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On our way to our gig last night we were listening to some of Don McLean‘s old stuff, which I had recently dug out, and I was touched by the beauty of his art of expression, and most particularly in his anti-war songs like “The Grave,” or “Everybody Loves Me, Baby” etc.

It made me realize how drastically things have changed since the early 70s. People just don’t write lyrics like that anymore. The vast majority have come to accept war as a commodity of life to preserve the Western status quo, or the American Way of life, or whatever.

Instead of rebelling against their governments’ falling into nations that they have no business dropping bombs on, they accept the media hogwash and propaganda of “the enemy” and give their silent consent to the daily mass murder that’s happening on behalf of their tax money.

And that in spite of the lesson we ought to have learned from fairly recent history of what guilt people can collectively heap upon themselves by silently consenting to the evils committed by their governments.

How many church visits will it take to clear a conscience of that burden, that’s mostly not even recognized? How many donations or tithes will it take to buy forgiveness for the silent tolerance of the slaughter perpetrated in the name of us, “the people?”

The closest thing in recent times that I heard to some of the anti-war protest songs from a time when at least a substantial amount of the world population honestly admitted that war was evil and that the U.S. had no business wreaking havoc in Vietnam are songs like Pink’s “Dear Mr.President,” (although the song does not mention anything about American foreign policies, but only deals with domestic issues) and, of course, we’ve got Pearl Jam’s rendition of Dylan’s “Masters of War.” – Oh, and perhaps some of the Dixie Chicks‘ Anti-Bush rantings, for which they’ll always have my respect. Oh, and of course, good ol’ Neil Young’s “Impeach the President,” bless his soul!

Pretty much everyone else that I know of dances to the modern drums of war, or rather, to the tune of “let’s ignore what our country is doing in other countries,” unless another bunch of flag-wrapped coffins arrive at home, that is.

The trademark of the 21st century, thus far: the (cultural) voices of truth have become (nearly) silent. The nations cower in fear of their leaders and follow them like sheep to the slaughter of the innocents.

The problem with that is the universal law of cause and effect as laid down by many spiritual teachers, including Jesus’ follower St. Paul, when he said, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” There’s a cold wind blowin’, and we’re beginning to see the first fruits of our “harvest” in a crumbling economy and a crisis which now has officially exceeded the rank of severity of that of the Great Depression, (along with forecasts of food shortages coming upon us as early as this year, which many of us may find themselves unable to deal with).

Even the young staff of the joint we played in last night acknowledged in a conversation I overheard while packing up our gear, that we’re still going to chew on the repercussions of the current crisis for the next 5, 10 or 15 years, and that even though Europe hasn’t seen the worst of it.

Unfortunately, it will probably take more than a financial crisis for people to wake up and tell their government, “Mr. Obama, don’t follow in the footsteps of your predecessor, and please, stop killing people in Pakistan or Afghanistan.” Or to their most strongly supported ally, Israel, for that matter, “Please stop killing innocent Palestinian children!”

Even more unfortunately, if history continues repeating itself (- and that in such a drastic manner that some people have started to doubt whether history is really real -), then this current crisis, like the one in the 30s, will only lead to more and greater war, greater need for some “culprit” to blame and make pay for the domestic dilemma, greater cries and thirst for blood, and who will be the next people that will answer with a shattering unanimous, roaring “YES!” to the question, “Do you want total war?

Younger people nowadays speak critically of the hippie movement. But you’ve got to give the hippies credit for having had the guts to stand up for their love for peace, for being willing to acknowledge (unlike many supposed “Christians”) the Biblical reality that war is evil, and for being willing to oppose their authorities for their stance against war.
They may be looked upon with ridicule by today’s silent consenters and smug cogs in the machine that have learned to shut up and do as they’re told, but maybe a wiser future generation will look back at those rebels of the 60s and early 70s as the true heroes of the 20th century, and perhaps even as the last of their kind in history as we know it altogether.

In my experiences with abundant acquaintances I’ve come to realize the fact that some people simply refuse to acknowledge the existence and reality of their mistakes, thus depriving themselves of the possibility to ever learn from them, but thus to remain “willingly ignorant,” as the Bible puts it, which Kent Hovind appropriately translated into modern English as “dumb on purpose.”

What if an entire nation or generation chooses to be willingly ignorant, or “dumb on purpose?”

It reminds me of one of those relics from the 60s which may have even sounded a little naive back then, but in the face of the reality of the past 4 decades, acquires a bitter by-taste: “When will they ever learn? – –

When will they ever learn?”

If “there is no peace, saith my God, for the wicked,” then I dare to re-define “the wicked” as “those who want no peace.”

Some of my favorite Anti-War Songs from the 60s and early 70s:

Donovan – The War Drags On

Buffy Sainte Marie – Universal Soldier

Bob Dylan – Masters of War,

Pete Seeger – Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Don McLean – The Grave, Everybody Loves Me

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Barry BcGuire – Eve of Destruction

CCR – Fortunate Son

John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance

Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Sam Halbert – Billy

More recent anti-war songs:

Galliano – Prince of Peace

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon

Some of my own:

In Thy Skirts

Better Place


The Bible Says

Thou Shalt Love


Sarajevo Rain

Wikipedia List of Anti-War Songs

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In search of intelligent life on the web I came across a forum thread entitled, “Can Intelligent People Believe in God?” A truly intelligent question would have been, “Can intelligent people not believe in God?” And the cortrect answer would be, “ONLY intelligent people believe in God.”
And that isn|t just on my own puny authority, but on the authority of the Book revered by millions as the divinely inspired Word of God… In the book of Psalms, the greatest leader the nation of Israel ever had wrote, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’
We know that every bit of information in the world, every letter, every email, every postcard, poem, telegram, phone call or drawing in a cave by a so-called “cave man” must have an author.
Thus, only a moron can seriously assume that the immense amount of information contained in one single cell, which, if we’d stick it in books would form a tower to the moon and back, would have come about by itself, or the great supposed father & mother of us all: coincidence.
Just because the existence of God eludes the capacities of their finite reasoning & ratio (or ration?) of their rationale, they confine reality to the scope of their own minds, by which they are so awed that they couldn’t possibly allow for anything greater and more wonderful in the universe to exist.

