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Why the Great Tribulation is called "Tribulation" (as opposed to "picnic")

The difference between the world view of the “truth movement” people and the picture the Bible portrays of the world we’re living in, is that the adherents to the truth movement have more optimistic expectations concerning the capabilities and supposed inherent “goodness” of people. They think that if we just get rid of the bad people, that’ll do, and everything will be honky-dory. They call all the “good” people to rise up against the “bad” people, and then we’ll have democracy and peace and freedom and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, the Bible tells a more realistic tale about ourselves, of which many say, “This is an hard saying; who can bear it?

The problem is that “bad” people often started out as “good people,” and “good people,” no matter how good, stand every chance to become “bad” once they’re in power, because power inevitably corrupts.

One classic example of this is the Jewish king David, considered by far the best king the Jews ever had, who of all people really should have known better: having been persecuted and haunted by his predecessor Saul for half his life, having to seek refuge in caves and with the enemies of his people, what does he do once he becomes king?

Falls in love with his neighbor and sees to it that her husband is killed in battle.

And that was the best that “God’s people” ever came up with, so, you can only imagine how rotten the rest of the world is, and contrary to the fable of evolution, I have news for you: we’re not getting better all the time!

If the Bible is any sort of authority on the human psyche at all, it certainly paints a more sinister picture:

“The imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth,” (Genesis 8:21), “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool” (Proverbs 28:26), “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) and “There is none that doeth good, no, not one” (Romans 3:12).

Incidentally, even Jesus refused to let anyone call Him “good,” (Mark 10:18), and if anyone on earth ever should have been able to deserve that attribute, it certainly ought to have been the Son of God…

So much on the goodness of the “good” from the highest possible Authority.

And as far as the immediate future of our world is concerned, the Bible does not predict that an army of “good” people will rise up to stand up against the Antichrist before he comes to power or force him off his throne.

First of all, the one sin that folks like Alex Jones and his friends seem to underestimate is the ever present fear in the hearts of the majority of the people.

(As illustrated by the large majority still writing off any suspicions about the official version of the 9/11 incidents as “Conspiracy theories,” or the masses that are thronging to get their swine flu vaccination…)

What they also seem to underestimate is people’s love for darkness, as opposed to the truth (see John 3:19). They’re a lot more willing to accept an attractive and comfortable lie than the ugly truth.

Which is also what explains the Endtime scenario that the Bible depicts: Evidently there will be a resistance movement against the Antichrist, and there will obviously be survivors of his “war against the saints” (otherwise there’d be no one left for Jesus to pick up in the Rapture, which will not happen before the Tribulation).

But the weapons the members of that movement will avail themselves of will most certainly not be guns or bombs or Molotow cocktails.

In Revelation chapter 11 we find the account of two outstanding members of the Antichrist-Resistance, and we find here that the weapons they will wield will be supernatural (see 11:5, 6).

But it’s not like they will be members of some huge and massive movement the type that Alex Jones and friends seem to dream of. In fact, when those two will finally be killed, it says that the citizens of the world will celebrate their execution as if it were a new version of Christmas (verses 9, 10).

The picture of events when “the shit hits the fan” as portrayed by Alex is more that of the innocent masses of citizens having to defend themselves from the bad NWO cops.

I’m afraid that those citizens won’t be all that innocent anymore once Helter Skelter is being let loose, and the supermarkets will already have been robbed clean.

If they mow down their fellow humans already now, during peace times, I don’t want to know what it’s going to be like then, when the average Joe is going to have to show just how good he is at “dog eat dog.”

And I doubt that people around the globe are going to behave like all them fine Christian folk in Texas.

After all, the great Tribulation is not called “Tribulation” for nothing. It’s not going to be your average Hollywood type of adventure where the good ones are going around dodging bullets while all the bad people fall left and right. It’s going to be hell on earth. If you think it’s bad now, cheer up, it could be worse, and it’s going to be.

There is going to be an insurgence against the Antichrist, from what I understand, at the battle of Armageddon, where 200 million horsemen, presumably from the East (Rev. 16:12) will march toward Jerusalem, but they’re not going to be your local American truth lovers and self-made Rambos. They’re most likely going to be those we generally label “terrorists” today, the large part of the Muslim world that will refuse to bow down to the image erected to the Antichrist, because idolatry was already what they hated about Christianity, and why their religion got started in the first place.

