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Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away?

Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away?

Obviously, creationists don’t believe in macro evolution, the process that is supposed to have created every single species from one little cell, and less than that, primordial soup, with nothing as its aid but billions of years.
There is, however, something about micro evolution, the process by which are derived the manifold variations of a species or kind, such as we find in horses, cats or dogs, etc., that give us a clue about the process or development of creation, namely that changes and adaptations in the matrix of creation do take place, such as the change from herbivorous pre-flood animals into carnivorous ones, equipped with the claws and fangs to become hunters, instead of the peaceable vegetarians they once used to be, according to the Bible.

I’m speculating that another, perhaps invisible but nonetheless tangible change took place in creation, presumably during the moment of the Fall of Man, when Adam and Eve changed pretty much everything through their introduction of (the knowledge of good and) evil into the world, as I have expounded on repeatedly.

It’s really only a speculation and a guess, but at least I’m democratic enough about it not to insist on teaching it to your kids every morning in school, and on every single nature documentary they’ll ever watch, unlike the colleagues from the evolution department…

My guess is that something happened to time on that eventful day when the first human couple chose to disobey God.
For one thing, there is no physical means to define a “day” during the first days of creation, since the dry land only appeared on Day Three, the stars (including the sun that our planet supposedly revolves around) on Day Four, and unless we assume that God simply called a “day” one revolution of the empty and dark void that the earth represented in its rough, watery stages around some fictive axis, there isn’t much else to go by.
It’s not really hewn in rock that one day must have consisted of the same 24 hours back then that it does today.

If Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt from Braunschweig, Germany is correct and there are really two different types of time, namely Chronos, our current time frame, and Cairos, the eternal “time” scope of God (the kind where one day is like a thousand years and thousand years like one day), then it might explain how Adam accomplished naming all the animals on Day 6 and still came up with the necessary energy for the first date in history, presuming that his clock or schedule was still tuned to Cairos, and Chronos, which will come to an end at the time of the Second Coming of Christ, by the way, was only installed after the fateful bite from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…

If you’re one of the 99.9% of the world’s population who couldn’t care less about these things, never mind; it’s not as if such matters were as vital to your information as algebra, Latin or Nintendo, but it might be interesting to know that not only there once was a time without stress and anxiety, but we’re also going toward a new, in fact, eternal period of Cairos, the time scape of God’s eternal Now.

You may not have time right now to occupy your mind with such trivial matters, but you will then. Plenty.

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Individuality in the 21st Century

Individuality in the 21st Century

Coming to grips with the fact that we’re probably closer to the end of the world than most of us are willing to admit, always keeps drawing my thoughts back to its beginnings.

Life is a constant choice between positive or good and valid input and information, and its negative, non-valid, bad counterpart.

Only discernment and experience teach us to know the difference.

We’re all basically standing at the same tree as did Adam and Eve.

The only difference is, all around us are billions of people who have already tasted the fruit of the knowledge of evil (= bad information), and they’re all telling us, “It’s good! C’mon, take a bite! I’ve done it, too! It’s the only way!”

We don’t only have the Devil to deal with in our struggle to resist temptation, but also his favorite weapon of the century: peer pressure.

What once used to require cunning persuasion on his part now merely takes an appeal to our basest herd instincts: “Monkey see, monkey do.”

There’s a lot of “input” out there, and it’s pretty tough to know which of it is good and which is bad. It’s not easy to make an estimate, but I’d say probably 90% of what bombards us is mostly negative.

The difficult thing is, that the Enemy is smart enough not to hand us 100% pure evil information, but what makes it all the more dangerous and deceptive is that he always mixes it with some truth.

Nothing has changed about that since his first sales talk. After all, it was true that they weren’t going to die physically at the time they ate of the fruit, and we already expounded on that it was true in a sense that they became like gods, if even God Himself calls them thus later on in His Word

So, I guess the conclusion is that nothing saves us from bad info, except the experience of what happened once we swallowed and accepted it…

It builds us up in a wrong way.

It feeds your ego, but not your soul.

It may fill your head with “knowledge” but doesn’t make you one bit wiser.

It may lead you to the conclusion that “there is no God,” and that you and your own kind are the only masters and heroes of the universe, and yet leave you utterly ignorant of the fact that in God’s dictionary, you thus become the perfect definition of a fool.

It may make you feel hip and cool, but on God’s thermometer you may merely amount to the status of “lukewarm.”

You may think you’re “hot ‘n’ heavy,” not realizing that you’ve been weighed in the scales of the Creator of the universe, and found wanting.

What it all boils down to when all the dross and muck has up and gone into smoke and vapor is the truth: coming to face yourself for what you really are, namely not much, if anything at all, without a connection with the One Who put you on the planet, and the single Authority on why.

But that’s a great place to start, because it begins the process of your willingness to absorb the other stuff, that formerly totally unattractive type of input you would have sneered at when you still thought you were the king of the hill.

It may not immediately make sense to you… But slowly, as you keep immersing your soul and parched spirit in it, eventually it begins to make sense, and you begin to derive so much information out of even one formerly seemingly meaningless phrase, such as, “In the beginning was the Word…” (John 1:1)

It all began with information… the right kind of input, and… yeah, you want more of it! Lots more!

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In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

The Devil was actually right when he promised Adam and Eve, “Ye shall be as gods,” if they would eat of that forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

It was a necessary process to really learn the difference between good and evil. I mean, a “god” who wouldn’t know right from wrong would be like a grown up man who doesn’t know where left and right is, right?

