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In the search of the deeper meaning of everything, I have found that similar to a soccer game, our lives are usually somewhat divided into two half-times:
There is that first, perhaps more energetic, but somewhat less mature half during which we’re prone to act a lot on our impulses and make a bunch of mistakes accordingly, and there’s the latter half, during which we mature into a ripened personality and hopefully have learned some lessons from the former and tend to do things differently than we used to.
Oddly enough, the same principle seems to apply to God’s church, body, or, as it has also been referred to, His bride. There’s an Old Testament way during which God’s people tended to call down fire and brimstone upon their opponents, sometimes drowning them in a universal flood and at others devouring them with fire, and then there’s the New Testament approach of love.

Sometimes you can tell that a movement really is anointed by God when it shows those same signs of maturation.

While folks are often criticized for their opinions, it is usually so, that those opinions are really only the result of the input those folks have been fed. Once the opinions of the folks at grassroots level become too embarrassing for their leaders to want to be associated with them, some serious brainstorming takes place (in movements that are alive and flexible enough to do so, that is), about how best to avoid unwanted politically incorrect attitudes spread from among the followers.

Thus it can happen, that a once “radical,” “white-hot,” “revolutionary” and somewhat militant movement can mature into a wiser, more diplomatic one, just as it can happen that a once young and perhaps slightly overly zealous hot-head can finally come to his senses and calm down a wee bit and realize that it might be better to just live and let live instead of being a constant prick in everyone’s side.
Of course, it helps if the leadership makes the first step and adjusts its own approach first and makes it clear that, “That is the way we used to do things, and this is the way we do them now.”

Well, after one half-hearted attempt earlier this year to roll a new, more politically correct leaf over that sort of petered out, I’m happy to announce that I hereby officially will bury all my differences of opinion I may have had with my fellow believers around the world, and I shall carefully try not to utter any more criticisms of any of them any longer.

There’s a thin line between being not of this world, as Jesus told His disciples they were, and the fact that God so loved that world that He gave His own Son for it, not to condemn the world, but to save it. Perhaps even God Himself has gone through a process that made Him change methods and approaches somewhere along the line…

In any case, you won’t hear anymore rants about “lukewarmness,” “half-heartedness” or proneness to materialism or any other sicknesses of society on this blog, nor any other judgmental statements that might only create further barriers between parties, instead of eradicating them.

Sometimes God gives us more relevant things to worry about than trying to figure out how we can take on and challenge the whole world at once.

It’s not as if the entire experience would have been useless. After all, we still do read the Old Testament. But the New One is a whole lot more relevant, and when it’s time for a change and a new direction, it’s just simply that. Sometimes it takes half a life-time to get there. Sometimes more.

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The problem I’m having with a God Who was just supposed to have kicked off some process of evolution gazillions of years ago and then told His prophets to write down a story of creation only to be saying afterwards, “I was just kiddin’ folks – I used Evolution to do it” is that He would most likely be gazillions of miles away from me. If He was too busy to be involved in the creation of at least the first man (and woman), the way the Bible said He was, but instead let man gradually evolve from a looooooong line of monkeys and other mammals, reptiles and tadpoles, making who or whatever was capable of being called the first man resemble a cross between Frankenstein and King Kong rather than the image of God Almighty, then He would also be way too busy to count the hairs on our heads the way Jesus said He would, and make that statement just another one of countless lies, exaggerations and “not-so’s” in the Bible.

Certainly He’d be to busy to be involved in my financial problems, and one of the first chapters I’d have to rip out of my New Testament would be Matthew 6, in which Jesus admonishes His disciples not to live for physical things, but promises that if they would seek first the Kingdom of God, all these things would be added unto them.

Not that that chapter would have much actual relevance in the lives of probably 99% of existing Christians in the 21st century. But it does to me. It has, ever since I met the Family International at the age of 13. I had been reading the New Testament on my way to school and got so turned on about it that I got in trouble even with the leaders of our local faith community because I told the parents of one of my school mates that I took Matthew 6 literally (and they called up the community inquiring whether I was the only loony).

Many local community leaders later I still believe in it.

