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If we only knew how little we know. I think a lot of damage is being done in our times by people conveying to each other (and usually their weaker, more gullible brethren, like children) what they consider to be knowledge, but, which I am personally convinced will turn out to have been foolish fallacies at best, and dangerous & wicked deceit at worst.

Teachers are such people, but I think what applies to them is what Jesus said on the cross about the Roman soldiers who crucified Him: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” teachers don’t know any better than to pass on in their “chain of command” that which has been sold to them as “knowledge” or “science.” Whether what they think to be fact is indeed so, or has anything to do with the truth is another matter.

Some of the things they pass on to our children, such as the teachings of Evolution, are already highly disputed by a growing number of people, and I have already said enough about that subject.

But it doesn’t stop there. Currently, there is someone challenging the very basis of what today is called science, starting at Newton and not stopping short of Einstein, saying basically – from what I have understood so far – that Newton & Einstei may have made observations which were may have been valid or signs of “progress” for their time, but those observations, such as the discovery of the “law of gravity” were only part of a much greater whole, and thus they were often misnomers, since, according to the author, Mark McCutcheon, gravity is merely one part or manifestation of a much greater, universal force.

It reminds me of the story of the 7 blind men coming across an elephant: One gets ahold of the tail & describes the elephant as a rope, one feels the trunk & says, “no, it’s like a snake,” the next touches a leg & says, “like a tree,” another touches the elephants side & describes him as a wall; one grabs an ear & says, “no, he’s like a big leaf,” and the final one gets ahold of one of the tusks & says, “the elephant is like a spear.” They’re all right from their individual point of view, yet from the point of view of a seeing man, they’re all quite mistaken, since the elephant is all those things together & more.

I think we are a lot like those 7 blind men, and God is the One Who sees things as they really are. Jesus talked a lot about “blind leaders of the blind,” & said to the Pharisees (who were responsible for His crucifixion) once, “If you would admit that you were blind, you wouldn’t be guilty. But because you say ‘we can see,’ your guilt remains.” (See John 9:39-41 and Matthew 15:14).

I’m convinced that someday soon a lot of what we call “knowledge” or “science” today will be discarded in the same way that German schools aren’t teaching their pupils anymore that the “Fuehrer” is their benevolent leader into a more prosperous future, which was the case 60 or 70 years ago.

Which leads me to another category of mental “wealth” that is being passed on to the younger generations today, namely our moral values. Again, this reminds me of something Jesus said about the Pharisees: “What they tell you, do, but don’t do as they do.” Many things our kids are being taught in school may sound alright morally, but when it comes down to what is behind the “preaching,” the visible example of how one is supposed to live their life, I personally see a different picture: I see a picture of people acting out of necessity, instead of true inner calling. In order to survive, they teach what they are being taught, regardless of whether these things be so or not. They believe what they’re being fed without questioning, even if it’s a whole fat bunch of lies. The majority wins. If enough people say it, it must be right, even if it makes no friggin’ sense at all. That’s also contrary to Jesus’ teachings, who said that the majority was on the road to destruction (Matthew 7:13,14), and it doesn’t resemble love for the truth, nor true open-mindedness or an incentive to search, investigate & find out the way things truly happen to be. I suppose that kind of people will always be the minority as long as the “god of this world” will be the Enemy of the truth (see 2. Corinthians 4:4).

Modern education is solely there for one purpose: to train the little batteries to share their part of the workload, to get the dough rolling in so the machine can keep functioning. There is only one moral law that runs through our entire System: “Thou shalt become a taxpayer!” (And nuthin’ else matters!) As long as the little batteries behave, everything’s alright, & otherwise they will be expelled, sent out with the rest of the scum on the fringes of society, where they will be dealt with in due time… the next “Fuehrer” will know how to.

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