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Zeitgeist: The Spirit of Antichrist

Zeitgeist: The Spirit of Antichrist

(A sequel to my previous post)

I used to read that passage about “the spirit of antichrist” in 1John and wonder, “Hmm, doesn’t make much sense to me. Who would in their right minds dispute that Jesus was actually a historical figure, and that He lived as a real man of flesh and blood?” Well evidently there ARE people who do, and they’re actively working on spreading their doctrine and spirit of antichrist, which they term “Zeitgeist,” the spirit of our time.

Well, as opponents of the spirit of antichrist and militant adherents to the Spirit of God, we’re supposed to resist and fight that move and counter their flood of lies with the truth.
I’m afraid, though, that the usual attempts of denying the similarities between Jesus and the pagan deities, which apparently give the zeitgeist or antichrist movement its momentum won’t do.

Christians will have to pull themselves together and realize once and for all that God is stronger than the Devil and face their ridiculous fear of astrology and the stars, as if it had been Satan who put them in the sky to tease Christians with them: “Don’t get too close, or they’ll bite you!”
If we’re going to combat the spirit of antichrist in the zeitgeist movement efficiently, we’re going to have to face the fact that it was God, not the Devil, Who created the stars, and created them for a purpose.
We’re going to have to face the fact, that it was also God Who created the star signs, and that the word “zodiac” is not evil or witchcraft, but actually originally appears in its Hebrew form, “Mazzaroth,” in the Bible, namely in the book of Job, and means nothing else than “the path.”
Furthermore can we not deny the fact that God created certain things in the physical in order to illustrate spiritual truths, and the sun and its relation to the stars are one of them. Sexual intercourse, by the way, is another one of them, and not the epitome of evil, as some Christians still seem to believe.
We have to realize that our God is not a wimp who created all these things in order for us to let the Devil run off with them and rake in all the credit for them.
I’ve even read websites of Christians who teach that candles are evil.
Well, what are you going to do when the lights go off in New York for the last time, brother? Sit in darkness because you’re scared to light a candle?

Of course, these people are scared stiff of any kind of symbolism, whether it be to depict Jesus as a lion, as in the movie “The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe,” and the star signs? Oh my God, they must have crept right outta hell. When in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, and if they’d just read their own Book, they’d find out.
Just because there are a few Scriptures in which it warns of the pagan astrologers and soothsayers, or the sort of people who are trying to figure out if you’re going to be lucky at the races tomorrow by your horoscope doesn’t mean we should throw the baby out with the bath water.
Of course, I’m not as naive to believe that I’m going to change that sort of people’s minds. But there may be others for whom there is hope, and who manage to ignore the “Thou shalt be scared stiff” dogma drilled into them for long enough to recognize God as the Big Thing in and around it all, the One Who created it all for His glory, and then develop the guts to grab what was rightfully ours to begin with and knock the Devil and his slimy cohorts for a loop with it.
We’re not too scared to kill of innocent Muslims by the millions, but when it comes to facing our real foe, all of a sudden we’re not that brave anymore, are we?
Well, it’s always easier to hate and kill a foe far away in a foreign country that you didn’t know much about and you never cared for much in the first place, than facing that treacherous foe who talks and looks like you right in your own country, waving the same flag, only that the stuff he’s saying is going to be the New World Order credo of tomorrow, and while we ignore and even sympathize with those friendly attempts of these traitors to poison us with their doctrine, destroying the faith of millions around us, we consentingly keep paying our taxes in order for more Muslims to be killed.
At least the Muslims believe that Jesus was a real person, and they even believe that He’s going to come back.
But that’s not what’s going to be taught in the public schools of tomorrow, if tomorrow isn’t already today.
It’s definitely not what kids are being taught via the tube in our oh-so “Christian” nations, nor the books we buy them by the dozens.
As long as they don’t talk about star signs, they must be okay… Get real!

This is another aspect that Christians have been totally deceived about: next to the dogmas that sex is sin, war is okay, God blesses the rich, God stopped talking 2000 years ago and Jesus will come back before the Great Tribulation, here’s another one: Star signs are of the Devil! And it turns out there is a good reason why the Devil wants you to believe that! Because if you wouldn’t, he wouldn’t have a chance to make people believe that Jesus never lived as an actual person, because you’d know that all those similarities between Him and all those ancient pagan “deities” are only because the deities were based on what the ancients had read in the stars!