I remember the time in Argentina in 1984 when my future wife, another team member and I traveled 3000 km within 3 weeks for our radio show, having 50 Dollars in our pockets, and never having spent one dime of them. Actually, we returned with more than what we had left with, and yet we had traveled in comfortable buses, spent the nights in pensions or hotels and had 3 meals a day in different restaurants, all donated. We held meetings for our listeners in half a dozen different towns in halls, hotel lobbies or similar places without having to pay a dime for their usage.

I know what it means when God says “I have set before thee an open door that no man can shut.”

That’s why I get so upset when “Christians” call Him a liar and say, “No, He was just kidding in the Bible, and we can scientifically prove it.”

Probably if I were a professor at some university teaching my students all the many reasons why Charles Darwin makes more sense than all the prophets in the Bible put together, I’d have to believe my own b…sh.t, too in order to be able to live with myself.

Perhaps fortunately for some and unfortunately for most, I don’t receive a big check at the end of the month for pursuing any such activity.

One of the few things I have done for a living in order to help God a little bit keep that Promise about “all these things shall be added unto you” has been to play a little bit of music every now and then. And the older you get, the more you can relate to the old chieftain in “Little Big Man” in the “Good day to die” scene where he performs the magic ritual in preparation for his entrance into the eternal hunting grounds: “Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

This past month was one of those months when “it doesn’t,” since we didn’t have a single gig, and the bills kept coming anyway.

We have those months every once in a while, and so far, He has always done it and never let us down. Did I mention that I faithfully give my tithe ever since I earned my first income at the age of 17 before I bid my mom goodbye to follow Jesus?

I know God wasn’t kidding either about His Promise “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine house, and prove Me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Malachi 3:10). Some say it’s “unscriptural” to tithe. Well, I’m not the right person to be taught that sort of theology. I might just tell you in your face, “Man, why don’t you be honest and just admit that you’re stingy?”

Once in Spain in 1980 I had to come up with my daily contribution to the rent of the local community I had just joined and had to “pioneer” and open up new singing contacts in a town where I had just tried to do so a few days earlier with a partner to no avail. I was pretty desperate. God likes us to get desperate sometimes. So I prayed, and I received that verse. Sure enough, at the end of the night my pockets were bursting with cash, and I had been blessed with 15 times the amount I needed.

He had not forsaken me.

The funny thing is, though, that no matter how often these miracles happen, you always tend to forget them, and as soon as the due date for the rent is in sight and the cash is not around, nor any gig on the schedule that promises to bring it in, one starts wondering and whining again, “My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

It’s like that film “50 First Dates,” in which a girl with extreme memory loss had to be wooed each day anew by her lover.

So I decided to write down this month’s miracle while it’s happening, to make sure I won’t forget it next time:

On Monday we somehow realized that we had the money for our utilities bill (water and electricity) and so transferred that money, leaving us at zero: “Welcome to Rock Bottom Club!”

We still had to come up with our rent, though. This was a job for Super-God. But we knew we had to do our part, too.

So we decided to follow up on some contacts and spent about an hour witnessing to the owner of a local gravestone company, who seemed thankful that we brought a little light into his confusion. “Thanks,” he said! “One never knows what to believe anymore these days.”

When we wanted to move on, we realized we weren’t going to get very far with our summer tires in the snow, So we turned around, stopped by a junkyard in the nearby Swiss town of Schaffhausen, and the owner donated 4 pretty decent winter tires, which Sparkles, my better half and also the better mechanic between the two of us, mounted the next morning at a friend’s place who owns the local Toyota garage.

On that day we couldn’t go witnessing because I had a guitar pupil coming in and our daughter had school theater rehearsals, meaning we had to stay with our dog, so our adventure continued on Wednesday.

We didn’t get very far that day before I felt like I needed a coffee as we walked through the closest larger size town. So we stopped at a restaurant whose owner Sparkles knew and who might donate a coffee since we were still broke…

We showed the owner lady our new Christmas CD and were going to leave it for her to listen to. But she didn’t want to let us go without paying for it, and in the process also bought two more of our CDs for her son.

We had just become richer by the sum of one sixth of our rent.

