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Not many of us have the guts to see things the way they really are. Not many folks in the world are brave enough to really call a spade a spade. Thus, not many people are aware of the amount of darkness that surrounds us, and of the flood of lies the world is drowning in.

I thought I was in the “truth” business for decades, but I’m only beginning to learn the ropes now, of how rare, and thus, how valuable, the truth really is.

Nearly on a daily basis I discover more areas of every day life that the public – all of us – are being (and have been for decades) told lies about. It seems as if every single “War on something” the U.S. government ever concocted was and has been the exact opposite of what it professes to be, just like the Federal reserve Bank is just the exact opposite of “federal” and “reserve.” The more blatant the lie, the more effective it is.

The “War on Terror,” or course, as at least some people seem to begin to realize, is nothing but a war OF terror, perpetrated against the peoples of this world in order to usher in Big Brother’s New World Order, giving him full power to spy on your every move, and in the process get rid of some ethnic and religious impurities in the perfect society of tomorrow, thus helping to reach the desired goal of diminishing the world population.

The “War on drugs,” I’m sure, is just another farce and big cover up of the war OF drugs destined to reach those same goals, or at least, if nothing else, help further the desired goal of diminishing the world population – oh, and of course, – as applies to all “war on somethings,” rake in some extra cash to ensure that they, the rulers of today, will also remain the rulers of tomorrow. Money rules.

One other “war” the “War on…” morons have cooked up decades ago and I’m only now beginning to be made aware of, is the so-called “war on cancer.” And if one is to believe half of what this man, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has to say in his enlightening documentary, then it is no exception, and just another big means to reach the same NWO goals, and has been, in effect, no more than another war on the peoples of this world.

Probably tomorrow’s news will flash the new slogan “War on hunger” in your face, and you’ll know what that will mean. It will mean, “We have rigged up everything according to our magnificent ways in such a manner, that soon you and your families won’t have anything left to eat. So, starve, you bastards.”

Again, I apologize for my detrimental lack of political correctness, but I always tend to get a little beside myself when confronted with the aspect of unprecedented dimensions of genocide.

Of course it doesn’t exactly help that the supposedly “enlightened” people of the world, those who profess to have found the Way, the Truth and the Life and the Light of this world in Jesus Christ only add to the confusion by proclaiming that the wonderful system they’re living in is actually not darkness, but light, that there are actually no lies being told, but that the government is telling the truth (cough, choke!).

Recently we saw the 70s movie “A Hiding Place” about the Dutch Ten Boom family, hiding Jewish refugees in their house during WW2 and paying dearly for it with their freedom (and some family members with their lives.) Their own pastor was repeating the same old humdrum of “The Bible says to obey the government.” But old Papa Ten Boom wisely answered, “There comes a time when we must decide to obey God, rather than men.” How true, because that is even brought out repeatedly and more explicity in the Bible than the one place where Paul says we’re to submit to the powers that be.

And even though we’re supposed to submit and not cause a physical, violent rebellion, that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to swallow everything they say.

Especially in the light of the fact that governments have been notorious for doing nothing but lie in order to keep the powers that be in power.

So, by nodding their consent to a corrupt and downright wicked government’s activities, those so-called Christians, the false church and Laodecian Whore of the Apocalypse, becomes just as guilty as the very perpetrators of evil, because they contribute heavily to keeping the vast majority deluded.

They say, “There IS no darkness, folks! What are you getting so uptight about?” The only “darkness” their sheep are supposed to accept and see is that of the officially condoned political enemies of the state, falling into the categories mentioned above, of “ethnic and religious impurities in the perfect society of tomorrow.”

Former Illuminati member of the high ranking council of 13, John Todd, already stated in the 70s that churches (i.e. their pastors) were being bribed massively. I suppose one day we’ll know the amount of the billions that must have exchanged hands in order for preachers to deceive millions of Christians into believing that slaughtering Muslims is actually a “Christian” thing to do…

That’s what I like about lone voices of truth in the wilderness like Lawrence M. Vance. He calls a spade a spade. He calls the darkness darkness, and the totally un-Christian habit of slaughtering innocent people of different beliefs just that. – Especially when it turns out that the real motives behind the slaughter were multi-billion dollar oil deals, pipelines, and of course, the usual NWO agenda of diminishing the world population.

I used to get physically sick when I read the Book of Revelation, kind of like Neo when he found out what the Matrix was. Coming to grips with the reality of the Matrix of lies we’re living in right now, is pretty sickening, too, if you have the guts to believe it. It’s almost as if the Apocalypse were upon us.

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