I can only assume that one principal reason so many Christians don’t want to know better about these things is because if they’d have to admit that God is actually in all those aspects of life that they’d prefer to exclude Him from, it would mean they’d have to let Him play a far more significant role in their lives than they presently are willing to allow Him.

So many things are actually not the Devil’s fault, but ours, because we let him.
If the spirit of antichrist takes over the world, then it’s probably going to be just because too many Christians were plain too scared of the truth.

Did you know that fear is a sin? God commands us several hundred times throughout the Bible not to be afraid, but to trust in Him. So, if we’re not supposed to fear the Devil himself, nor our enemies, then how much less should we be scared of parts of God’s creation that He would actually like us to use for His glory?

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Moving from the arenas to the grandstands: Christianity now & then

Moving from the arenas to the grandstands: Christianity now & then

I’ve expounded before on the tragic abyss between what Christianity has become and once used to be, (and in my opinion ought to be), due to the fact that fundamental teachings of Christ Himself and His early spokesmen are purposely being ignored by His modern supposed followers, resulting in the constant discomfort of having to apologize to the rest of the world for pertaining to a group of people, which, originally, truly was a ray of hope for anyone who believed in the depth of his heart that there had to be something else besides the usual games people play, with their rules of acquisition of power, fame, fortune and temporal glory.

As a Christian, I see it as part of my duty to rectify that the crimes Christianity has been found guilty of for the past 16 centuries (and unfortunately, during the current one more than ever), were not at all in its Founder’s intention.

Somewhere around the 4th century, after having failed to wipe out the church (meaning “ecclesia,” Greek for “the called out ones”) through persecution, Satan finally changed his attitude toward Christianity into “If you can’t lick’em, join’em.” The result is the sad picture of what Christendom has become since.

But what was it like before that? What were the differences, and which was the way the early followers of Christ lived that are such a stark contrast to what may be labeled “Christianity” today, but really, only amounts to not much more than Churchianity?

One blatant contrast that jumps in my face time and time again, is the materialistic attitude that has taken hold of probably the vast part of Christendom throughout the past millennium and a half, as totally opposed to what Jesus Himself, and His most ardent representative of the 1st century, the apostle Paul of Tarsus (aka St. Paul) had to say on such subjects as money, wealth, and one’s dedication to the acquisition of such.

Most Christians are apparently totally oblivious to the fact that the Early Christians lived in a totally unique style which could perhaps be termed “total, holy Communism.” In fact, it was the prototype of communism, and the only type that ever worked, since it’s impossible to achieve it by leaving out the main Factor, which happens to be God and His supernatural love.

The reason most people are totally ignorant of this, is because they either simply don’t read their Bibles, or they only read and remember the parts they like.

Apparently none of those Sunday morning assemblers who proudly present their attire and vehicles in those pompous palaces they named after the assembly of those who died as martyrs in Christ’s footsteps, after having lived their lives in modesty, has ever seriously pondered the statements we find in the Book of Acts on how Christians lived back then.

It doesn’t say there, “And all that believed assembled once a week in the temple to sing, pray and listen to the preacher for an hour, and then drove home, each in their car and to their own houses, spending the rest of the week in the pursuit of their happiness, aka financial stability.”

What it does say, is, “And all that believed were together and had all things common. And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. …Neither said any of them that any of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.” (Acts 2:44, 45, 4:32).

You can only imagine the average Christian’s head-shaking attitude toward such a radical life-style, of people living together and sharing all things…

When it boils down to it, neither Jesus, nor Paul, John or James had much good to say about money, or rich people.

The next vast gap between Christianity now and then – which I have repeatedly addressed in my blogs, because i just can’t do the subject justice – is the current “Christian” attitude towards war, their silent consent to their nations’ government sending their own sons (and daughters) off to foreign countries under often more than shady and questionable pretexts, to kill and maim their often totally innocent citizens by the hundreds of thousands.

It is unthinkable that Christians during the first 3 centuries would have given their consent, had the Romans called upon them to join the empire in one of its military actions against other countries.

Of course, all that changed with the crusades. But whether you can rectify having the audacity of calling that “Christianity,” you have to decide for yourself, especially in the light of all Jesus had to say on the subject.

