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Communal Life-Styles - Really So Improper?

Communal Life-Styles - Really So Improper?

I believe that one of the main lessons mankind will learn from history (unfortunately most likely in retrospect) is that they underestimated the extent to which they’re being manipulated by God’s Enemy.
People usually tend to overestimate their own capacities and wisdom, and thus we fail to recognize early enough how easily we’re allowing ourselves to be fooled by the Devil.

One favorite device of the enemy of our souls is that he likes to trick us into seeing things differently than God does.
For example, in God’s eyes it was perfectly alright for Adam and Eve to be walking around stark naked in the Garden of Eden. Along came Lucy with his old attitude of, “I’ll show’em the way thing ought to be run around this place” and changed their minds about that, to the extent that they even figured it would make sense to hide from God…

If we’re really kidding ourselves into thinking we have “evolved” into something brighter during the past 6000 years since that event, it just goes to show another classic example of what’s stated above.

Take for example the way we view different life-styles than our own, established, Western, widely recognized status quo, like that of polygamist faith communities such as the Fundamental Latter Day Saints who made headlines a while ago, or – much closer to my own home: the life-style of the Family International.
The general image that is being conveyed about the life-style of such faith communities is so odd, so grossly different from the average, that one can’t help but look down on “such people” with a frown, patting themselves on the shoulder for doing things “the proper way.”

One quote I specially like from the Family’s founder David Berg is from his epistle, “Did God Make a Mistake?” – “To hell with the proper way!”

(Of course, how well a radical non-conformist and iconoclast like Berg would be received in today’s version of the movement he began, is another question, but I suppose it’s one of those mysteries in history how it seems to be reserved for some that membership of the outfit they birthed would have been possible exclusively as its founder…)

The problem with what we call the “proper way,” the way that the vast majority has chosen, the great and wide broadway we trot down once we have chosen to enter in through the wide gate our leaders train us to pursue, is that it may seem right to us, but the end of it spells out death and destruction for millions of victims who happened to stand in our way, be it the “Amerikan Way,” the “American Dream” or the “Western life-style” or simply the way we think it ought to be done.

The question is, how does God see things? And what will the history books of the future say about those who followed the “F├╝hrer” down the “proper way,” as opposed to the strange little sects that dared to buck the tide?
And where will you have stood? Will you have been one of the collaborators that will largely have to be ashamed of their conduct (“We simply followed orders”) or will you be proud to have been one of the few that supported the Resistance?

Perhaps the citizens of the final World Empire, namely God’s Kingdom, will find out to their shock and awe that those weird communal life-styles of those weird sects and cults we all looked and frowned upon and thanked God every day that we weren’t like them, turns out to be much closer to the way God had actually intended for people to live than the “each his own,” “dog eat dog” life-style that we’ve come to consider “normal” in our pseudo-enlightened modern society…

I was just talking to another “veteran from the 80s” last night, about how different things were back then. Nowadays, hardly any young folks move into communes anymore, because they’re so used to having their own quarters with their own TV and their privacy, they’re simply not capable of living socially anymore, the way people had to or simply chose to less than 3 decades ago.
Maybe it’s still different in your part of the world, but the trend, generally, is downhill, as far as “social” goes.

People who live in communes are weird, period. Is the new consensus.

“It’s wicked to be naked.”

Does something ring a bell?

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Predicting another Depression since 1970: The MO-Letters

Predicting another Depression since 1970: "The MO-Letters"

Religious lunatics all have certain qualities in common: they drive you insane, irritate you, make you hate them, want to wipe them off the face of the earth, strangle them, persecute them, exterminate them…

But the deadliest of all their qualities is that sometimes they just happen to be so painfully right about some of their predictions.

When the Jewish prophet Jeremiah predicted that his country was going to be conquered by the Babylonians, his distinguished colleagues dared to differ by the hundreds. So vehemently in fact, that they threw him in some hole in the ground. But it was shortly thereafter that Jeremiah was pulled out of the hole on behalf of the Babylonians who had conquered Judea regardless of contrary predictions of peace and prosperity made by hundreds of false, though respected, prophets.

Three days before His crucifixion, Jesus announced – when His disciples marveled at the architectural structure of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem – that it was going to be destroyed. In fact, that not one stone was going to be left upon the other.

The Jews – as usual – dared to differ, and continued to rebel against Rome until Jerusalem was besieged in 70.A.D., precisely 40 years after Jesus’ prediction. When the citizens of Jerusalem barricaded themselves inside the temple, the Romans set fire to it, causing the gold in the temple to melt. In order to get a hold of it, the Romans virtually pulled every brick off another.

No wonder Jesus still doesn’t have many friends in the Mideast – regardless of how much money Christians keep pouring into it. (After all, they want to be on good terms with the “chosen people.” Except that they missed some details about why Jesus had to die in the first place.)

The truth simply isn’t very popular. Nor were the predictions made by David Berg in the 70s about impending doom and destruction for America, whom he identified with “Babylon, the Great Whore” in the Book of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, whose riches – so says the Bible – would come to naught within one hour.

Most American Christians like to interpret those chapters differently, just like they do the rest of the Bible, and the culprit “Babylon,” in their version, is the city of Rome, the capital of poor old Italy in Europe… But that’s another story I’m not going to get off on again.

Mr. Berg (also known as “Moses David” during the 70s), also predicted that an economic crash would precede the apocalyptic destruction the Bible heralded, an economic crisis, similar to the Great Depression of the 1930s, only much worse, which would usher in a New World Order, eventually spear headed by the notorious Antichrist, who would solve the World’s financial woes by a new cashless monetary system, in which cash would be replaced by a “mark,” – a computer chip or digital imprint – in each world citizen’s hand or forehead, as also predicted by St. John the Revelator.