Since my query only yielded a handful of halfway satisfactory results, & even Google Almighty couldn’t help me out, I remembered something Kent Hovind once said about how scientists keep searching for intelligent life in outer space when he hadn’t found much of it on this, our own planet yet. I like Kent Hovind. I share his opinion on many issues, especially golfers. Every time I ride my bike past the local golf court I pray, “Jesus, protect me from those morons!” (One of them nearly killed us once.)
So I change my query to “Kent Hovind” for the latest news on the man & find blogs of perplexed Christians who don’t understand how a man of God could possibly wind up in prison. Shows how much they read their Bible.
Nor do they seem to care much about the plight & lives of countless believers who have shared similar fates. They just figure, a good Christian ought to be a tax paying patriot who doesn’t get in trouble (even in a country where taxing the people is against its own constitution, & the guys who pocket their cash have anything but patriotic, much less Christian intentions).

So, just as anywhere else, quality is rare on the web.

And as for intelligent life, perhaps I should just continue studying the inner life of microbes for now… It seems to be more promising at present.

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As much as we all long for the ability to enjoy life, there are certain things that make it tough and a bit of a pain sometimes.

One of the things that make it hardest for me to enjoy life is the pitiful state an alarmingly growing number of my fellowmen is falling into, and a certain quality that seems to be ever increasing, which is an appalling lack of interest in the truth.

No matter whether it’s about Evolution or 9/11 or any other subject on which it would require a little bit of courage to embrace the truth instead of the broadband input of lies coming at us from the powers that be and their cronies, the media, people not only seem to prefer the more comfortable lie over the shocking truth, but they even vehemently defend it.

Never before was the proverb as true as today, “No matter how rare the truth, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.” It’s almost as if people worship the lie, and man’s philosophy in the 21st century – with few exceptions – has become a philosophy of lies, a fake reality, very much as described in “The Matrix.”

People are increasingly, as the Bible says “willingly ignorant,” or, as Kent Hovind put it, “dumb on purpose.”

The attitude is, “Don’t bother us with the truth! Entertain us!”

Okay, granted, it would probably make it a bit easier if those who are a “furious voice for the truth” would have all the details straight, and if there wouldn’t be all those variations. Some things we simply don’t know yet. But instead of looking at the overwhelming evidence in favour of the truth, defenders of the lie nitpick at the little details we don’t have straight.

But basically, the truth is still the truth, and the lie is still a lie. The truth that just as behind every shred of information ever given there had to be an author, so must there also be an Author behind the immense amount of information in every living cell is still overwhelming in the face of the probability of it all having happened by chance, no matter how many more people choose to believe the latter, just as most people seem to still choose to believe and defend the official version of 9/11, no matter how ridiculous it is, or the reasons for the Iraq war.

No wonder some people consider their fellowmen dumb sheep.

Jesus never said it was wrong to get smart. He said “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

Nonetheless, when you’re “dealing in truth,” it’s a bit frustrating when so few are interested in your merchandize or what you have to offer, even if it’s for free. On the other hand, it does make you appreciate the few friends you do have, and you know they don’t love you for any false reasons. You know they don’t love you because you’re so popular or successful.

What scares me a little about folks like Alex Jones is that they apparently sincerely believe that they can stop the New World Order from happening, and that’s where they seem to lose the Big Picture that the New World Order must come to pass in order for the truth and the forces of good to ultimately prevail.

What they also seem to fail to realize is that there’s some bigger evil at work here than just the Bush administration, and they seem to figure, “Just change the president and everything will be fine.” Or, “If we can just get enough people together, we will win.”

They fail to see the spiritual forces behind what’s happening, and you can’t lick the devil with axes and daggers.

The only Revolution that’s ever going to prevail against the tide of evil that’s rising is the Revolution that started 2000 years ago, which wasn’t a physical one, but a spiritual one. True that most of today’s “followers” of that Revolutionary seem anything but revolutionary, and I wish to God I knew one minister of God with the guts, conviction and initiative of a fellow like Alex Jones.

But I guess it’s always easier to believe that the answer lies in our flesh, in the physical, in our numbers and our own strength.

Perhaps that’s precisely one reason why the NWO must happen, and there’ll be no other way out than God’s way, no other power to save us than His, and we’ll finally recognize that if anything is going to save us, it’s certainly not going to be our own arm.

And as far as the defenders of the unpopular truth not having all the details of their story straight yet, it’s still better to have a skeleton & rough foundation of truth, than a big fat carefully designed and constructed fair-tale, as much as we may all tend to prefer the latter.

The challenge is, how can you get people interested in what’s real instead of the shiny fake? How can you get a kid to choose a carrot over a candy bar? There’s probably no advertising campaign in the world that’s every going to successfully persuade the world to buy the healthier, wholesome option.

I guess the only thing that’s going to do the trick on a large scale is going to be the hard & painful road of experience & finding out where it’s not at.

In the meantime, could I perhaps get you interested in a carrot?

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