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Hi everyone. Here’s a song I wrote and recorded this week in order to get some things off of my chest about the man who will probably go down in history as the man who gave Christendom’s image in the world the final blow, furthering the cause of those who say that the world would be better off without it, or any faith for that matter.

Regardless of religious convictions, though, I would like to invite anyone around the world who happens to be able to identify with the content and message of this song, to join in on it.

All you need is a webcam or a headset with a mic and sing along with the song, record it and mail me (Dave.Mendoza@gmail.com) the clip, and you’ll be included in an extended version of the song & video.

Although I’m referring to the chorus of the song in particular, which should be fairly easy to sing along to, if there’s a particular line in the song you like, you can also sing that one, although I can’t promise to include the audio, depending on the quality. (That applies only to the verses. All contributed audios will be included on the chorus, providing they’re half-way in tune.)

Since this leader’s politics have affected citizens from just about any nation on this planet, your contribution will be added regardless of nationality.

Looking forward to making a racket with you,


Song Lyrics:

Farewell Mr. President

This is a song for you, though it’s a song you’ll never hear

The man who’s wrecked & ruled “the greatest nation on God’s earth” for 8 long years

Oblivious to the facts, oblivious to how it feels to have lost a son in Iraq

for some greedy, old men’s petrol deals

I wonder who’ll wipe off that grin from your mischievous monkey face

You’re wading knee-deep in your sins, the blood of thousands on your hands

Of all the hypocrites I’ve seen you were the one that takes the cake

Farewell, Mr. President!

You sure fulfilled your daddy’s dreams: that New World Order’s rolling in

Cause, after all, what have you been than a mere puppet to their schemes?

And best of all, you’ve done it all in the Name of the One you hate

Cause you were taught not to repeat the one mistake your daddy made

The hypocrites fell for you the way that brand of people do

But me, I see right through your wicked smirk, oh, yes, I do

Farewell, Mr. President!

So now you’re leaving with a bang, the way that big-shot people do

to leave another man to hang in the place you have left him to

I suppose history will show what you did, who you were for real

Perhaps our grandchildren will know what all you schemers now conceal

But in a long, black list of fools, I think you’ll be and always will

the most pathetic one to me

Farewell, Mr. President!

War is your game, war has been your creed

Though it’s sure as hell not you who fight, no you let other people bleed

The wind you have sown, the storm you will reap

So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep

“We won’t get fooled again,” is that what we really believed?

But then we’ll believe anything, anything – you screwed us over in our sleep

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen)

Sure had us fooled again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu)

Please, don’t come around again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

Good to see you leave again

Download the song in MP3 format:

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