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018 Friendly Lies

What’s a fellow to believe these days? I mean, nearly everyone on the globe should have gotten wind of some rumor revolving around 9-11 & that there was something fishy about it by now. But then everybody acts as if it was alright & the official story was true. After all, didn’t the President admonish us to not give heed to wild conspiracy theories?

That’s what everybody’s scared of these days: conspiracy theories. Christians have joined the camp of the conspiracy theory-hunters, -exposers & -finger pointers by calling the plot in the “Da Vinci Code” a conspiracy theory. Fact of the matter is, the Merovingean bloodline is and has been more than a theory for those behind the scenes who laugh about the confusion they’re creating with all this artificially manipulated media-hype.

Dan Brown is singing a different tune now tha when he first advertized his book & staunchly defended his views.

Now he’s back to, “Oh, it was all just fiction, that’s all… & by the way, I’m a Christian.”

Yeah, right. First confuse millions & have’em believe Jesus & Mary Magdalene were Rome & Juliet, & then say, “Nah, I was just kidding.” Funny, Dan! And by the way, you’re looking so friendly on the internet photos now, who wouldn’t believe you? We all believe you, and we believe the president & actually all of the friendly lies you’re all brainwashing us with: “The President is a sincere Christian (and Dan Brown, too!); the official story of 9/11 may be disputed, but hey, who cares? Let’s watch some soccer! And by the way, isn’t this flag-waving patriotism becoming just about the coolest & hippest thing around? C’mon, let me tattoo the German flag across your boobs & then post your pic on the web! And if you’re a Christian, why, you don’t even have to believe in Evolution anymore [providing you’re living in Kansas] – (it’s still a fact, but you don’t have to believe it, if you don’t want to.”

Oh, we’re living in a beautiful world, aren’t we? Everything’s so open, so friendly, so honky-dory, I’m nearly tickled pink with bliss. Oh, no, there’s one of those gospel bums again, what does the sign say he’s holding? (C’mon, buddy, get with the “Christian-get-rich-quick” groove!) Oh, it’s some Bible verse… What’s it sayin’?

“For when they shall say ‘peace & safety’ then sudden destruction…” — Darn it, some people really know how to ruin a perfect day.

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