But even they wouldn’t stand a chance without the supernatural intervention of Him Who was sent into this world for the one purpose: to save it. The very name He chose for His earthly existence means “Savior,” and the first time around He came to save us from ourselves. The second time He will come to save us from the one who was the culprit to begin with, and created the need for us to be saved…

A fairy tale?

Okay, so you go ahead and believe in your fairy tale, that all intelligent life sprang forth from life-less matter and keeps evolving into better and better “good” people all the time, and I believe mine.

The fundamental difference lies with the authors. And I guess only the end of the tale will tell which of the two will have told the truth.


P.S.: There is another factor concerning this issue of “New World Order Resistance” or “- Prevention” that had slipped my mind at the time of writing this entry, and I’m afraid it’s not going to be any more popular than the rest of it.


Another problem with those who believe in the supposed inherent “goodness” of the common people (as opposed to the obviously evil elite)  is that they’re seeing something that, according to God’s Word, is just not there. According to the Bible, we’re all sinners (Romans 3:23) and our hearts are “deceitful and wicked.”


Which means that one reason why God is allowing wicked kingdoms to conquer nations deeming themselves the “righteous people of God” (like the Babylonian and Roman conquests of ancient Judea as outstanding examples, as well as the impending New World Order), is because it’s what we deserve.


Jeremiah prophesied the fall of Israel into Babylonian hands, and the people of God hated him for it; Jesus prophesied the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem by the Romans, and they hated Him for it, too, but all their hatred never changed anything about the fact that the predicted judgment took place.

What they weren’t able to see was a greater evil than the Babylonians or the Romans: their own sin. That happens when we fall pray to one of the greatest and most dangerous and deceptively blinding sins of all: self-righteousness.


When we think we’re too good to deserve God’s correction, then we need it all the more to prove just how wrong we were.


Of course, in our day and age, correction, discipline and punishment have become the epitome of taboo, and our modern day society has become totally resistant to it, utterly defiant of it, and definitely blind to any existing need for it.

Why, we don’t even discipline our own children anymore.


Whether that was a smart move or not, I guess only time will tell.


Let’s face it, we’ve all subconsciously swallowed the underlying message of Evolution, no matter how strongly we claim to believe the Bible: the notion that because we have made certain scientific discoveries and some technological advances, it automatically “proved” that Evolution, contrary to the laws of Physics that defy it, was right and that we have “improved.” We’re so much better than our forefathers ever were, and why, to even insinuate that we should need or deserve any such thing as correction is the epitome of outrage…


It’s like what they say about crazy people: Crazy people don’t believe they’re crazy, and the asylums are full of folks who swear there’s nothing wrong with them, just as we have met many people in prison who have this self-righteous air of “innocence” about them, of “What the hell am I doing here, when there are so many others who would deserve this so much more than I?”


So, do we deserve what’s coming at us? Apparently. Otherwise the Bible wouldn’t have predicted it with even greater certainty and emphasis than the former conquests of “wicked” empires conquering the territories of “God’s people.”


“Judgment begins with the house of God.” It doesn’t end there, but it does begin there, and when it does, it stands to reason that once again, God may know the reason for it better than we do.


He may even use another obscure and unpopular figure to let you know why, if you insist, and what precisely the sins are the people of God are committing, often quite unawares, but they’re usually similar to those of God’s folks of the past:


Idolatry – having other gods before Him (your country, your wealth, your fun, your family or relationship… you name it…)


A lack of paying attention to Him – because there’s so many things that so many voices (like Oprah and a host of others) have to say that sound so much more interesting.


A lack of love for the truth – since the truth tends to be more ugly than the sugar-coated half-truths the Devil offers us in greater abundance than ever, and usually we won’t even notice because we accept our sugar-coated pill as the only acceptable truth there is – don’t confuse me with the facts!


Murder of the innocents. The Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis that are being butchered daily with your tax money may not seem any more “innocent” to you than the Babylonians or Romans seemed to the Jews, but God apparently sometimes begs to differ, or at least considers their guilt less blatant than ours…


… Just to name a few.


“If I justify myself, my own mouth shall condemn me” (Job 9:20).

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