On our way home we passed by another restaurant Sparkles knew and the owner lady said she had just been thinking about her. She also gladly took a Christmas CD and gave us a bottle of Uruguayan wine on top of it…

On Thursdays we have a small prison ministry in a German town that’s about 40 km from our place where we visit and sing for a group of 5 to 10 prisoners. On our way there we passed by a gas station belonging to a very sweet couple who had called earlier this week saying that they would like to have our Christmas CD (we had sent out an email on Monday attaching one of the best songs from it, something we’ll keep doing until Christmas), and so they gave us another donation that brought us a bit closer to the full amount of our due rent, along with a Swiss highway vignette (a yearly sticker you need on your car in order to be able to use Swiss highways).

When we returned home later that evening, another person had bought our Christmas CD online, and we were slooowly but surely getting toward about half our rent.

This morning, Sparkles went to visit a friend she sees regularly, and he just so happened to be inspired to help us with another sixth of our rent, plus a new 4 GB USB stick smaller than a finger nail (he’s a shop owner)…

Then in the afternoon some unexpected visitors came: a very sweet couple from a nearby Swiss division of our faith community stormed in unannounced and said they wanted to leave us a gift, which turned out to be yet another third of our rent. There is a God, and He loves us.

Finally, (after a break of about a year or so), Sparks and I grabbed our guitar and took it to some Restaurants we had played in when we had hit previous dry spells. The last few times had been another example of when the magic doesn’t work. But tonight it did.

The rent was in!

And when we got home we found out that another sweet couple from our Family had sent us another generous donation in appreciation of our German albums which we’ve made available for free download, and now we’re just about able to pay our upcoming health insurance bill, too.

Of course, we know people who have testimonies of how God supplied hundreds of thousands of Euros or dollars for them, and these are probably easier to remember than those little miracles that keep us going and prove to us over and over again that He loves us and won’t forsake us, in spite of the mess we are.

Perhaps that’s why I just can’t bring myself to believe that He’s just supposed to have flipped a switch to turn on the evolutionary machinery and then headed for the highlands to leave us evolving and fending for ourselves. Either God’s philosophy is “survival of the fittest,” or “The meek shall inherit the earth” – it can hardly be both.

Well, if you would like to become part of the continuing miracle of our simple faith life, you’ll find the “donate” button on our site, so feel free. Rest assured that every small gift will be genuinely appreciated.

And if you should not yet have experienced personally that God is not too far away or too busy to help you make it through your financial dry periods, perhaps our little testimony managed to encourage you. If He did it for us, there’s no doubt He’ll do it for you.

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Escaping the ceaselessly opining riffraff

An old acquaintance of mine was once quoted as saying, “Opinions are like assh*les: everybody’s got one.”
That was at a time when he was just beginning to ascend the ladder of leadership in our relatively small but notorious faith community.

While my friend probably never would have imagined that his humorous comment might yet haunt him a quarter of a a century later, it goes to show just how far reaching our words can be.

– Providing you’re one of those climbing the ladder of authority and position in this world, yes, even if you’re part of a group that’s totally out of this world…

What he was indicating back then was that opinions – especially those of every little Tom, Dick and Harry – make life harder for those trying to keep their grip firmly on the rail of the ladder.
It’s hard having to listen to all that the folks at grass-root level have to say while you’re struggling to ascend.

The problem about that attitude, though, is that every now and then some nincompoop comes along whose opinion is actually more than your average Joe’s comment on whatever occurrence life may offer you an opportunity to add your personal rap about.

Certainly the leaders of the Roman Catholic church weren’t thrilled about the opinions of some Italian wise guy named Galileo Galilei in February 1610, and accordingly denounced him – only to graciously pardon him nearly 5 centuries later, since it had long been proven by then that he had been right all along.

Nor were they tickled pink about the notions of those like Luther who thought it was the right of every believer to be able to enjoy hearing or reading the Word of God in their own language, and not just Latin, which most of them didn’t understand…
Most of us would certainly agree with Martin nowadays, and dare to differ with the “Latin only” crowd…

Lord only knows how many “heretics” were burned at the stake for voicing uncomfortable opinions which today might be considered tried and proven truths.

