money at the expense of the poor of other nations. Say I have certain things you need. But I want the lion’s share, live in luxury & the most of everything. So I charge you unreasonably high prices & I refuse to pay more than rock-bottom prices for yours. This is commercial war: in order to get my luxuries I’m starving you to death.”
“The capitalistic financiers of Europe are like a bunch of pimps They’ve got a whole lot invested in this Whore, & they don’t want to lose it. She thinks she’s their owner, but they’re her owner, and they’re trying to save their own investments. It’s totally artificial for them to support the dollar. If they’d just let the dollar sink where it belongs, America would sink. But they each own too much of a share in the Whore, & they don’t want to lose their investments. So the European money pimps support her worthless dollars… they’ll go broke, — very broke!(see Revelation 14, 16 – 19).”
“The Arabs control most of the world’s oil, through which they are fast getting a hold of most of its money. Without Arab oil, the industries of the western world could be slowed virtually to a standstill. It’s the rich West that worries about oil and has got to control that Arab oil, or Arab oil will soon control the West…”
“The dollar only exists if you believe in it, and is going to evaporate when people lose faith in it, it will be gone. It gobbles everybody up that believes in it, & tramples everybody in the mud that thinks it exists. But for those who know it’s just a monster of imagination, it vanishes! – It’s nothing! Someone is manipulating the dollar & using it as a weapon to destroy their enemies, and if you believe in it, it will destroy you, but if you refuse to believe that it even exists, it has no power over you at all! It only exists if you believe it exists, the god of America, the idol they worship. It has no power over you unless you’re one of its worshippers. The money-makers are its high priests & its priesthood, & it was created in their temples & they control it & manipulate it to their own advantage against their enemies. The dollar is a money-makers’ creation. It’ll devour you if you trust in it. It doesn’t exist except according to men’s faith in it & their imagination, like Puff, the Magic Dragon. It is the figment of their imagination, but they use it to their own advantage. When exposed to the light of day, the truth of God, it turns to dead grey ashes! It will be burnt out & destroyed when the fire of the faith of men in it is gone! It pollutes the hearts & minds of men & captures theire bodies & destroys their souls. There was no such thing as the dollar until it was dreamed up by Washington. Their final idol is an idol of paper! – The money-makers’ joke on the world! Deceived & destroyed by their own creation & deception.
Paper money is a fairly new thing in World history, which our clever capitalistic governments quickly latched on to as a much more convenient means of exchange than metal coins, & a far easier & cheaper way to manufacture worthless money & cheat the people! The dollar is really worthless & without any intrinsic value whatsoever with no backing or redeemability of actual value. It is actually only worth what others are willing to give you for it. When the paper money loses ist power over the minds of men & they lose their faith in its value as a mere medium of monetary exchange, its value goes down to the nothing from whence it came, because it was worth
Nothing in the first place, no more than the paper on which it was printed! It was only made to be thought worth something by the faith of man in his paper god.
The powers which control the valuable, needed materials of the world, such as oil, raw materials & foodstuffs, etc. will wield the government of the world. The time will come when money is no longer used as a medium of exchange, & the people of the world will be ruled by a one-world government who will control them by the material power it wields & its control of goods & services. The money medium will be replaced by a very remarkable credit system in which every person in the world who belongs to the system will bear a credit number, a number which will be given him permanently, without any possibility of counterfeit or manipulation, because it will be branded on each person (Rev.13:16,17).”
“The monetary system is the money-god of Mammon, which the world worships! Money, in a way, is the “image of the beast” of this world, reflection of his power – the entangling demon idol the people worship… ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ (1.Tim.6:10).”
“The total downfall of America could be the collapse of the economic system, worldwide confusion brought on by energy shortage, the upheavals in the Mid-East, or atomic war.”
“Economic collapse could bring down our whole highly industrialized modern civilization as we know it!”
“The System is headed for a crash! If even one link, like oil, breaks in the chain of their economic system, it can cause a sudden collapse of the whole System! Values are really dependent on people’s faith in somebody’s word! Their faith crashes & things dwindle down to nothing!”
“An inflation that’s so bad that it finally just absolutely explodes & collapses the whole monetary system will literally blow the whole world banking system, its financial system, to absolute bits! It’ll be a total world collapse of the monetary system!” (David Berg in “Who Are The Rebels”, “War, Boom Bust” [1970], “The Dollar” , “Nitler” [1971], “The Amerikan Way”, “Amerika The Whore!”, “Gaddhafi’s Magic Lamp”, “The Green Paper Pig”, “Oplexicon”, “The Christmas Monster”, “The Comet Comes”, “The Crash”, “The Money Explodes!” [1973] )

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