Christians in the first 3 centuries were a persecuted minority, not – as has been the case since fake Christendom became a world power – a persecuting majority and ruthless authority. It is really no wonder that some people think that the world would be better off without the scourge of Christianity falsely so-called, and if you ask me, that’s where the future of “Christendom” is headed: elimination by the same tactics it has applied on the inhabitants of much of the world for centuries. Luckily, this will separate the true sheep from the goats and expose who was really “in it” for the right and wrong reasons…

In the final analysis, it seems that Christianity was certainly better off in its original state, and from the looks of it, we’re going to have to face the fact that that’s where Christianity is headed again: back to the ranks of the persecuted minorities, instead of those of the ruthless oppressors, even if it will be the latter that will bring the persecution upon themselves, (and even if most of them probably won’t see the writing on the wall before it’s too late).

What Christians worldwide ought to do is get “Back to the Basics,” “trim the fat” and return to its humble origins, instead of trying to play the rulers in a world that is currently run by Christ’s enemies. They’d do a whole lot better to heed the Words of their Founder, instead of the false prophets’ tales of peace when there is no peace, and of prosperity gained by the exploitation of the poor of the world, which God simply cannot bless.

As long as Christians chime, “God bless America, no matter what,” they show that they put themselves above the very laws of God, and thus become an abomination to Him, and will only reap the consequences accordingly.

They should seek their God for the kind of courage that their spiritual forefathers many centuries ago had, who were willing to be despised and persecuted as members of that obscure sect that followed a Leader Who had challenged all the existing values of the world.

Unfortunately, not many of us seem to be nearly as strong as Jesus was when the Devil tempts us with the riches of this world. Most of us give him a warm welcome, throw our arm around his neck and say to Jesus, “See ya on Sunday!”

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In reply to Frank’s comment on my blog entry “Babylon the Whore,” I’d like to get into the details a little deeper, of why I disagree, and can’t believe that the Roman Catholic church is supposed to be “Babylon” of Revelations 17 & 18. I already brought out some of these points in my recent entry about “The Gospel of Acquisition,” but I just read a wonderful book review, confirming my beliefs once more, but also helping me realize that the materialism is only one side of the coin, and the lesser of 2 evils. Certainly the Catholice Church is just as guilty of materialism as anyone, there’s no doubt about that. But there are a few descriptions of the entity Babylon that simply couldn’t be ascribed to either Rome, nor ancient Babylon somehow myseriously revived (especially in the light of that country – Iraq – having been wrecked & devastated for at least the next century), which I’d like to point out, that seem to point at some bigger culprit than the two combined, however piously innocent she’s trying to come across.

One of the principal reasons why Rome couldn’t possibly be synonymous with with the “fallen lady” of Revelation is that it’s commonly accepted by Bible scholars that “the 10 horns which…shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate ” (Rev.17:16) represent the 10 leading European nations, of which Italy is obviously one, so, it’s impossible for Rome to represent both, the Whore and the capital of the 10 horns.

As I already brought out in my study of Rev.-17 & 18, we’re talking about “that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth” (17:18). While that may have been the case with Rome during the time John wrote this, and he may even have believed that he was writing about Rome at the time, when we look at the present (for which those prophecies and revelations obviously given, since we are living in the times that see the Endtime events unfolding before us), then Rome hardly has a say in a lot of countries. Let me list some of the most outstanding ones for you: 1) Roman Catholicism is completely irrelevant to Russia, since they have their own, orthodox version of Catholiscism, which has nothing to do with the Roman version, nor does the Vatican have any say over it, much less does it “reign” over any secular areas of Russian life. 2) China, which by some is already hailed the “next superpower” and the greatest stronghold of socialism presently on earth, may definitely be infected with the Western bug of capitalism and materialism and somewhat intimidated by not so much the American government as the United Nations, but certainly it would be absurd to indicate that Rome exerts any power over China. Subtract Russia and China, and you’ve already got 2 of the biggest, most powerful and most populated countries on earth which definitely don’t fall into the group of countries that Rome exerts power over. The same goes for smaller countries like Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia and virtually all Muslim countries, along with countries like India, which may have a few Catholic missions here or there, but saying that Rome “reigns” over them would be sheer exaggeration.