So, if I were ever to set out on some venturous ascent of some shaky, lofty ladder, I would bear that lesson from history in mind.

Opinions may be like those most uncomely parts of our bodies which everyone possesses, but those parts are still quite necessary, even if a lot of waste gets flushed out in the process.

Probably my friend has discovered by now that things aren’t all that easy anymore nowadays, and opinions not all that easily dismissed.
The world has become a lot more demanding on leadership during the past two decades, and people who know how to use their ears are treasured and wanted (- although they still may be somewhat rare up on the ladder).
Even your average teenager will get offended if you won’t spend at least an hour daily listening to their tales of how Jimmy in school said the most uncool thing to Jill “…and it like so totally sucked…” etc., etc., etc.

Of course, the most notorious opinion-bearer of all times didn’t exactly thrill the authorities of His day with His stuff about the Kingdom of Heaven belonging to children, and the greatest among us having to become servant of all, according to His rulebook.
That’s probably why most of His supposed followers (especially those in higher ranking positions) still don’t give a lot of marbles to His opinions, but rather stick to their own.

The truth is, though, that in the end, those sitting at the top of the ladder in His joint (although it’s probably going to be anything but a ladder) will be those who will have treated even the least among our brethren the way they would have treated Him; and perhaps the act of lending a listening ear – instead of prematurely dismissing their opinions – may have just been what will have helped you score the necessary points to get there.

But alas, this is but another humble opinion from just another nobody and least of all brethren…

But I guess it’s folks like us that blogs are for…

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If there is one valid parallel between the 1999 movie “Matrix” and our reality as those who claim and attempt to be genuine and authentic followers of “the One,” then it’s the scene in which Morpheus tells Neo, “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth.”

That’s all Jesus ever had to offer, too, and blessed Peter was the first one to realize and proclaim it, after the bulk of the 70 that used to follow Jesus left Him as a result of His appalling “Cannibal” sermon in John Chapter Six, and Jesus turns toward the twelve He had chosen and asks them, “Do you also want to leave?”

Peter was usually one of the more impulsive of Jesus’ disciples who sometimes seemed to speak before he would think, but at this precise moment it must have been the Holy Spirit getting a hold of him when he said, “Lord, where should we go? You alone have words of eternal life.”

In other words: “This may be a lousy life here in the real world and in the Resistance against the machines: the food is bad, and most of our friends don’t really believe that You are the One, and it looks like we’re fighting for a hopeless cause sometimes, totally outnumbered; and not everything seems to make sense all the time. But all we know is that You’ve got the truth, and that’s worth it all for us, and worthy enough a Cause to give our lives for and follow You to the death for.”

But just as it was in 30 A.D., such folks are rare. Most of us have much higher demands of life than merely something as impractical as the truth. We want it comfortably presented with a huge entertainment program, preferably along with a barbecue or at least with a hot band playing. Or at least we don’t want to lose face with our community, but look like respectable members of society, which after all, most of us are, in our nice, big, respectable churches.
Not like those weird cults who are going overboard in their religious zeal and insist on trying to convert everyone else to their cause all the time. I mean, Jesus never said anything about having to be a religious fanatic, right? In fact, aren’t they even a reproach to the Cause of Christ?
I mean, look at them: they have no money, they have no reputation… Who would want to join them?

Right. Who would?

I guess it’s still only those who are in it for the truth and nothing but the truth, against all odds.

Folks aren’t always as friendly in the Resistance movement, compared to the folks visiting the churches in the Matrix.
They might not like you. They might even resist you. And if you look at the ones fighting on your left and on your right, you’re sometimes tempted to wonder if this could be really IT…
They don’t make it easy on you, and they don’t insist on you being around, fighting along with them, unless perhaps you really mean business, and are willing to give it your all for this Cause, no matter how hopeless it seems, without murmuring and complaining. Everybody already knows that it’s tough, so what’s the use in complaining?
Or perhaps they’re just here because that’s where they happened to wind up or be born without knowing anything else…

You look at all those “happy” folks in the Matrix who seems to have the best of both worlds: have their steak, and eat it, too. They may have heard about the One or that there is such a thing as the Real Word somewhere out there, but basically, their ignorance about the Resistance movement is their bliss: they don’t have to endure the hardships; they enjoy the protection of the Agents and the blessing of the Architect as long as they stay safely put right where they are, and don’t think about dropping out of the game and becoming unplugged from the nice illusion they know as “life.”