While it yet remains to be told whether our current crisis is indeed that dreaded one which is to usher in the End of the World as we know it, the number of those who draw the connection between now and the Great Depression increases daily, and not just among religious freaks.

And whether it will result in the introduction of the Antichrist and his “mark of the Beast” also remains to be seen, but what we have got already is Henry Kissinger telling the American public on television that Barrack Obama would be the man to seize the golden opportunity within that crisis, to sell the world the New World Order.

I have stated before why I don’t believe that the Antichrist will be American, and I, like everyone else, would hope that we all still live many happy years in a prosperous world. IF I hadn’t seen what excessive prosperity and ease can do to people…

I also wouldn’t want to come across as some wise guy who rejoices in the plight and ill fate of others just so he can say “Told you so.” But I also know from experience and the things we never learn from history, that time will do the talkin’ about who were the “lunatics” and who were the false prophets.

It took the Great Depression about 5 years until it finally hit the last wealthy family in Suburbia. Years that gave rise to a man in whom many see the epitome of Antichrist.

Mrs. Angela Merkel recently said that “the worst is already over.” I will be as bold to label her one of the false prophets of our time.
(After all, no leader of government could ever earn my respect by hauling away a 15 year old from her home with 16 cops for being home-schooled.)

I will be so bold as to proclaim that if you think Hitler and the Great Depression were bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I hate to be another party-pooper and religious lunatic. Of course, I’d much prefer to be popular, like everyone else does. I’d love to close my eyes to any impending evil and say, “Hey, but we don’t deserve this! We’ve all been good boys and girls.” I would, if I’d stand a chance in a million that my face would not turn tomato red and my nose wouldn’t sprout twigs and leaves like Pinocchio’s, after saying so.

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I believe in a personal God. And I mean real personal. As personal as you can get! Everything He has created in the physical realm is a symbol, a typification and illustration of some greater spiritual truth behind it, (as David Berg taught). He has created parents to illustrate His parenthood toward us, His beloved (however wayward) children, and He has even created the intimate loving relationship between a woman and a man – marriage – to illustrate the ideal relationship between Christ and His Bride.

What does that mean? Basically: No secrets! There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, as it is written, anyway, so why kid yourself & pretend you can hide anything from Him? And if you realize you can’t, or that it’s senseless to try, you might as well communicate with Him about the innermost matters of your heart.

I wouldn’t be wasting my breath & any potential reader’s time going on about this forever if I hadn’t found out first hand that this really works, just as I found out that tiger balm works to prevent sore throats or artichoke to prevent liver trouble. Communication with God prevents soul trouble, & it can prevent a whole lot of other trouble as well, & there’s an endless amount of things you can learn in the course of your conversations with Him.

One of the latest prescriptions I got from “Dr. J.” was along the lines of intensified communication within a marriage relationship. Did you know that you can “tune in” to a person? The Rock band “The Who” sang about it on their best ever album “Who’s Next” from ’71, “Gettin’ In Tune.”

I grew up on that album, which had been my dad’s, & I always wondered what it was about that song that got me. 30 years later my Creator tells me that it’s because it talks about a concept that really works. You can get in tune with a person close to you, similar to the way you can get in tune with God & His Holy Spirit. The only difference being that God’s Spirit will always be ready & willing to respond positively to your CQs & attempts to make a connection with Him (or Her? – We’ll get into that some other time…), but another human may not always… not even your wife.

Basically, it’s much the same as praying for someone, except that it’s not you coming with a specific petition for that person, but it’s more like meditative prayer, sort of like the boy whom the pastor overheard citing the alphabet on his knees. When asked what he was doing, the boy responded, he didn’t know what to pray & figured God was able to put the letters together Himself.

Tuning in to the one you love is having meditative prayer for them. You use God’s Spirit to help you find a common “ground” or wavelength for you and that person you care for: you draw them closer to your heart in the spirit, closer to God’s heart, and thus you draw closer to them, obtain a greater understanding of them, better able to relate to them, and do what Paul (in the Bible) called “becoming one.” He wrote, in his first epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 9, verses 19-22, that he became “unto the Jews as unto a Jew,… to the weak…as weak” and “all things to all men” so that he could get them saved. In modern English we call this relating to someone and we’ve been doing it, some to greater extent than others. “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” is a song we often sing, and another terminology we can use for it. But what I’ve been learning this week, is that we can even take this further, if we’re interested enough, & really delve into a person’s soul (and much more effectively so with the help of God’s Spirit than most psychiatrists with their heady analyzes & money-oriented motivations) & get to know them better & better & better.

In other words, even if you think you got stuck in some kind of dead end street with your relationship or marriage, don’t throw in the towel prematurely, because God has promised to make a way where there is no way.

Recently I found out that the origins of the word “respect” come from the latin “respicere,” which means to look again. Often we think we have a person we’re familiar with all figured out & there’s nothing new and exciting to find out about them. Well, I found out that God may often tell us, “look again!” To really respect a person, means to look again, to have a closer look & give them a 2nd chance before you tuck them deeply into your mental drawer labeled “boring” or “unattractive,” “too old,” “undesirable” or “know all about them there is to know.”

People are what life is all about, & when Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,” (Mt.6:38), He was talking about people, because that’s what the Kingdom of God consists of. So, I’m trying to make people my business these days, even – or especially the ones I’m closest to. It’s not an entirely easy thing to do when you’ve been drilled all your life to be chasing after money & worrying about all those incredibly important things one has got to do, but I’d say it’s definitely worth a try.

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