The only city that comes close to fulfilling the criteria of “reigning” over those countries is the seat of the United Nations. – However, the real power is not found within the walls of the U.N., but in the buidling across the street, where world policies and wars for tomorrow are being planned and cooked up today, the CFR, some of whose key members also reside in that great city which makes Rome look like a pueblito (little village) in comparison.

We can argue about the scope of influence that the Catholic Church is exerting over the nations on international levels, compared to the American Mass media. We can also argue over the amount of damage being done by either. At least the Catholic Church is still somewhat devoted to spreading somewhat Christian virtues, but you couldn’t possibly say that about Mickey Mouse or Rambo.

Then we’ve got the “Blood of prophets, saints, and all that were slain upon the earth” found in her. That may have been the case with Rome 2000 years ago, but if you’re familar with the history of the past 200 years, Rome looks like an innocent choir boy, compared to your average G.I. raping Iraqi teenagers

Let’s say, if I had a choice between a ticket to Rome and one to N.Y.C. at the time of judgment, I’d prefer Rome any day, although I hate big cities per se.

Besides, it wouldn’t take a whole hour to destroy Rome. It might not take an hour to destroy N.Y., either, but I’m still not sure whether I believe that the destruction and judgment will be limited to that city alone.

In my opinion, the refusal to see America’s guilt and the interpretation that Rome is the big culprit is just another pitiful case of wishful thinking and self-deception.

There was a time when I tended to see the Babylon of Revelation as a solely spiritual entity, which is the current doctrine of my own faith community (so please, don’t blame them for my anti-U.S. rantings), although nearly 40 years ago our founder taught without hesitation that Babylon was America. That was during the Vietnam era, and our group’s nickname for Nixon was “Nitler.” Well, we all know now that indeed a lot worse could befall the world than Nixon and Watergate. You’ll definitely find more parallels drawn by Americans between Hitler and Bush.
But you can’t really destroy a spiritual entity with fire, and not within 60 minutes. You can’t see the smoke of a spiritual entity burning and sailors standing from afar bewailing it. It must be a physical place that Revelation 17 and 18 is talking about. And I simply believe that there is a greater sin to be judged here than the sins of the Catholic Church. A sin which has finally been publicly addressed in a book by one courageous Christian writer who must have found one other courageous publisher, unless he published it himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me humbly present to you my hero of the day, Lawrence M. Vance, in his own historic words from his excellent book I honestly urge you to buy, (because if you don’t, who will?):

“Christians who condone the warfare state and its nebulous crusades against ‘evil’ have been duped. There is nothing ‘Christian’ about the state’s aggressive militarism, its senseless wars, its interventions into the affairs of other countries, and its expanding empire.

‘The chief wonder is that Christians, followers of the Prince of Peace, should have concurred in this mad idolatry of strife, and thus been inconsistent not only with themselves, but with the very genius of their system.’

The fact that a government claims a war is just is irrelevant, for American history is replete with examples of American presidents who have exaggerated, misinformed, misrepresented, and lied to deceive the American people into supporting wars that they would not have supported if they had known the facts.

Many supporters of the senseless war in Iraq are high on religion. Add a religious element to a war and the faithful will come out in droves in support of it. In the case of the current war in Iraq this is easy to do. Because the United States is supposedly a ‘Christian nation,’ the war can be turned into a modern-day crusade since Iraq is a ‘Muslim’ nation.

“Christian warmongers … would rather be associated with Bush and the war than with people whom they and others have deemed undesirable. In actuality, however, they are choosing to be associated with a war criminal and murder than with the truth just because some people who are usually wrong happen to be right on this particular issue.

Rather than receiving a proclamation of liberty, what many people in foreign countries receive instead are threats, bombs, and bullets.

From a Christian perspective there is only one way to describe U.S. foreign policy: It is evil. It was evil before the United States invaded Iraq, and it would still be evil if the United States withdrew all of its forces from Iraq tomorrow. It is because of our foreign policy that the U.S. military has become—through its wars, interventions, and occupations—the greatest force for evil in the world. U.S. foreign policy sows discord among nations, stirs up strife where none existed, intensifies the hatred that many foreigners around the world have for Americans and each other, and creates terrorists faster than we can kill them.

Is asking God to bless and protect the troops as they shoot, bomb, maim, mine, destroy, ‘interrogate,’ and kill for a rogue state with an evil foreign policy consistent with the Christianity you find in the New Testament?”

Thank you, Lawrence, for having made my day!

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