Yeah, life is tough in the Resistance. And if you thought Cypher was tough, in the real Resistance, we’ve had dozens of his kind who have sold us out to the Agents and are bent on destroying us.
Basically, all hell is breaking loose around our ears, because, after all, it’s us they’re fighting, and we are their enemies, not the make-belief “people of God” in sleepy-land, the artificially created world by the machines to keep potential resistance fighters asleep, dreaming and content.

If there is one factor that is not a parallel between the “Matrix” trilogy and the lives of those who claim to be true followers of Him Whom we know to be the One, it is that there will never be a truce between us and the machines.
There will only be an ultimate showdown; and as outnumbered as we may seem right now, and as overwhelmingly superior as the enemy forces may seem, and despite all the odds against us, we know and believe that in the end, He will win. No truce, no ceasefire, only undeniable victory, and we will see then what right now we may only be able to take by faith: it will be worth it all.

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The Fate of God's Chosen

The Fate of God's Chosen

There is a fine but clear distinction between what the New Testament refers to as the “world” in some places, such as John 3:16 (“For God so loved the World… etc.”), and in others, such as John 15:19, 1John 2:15-17 and James 4:4.

The first refers to humanity at large, and we are told that God loves it.
The second refers to what some people like to call “the System,” the establishment, or – some movie freaks like myself – as “the Matrix,” and we are told not to love it, or else we may become God’s enemy!

What most Christians seem to refer to as “the World” in that second sense, is non-believers.
A favorite group to be included in that category these days are Muslims, for example. Strangely enough, not the Jews, even if for the sole reason that their Holy Book makes up the first two thirds of the Christian Bible.

Some atheists are also included in that group of the common Christian concept of “the World,” (if a believer is willing to admit that Jesus, James and John must have referred so any sort of people at all in those above mentioned Scriptures), although – in the case of Christians in the U.S. this doesn’t apply to American atheists.
Jews and Americans enjoy a special status and are somehow exempt from the mystery group of people that might possibly constitute “the World” that Jesus and His disciples admonished us to stay away from.

However, taking a closer look at Jesus’ life and the Early Church history, we may discover quite a different picture than that common concept of “them Hottentots down yonder” as referring to “the world.”
If we take that dusty Bible off the shelf and actually start reading the Gospels instead of settling for that weekly sermon with a few Bible verses tossed in, we begin to see that the sort of people Jesus was actually having the most trouble with were not the Romans (pagans and foreigners), but the religious community of His own people!


He said to His disciples, “He that receives you, receives Me, and he that receives Me receives Him that sent Me.”

In other words, those He referred to in John 15:19 must have included or consisted of those who received Him not.

Was Jesus in fact referring to the religious establishment – among others? Folks living in our own country, that we adore every night on TV? Could it be possible that they might be part of “the world” that His true disciples are not supposed to be part of?

After all, it’s hardly a temptation to fall head over heels for the Hottentots we have nothing in common with.

It must have been tough for Jesus and His disciples to be rejected by the very ones they were supposed to have the most in common with (same God, same religion, same background and culture, and yet worlds apart).
It was still tough for them half a century later when Christians were banned from any synagogue in the world.

And that was before Paul got soft and gave it one last shot at converting his own “chosen” people, & went back to Jerusalem against the explicit warning from the Lord that this was going to be his death, and it was, eventually.

So, perhaps Jesus wasn’t talking about the Hottentots and pagans, after all, when He was talking about “the World.” (But maybe they’re included in “the World” that God loves, in John 3:16, and we’re supposed to love them likewise?)…

“The World” that neither Jesus nor His true followers have never been a part of is the large majority of those who will simply always, throughout history refuse to receive those whom He has truly sent.
It may be hard to recognize His true disciples sometimes, because they may have broken some of the establishment’s rules, similar to the way Jesus and His original disciples did in disrespecting the Sabbath and associating with prostitutes and other outcasts.
They will even make mistakes and commit sins, the way God’s people have throughout history, since claims of “infallibility” are reserved for the untouchables and merchants of forgiveness of the established false religionists, and the world will come out to point their fingers at them, only to find themselves poking their finger right in God’s eye, and hear Him repeat, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone!”

