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Predicting another Depression since 1970: The MO-Letters

Predicting another Depression since 1970: "The MO-Letters"

Religious lunatics all have certain qualities in common: they drive you insane, irritate you, make you hate them, want to wipe them off the face of the earth, strangle them, persecute them, exterminate them…

But the deadliest of all their qualities is that sometimes they just happen to be so painfully right about some of their predictions.

When the Jewish prophet Jeremiah predicted that his country was going to be conquered by the Babylonians, his distinguished colleagues dared to differ by the hundreds. So vehemently in fact, that they threw him in some hole in the ground. But it was shortly thereafter that Jeremiah was pulled out of the hole on behalf of the Babylonians who had conquered Judea regardless of contrary predictions of peace and prosperity made by hundreds of false, though respected, prophets.

Three days before His crucifixion, Jesus announced – when His disciples marveled at the architectural structure of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem – that it was going to be destroyed. In fact, that not one stone was going to be left upon the other.

The Jews – as usual – dared to differ, and continued to rebel against Rome until Jerusalem was besieged in 70.A.D., precisely 40 years after Jesus’ prediction. When the citizens of Jerusalem barricaded themselves inside the temple, the Romans set fire to it, causing the gold in the temple to melt. In order to get a hold of it, the Romans virtually pulled every brick off another.

No wonder Jesus still doesn’t have many friends in the Mideast – regardless of how much money Christians keep pouring into it. (After all, they want to be on good terms with the “chosen people.” Except that they missed some details about why Jesus had to die in the first place.)

The truth simply isn’t very popular. Nor were the predictions made by David Berg in the 70s about impending doom and destruction for America, whom he identified with “Babylon, the Great Whore” in the Book of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, whose riches – so says the Bible – would come to naught within one hour.

Most American Christians like to interpret those chapters differently, just like they do the rest of the Bible, and the culprit “Babylon,” in their version, is the city of Rome, the capital of poor old Italy in Europe… But that’s another story I’m not going to get off on again.

Mr. Berg (also known as “Moses David” during the 70s), also predicted that an economic crash would precede the apocalyptic destruction the Bible heralded, an economic crisis, similar to the Great Depression of the 1930s, only much worse, which would usher in a New World Order, eventually spear headed by the notorious Antichrist, who would solve the World’s financial woes by a new cashless monetary system, in which cash would be replaced by a “mark,” – a computer chip or digital imprint – in each world citizen’s hand or forehead, as also predicted by St. John the Revelator.

While it yet remains to be told whether our current crisis is indeed that dreaded one which is to usher in the End of the World as we know it, the number of those who draw the connection between now and the Great Depression increases daily, and not just among religious freaks.

And whether it will result in the introduction of the Antichrist and his “mark of the Beast” also remains to be seen, but what we have got already is Henry Kissinger telling the American public on television that Barrack Obama would be the man to seize the golden opportunity within that crisis, to sell the world the New World Order.

I have stated before why I don’t believe that the Antichrist will be American, and I, like everyone else, would hope that we all still live many happy years in a prosperous world. IF I hadn’t seen what excessive prosperity and ease can do to people…

I also wouldn’t want to come across as some wise guy who rejoices in the plight and ill fate of others just so he can say “Told you so.” But I also know from experience and the things we never learn from history, that time will do the talkin’ about who were the “lunatics” and who were the false prophets.

It took the Great Depression about 5 years until it finally hit the last wealthy family in Suburbia. Years that gave rise to a man in whom many see the epitome of Antichrist.

Mrs. Angela Merkel recently said that “the worst is already over.” I will be as bold to label her one of the false prophets of our time.
(After all, no leader of government could ever earn my respect by hauling away a 15 year old from her home with 16 cops for being home-schooled.)

I will be so bold as to proclaim that if you think Hitler and the Great Depression were bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I hate to be another party-pooper and religious lunatic. Of course, I’d much prefer to be popular, like everyone else does. I’d love to close my eyes to any impending evil and say, “Hey, but we don’t deserve this! We’ve all been good boys and girls.” I would, if I’d stand a chance in a million that my face would not turn tomato red and my nose wouldn’t sprout twigs and leaves like Pinocchio’s, after saying so.

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Best Employer on the Globe: G.O.D.Inc.

Best Employer on the Globe: G.O.D.Inc.

According to this Daily Telegraph article, Christians in Britain (as I’m sure elsewhere around the globe) are finding it harder to keep their jobs and positions in society. Maybe they’re beginning to get a little taste of what true believers have had to endure since the onset of Christendom, before their martyrs moved from the arenas into the grandstands in the 4th century.

During the first 3 centuries of Christianity’s existence, believers had very similar problems: each trade within the Roman empire had their own guild, and without being a member of such, one could not practice the trade. One membership requirement was the annual offering up of incense to a Pagan deity, and if a Christian refused to offer incense, he would be expelled from the guild and thus find himself unable to practice his craft.

Perhaps one reason why God sometimes allows such difficulties to arise is for His children to put their trust in Him, instead of the System, and if we truly consider ourselves Christians, perhaps to consider doing the job that Christ gave each of His followers to do: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

I know, that sounds outrageously fanatical. “You mean, we’re all supposed to become missionaries, huh!”

Well, I didn’t say that. All I know is what Jesus said: “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon,” (Matth.6:24), one of my favorites among my list of Bible Verses Most Christians Choose to Ignore.

In the minds of present day Christians, God seems to be capable of everything but taking care of them.

We profess the Gospel of “Professionalism” as if it were the professions and jobs that are eternal, and not God’s Word, and as if there never was any such thing as an economic crisis.

Well, let’s talk again in a year from now.

Eventually, folks, it’s going to come to that: you’re just going to have to trust the Lord!

Mammon is a pretty fickle god, in whom I wouldn’t put my trust any further than I can toss my Toyota. – Excuse me, my wife’s Toyota.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you don’t put your trust in Mammon or money, but “in the living God Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy” (1Tim.6:17).

And if it really becomes difficult or impossible for you to do your job in whatever profession you’ve learned, perhaps you should consider doing the job God gave each of us to do, and do whatever you can to prove that you seek first the Kingdom of God by taking care of His flock, especially the lost sheep out there, who are not yet in the fold.

There are so many ways to do that nowadays. Most of all by becoming living samples of a living faith in a living God, Who is not unable to care for us, even if we’ll never get another job in this life!

Take it from someone who hasn’t had another employer for 29 years. God is the best!

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