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Todays Davids Vs. Goliath

Today's Davids Vs. Goliath

If there are two peoples in history who show that the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from it, it’s the Germans and the Jews.

Not many people seem to share my personal sentiments toward the soon to be relieved from office President of the United States George Bush. At least not many seem to have the guts to openly admit it, except for, perhaps, the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, for which he will always have my admiration, a few Canadians, and the guys from Counterpunch, bless their hearts.

Of course there are millions of Arabs whose sentiments toward G.W. are even far less benign than mine, including those of the Iraqi population, even if they are not in a position in which they can freely admit so.

Then there are the Germans, thousands, probably tens of thousands of whom are quite daring to share their sentiments about the probably worst dictator the United States ever had, anonymously somewhere on Youtube or elsewhere when they’ve had a beer or two to many, but one thing hasn’t changed about the Germans since the Hitler regime: they’re still a bunch of cowards. Maybe rightly so, since cowards tend to live longer… But what sort of a life?

And cowards seem to breed ever more cowards.

That’s why there isn’t much to be seen or heard from the German public about what’s happening in Palestine right now. Just as their ancestors did 75 or 80 years ago, they prefer to watch and say nothing. They neatly swallow the government propaganda of today the same as it was then. “The Palestinians have brought this upon themselves, just as much as the Jews brought the 3rd Reich Holocaust upon themselves.”

It’s the great indifference that is killing the innocent, now, as it did then.

The Davids of the past have become today’s Goliaths, the persecuted of yesterday have become the persecutors, and the one thing that hasn’t changed at all is the indifferent stupor of the masses that just stands by and watches the slaughter.
Worst and most sickening of all, some Christian outfits think they need to publicly sympathize with the Israelis, perhaps in order to rectify some guilt of the past. They didn’t learn anything at all. They just swallow the same propaganda their parents or grandparents did, only from different sources.

No wonder Jesus vowed that he would vomit some of His supposed followers out of His mouth because of their lukewarmness

As for those who claim to be the heirs of Abraham, the day will reveal all that is being concealed.

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