Of course, what he didn’t tell them was the ugly detour it was going to take to get there. Ugly for some, that is, namely those who weren’t interested in just the temporary counterfeit achievement of acting like a little “god” right here on earth…

The Abels of history have continued to suffer at the hand of the Cains until this very day, and all they have in this life is the promise that “we shall be like Him” (1John3:2). That will be the only way we’re ever truly going to be God-like.

Instead of swallowing the Devil’s propaganda and advertisements, we’ll listen to what the real Boss has to say, and thereby qualify for genuine divinity (see Ps.82:6, Isa.41:23 and John 10:34, 35).

It’s alright to want to be perfect, I suppose. One just has to come to grips with the fact that it will never happen in this life, and the only way to get there is His way, and not every other neon-lights flashing broadway that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is hoodlum.

It’s true that our imperfection sucks. Big time. But I have it on good authority that Perfection is not the absence of imperfection, but the ability to integrate imperfection.

If God uses our imperfection to perfect His Big Picture according to His idea (and after all, He’s the Master Artist), and by integrating us in His great work of art having some of His perfection rub off on us, who are we to criticize Him?

After all, we may be gods, but not God.

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Up to not much good & plenty of evil since Adam & Eve

The Yang Bros: Up to not much good & plenty of evil since Adam & Eve

One philosophy that certainly seems to become more popular than the “We make ya dead” type of Christianity that has given the Cause of Christ a bitter by-taste ever since the crusades, and turned out specially bad latest since the Bush administration, is the Zen-Buddhist philosophy of Yin and Yang.

The symbol of Yin and Yang is rapidly becoming more popular than the cross, especially among young people.

After all, Buddhists aren’t known for having caused a fraction of the damage “Christians” are still perpetrating worldwide every day.

So, who can blame them? Who can blame them for believing that good and evil must be equally strong, and that evil must necessarily stick around forever in order to keep the “proper balance” in nature and all things?

After all, it’s plainly evident by looking all around us that there are 2 sides to nearly everything.

There is a good and a bad side to even all apparently bad things, as well as to seemingly purely good things.

Everything seems to have a shadow side to it, a dark side. Even sunshine: you get too much of it, and it can ruin crops, or your health, and cause whole lakes to evaporate…

Even water, as necessary as it is to make all life possible, can also drown you and bring death.

Too much air can pop the balloon or – in the form of a storm – tear down your house.

Even trees can fall over and kill you…

So, what’s up with all that Yin and Yang, good and evil stuff, Jesus? Looks like You’re pretty speechless now, huh? Could it be that we just ruined Your show and exposed Your dark little secret that evil is just as strong as You are, and that it’s going to hang around forever?

Well, it may seem that way, because we’ve never seen anything else and never experienced anything different.

But according to the Bible, there was a couple of folks who did. And coincidentally, they introduced this whole good and evil stuff.

When God created Adam and Eve (a fairy tale, you say? Well, we’ll see, won’t we?), and the whole caboodle of creation was done, He saw that it was good! In fact, very good. Nothing evil or bad about it. Yet.

But wouldn’t you know it? As much as we’re always craving for something new to consume and try out, even the two happiest and most perfect folks who ever lived turned out not to be perfectly happy with what they had, even though it was perfectly good.

That’s what advertisement will do to you. Some legged serpent came strutting along, obviously possessed by the greatest advertiser of all times, and broke the news to Eve that there was a product around that she hadn’t consumed yet: the notorious fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! The price: one tiny little disobedience, since God had made one single little rule in order to keep happiness in Eden afloat: No munching off that one tree!

The reason – retrospectively – becomes obvious: If you already know good, and it’s perfectly perfect and good, who the heck would want to know evil?

Well, Eve did. And so we all probably would have. After all, who’s ever been able to resist advertisement?

It had a fairly attractive slogan, too: Promises of godhood (“Ye shall be as gods,”) and – cunningly effective – the spicy ingredient of suspicion by making God sound like a liar: “Hath God said…? Not really so! Ye shall not surely die!

Well, they probably wished they had, after they ate that darn piece of forbidden fruit (which by the way was NOT an apple)! But that wasn’t God plan. Adam and Eve were still supposed to become Mama and Papa and Grandma and Gramps of us all.

But life wasn’t half the fun it used to be before the knowledge of good and evil had entered the land! The knowledge of good had perfectly sufficed, as far as happiness goes, but then, God had a little lesson to teach the universe, and it wouldn’t last billions of years, either. Just – roughly 7,000.

And thus were born – roughly around the same time as Cain and Abel, coincidentally – the twin bros Yin and Yang, who have been wreaking havoc around this place ever since. But – and that’s where some folks are mistaken – not forever!

Just as life was perfectly possible and enjoyable without evil, so it will be again, and next time without any interruptions (except for a minor hiccup a little further on in history, but that’s another story)!

While the current laws of nature and the dog eat dog scenario of the “survival of the fittest” may seem to tell a different story, and even lead us to believe that man isn’t much more than a slightly overly mutated animal himself, it takes a little bit of faith in a shred of information from outside the Yin and Yang matrix (namely the Word of God), to reveal to us that circumstances haven’t been and won’t be always the same.

There have been “changes in the Matrix” before, introducing the Yin and Yang program (aka Good and Evil), after the first human couple rejected the original “All Is Good” System, bringing into our reality all the deficiencies riding along on evil’s coattail, such as death, suffering, wars, etc.

But God (- the Architect with better intentions than the one we know from the “Matrix” trilogy -) has promised to push the “reset” button in the near future, which will restore the original operating system, which will make evil – once again -obsolete.

Because mankind will have (believe it or not!) learned its lesson from evil, which is, life’s much more fun without it, and thus we will also be able to wave a cheerful farewell to the Yang Bros., and add, only faintly audible, (the same way most of us would to the former US president) “Please don’t come ’round again!”

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