Maybe what Jesus referred to as “the World” isn’t defined as much by anyone’s “religion,” as one’s reception of His true emissaries and ambassadors.

As far as I can see, the established religious System still rejects, refuses and even persecutes the true disciples of Christ just as they have always done.

I guess it’s something difficult to relate to unless one has made that type of experience himself.

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Communal Life-Styles - Really So Improper?

Communal Life-Styles - Really So Improper?

I believe that one of the main lessons mankind will learn from history (unfortunately most likely in retrospect) is that they underestimated the extent to which they’re being manipulated by God’s Enemy.
People usually tend to overestimate their own capacities and wisdom, and thus we fail to recognize early enough how easily we’re allowing ourselves to be fooled by the Devil.

One favorite device of the enemy of our souls is that he likes to trick us into seeing things differently than God does.
For example, in God’s eyes it was perfectly alright for Adam and Eve to be walking around stark naked in the Garden of Eden. Along came Lucy with his old attitude of, “I’ll show’em the way thing ought to be run around this place” and changed their minds about that, to the extent that they even figured it would make sense to hide from God…

If we’re really kidding ourselves into thinking we have “evolved” into something brighter during the past 6000 years since that event, it just goes to show another classic example of what’s stated above.

Take for example the way we view different life-styles than our own, established, Western, widely recognized status quo, like that of polygamist faith communities such as the Fundamental Latter Day Saints who made headlines a while ago, or – much closer to my own home: the life-style of the Family International.
The general image that is being conveyed about the life-style of such faith communities is so odd, so grossly different from the average, that one can’t help but look down on “such people” with a frown, patting themselves on the shoulder for doing things “the proper way.”

One quote I specially like from the Family’s founder David Berg is from his epistle, “Did God Make a Mistake?” – “To hell with the proper way!”

(Of course, how well a radical non-conformist and iconoclast like Berg would be received in today’s version of the movement he began, is another question, but I suppose it’s one of those mysteries in history how it seems to be reserved for some that membership of the outfit they birthed would have been possible exclusively as its founder…)

The problem with what we call the “proper way,” the way that the vast majority has chosen, the great and wide broadway we trot down once we have chosen to enter in through the wide gate our leaders train us to pursue, is that it may seem right to us, but the end of it spells out death and destruction for millions of victims who happened to stand in our way, be it the “Amerikan Way,” the “American Dream” or the “Western life-style” or simply the way we think it ought to be done.

The question is, how does God see things? And what will the history books of the future say about those who followed the “Führer” down the “proper way,” as opposed to the strange little sects that dared to buck the tide?
And where will you have stood? Will you have been one of the collaborators that will largely have to be ashamed of their conduct (“We simply followed orders”) or will you be proud to have been one of the few that supported the Resistance?

Perhaps the citizens of the final World Empire, namely God’s Kingdom, will find out to their shock and awe that those weird communal life-styles of those weird sects and cults we all looked and frowned upon and thanked God every day that we weren’t like them, turns out to be much closer to the way God had actually intended for people to live than the “each his own,” “dog eat dog” life-style that we’ve come to consider “normal” in our pseudo-enlightened modern society…

I was just talking to another “veteran from the 80s” last night, about how different things were back then. Nowadays, hardly any young folks move into communes anymore, because they’re so used to having their own quarters with their own TV and their privacy, they’re simply not capable of living socially anymore, the way people had to or simply chose to less than 3 decades ago.
Maybe it’s still different in your part of the world, but the trend, generally, is downhill, as far as “social” goes.

People who live in communes are weird, period. Is the new consensus.

“It’s wicked to be naked.”

Does something ring a bell?

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Not your usual Watchtower conception of Heaven

Not your usual "Watchtower" conception of Heaven

Probably one of the reasons why not many people take the idea of Heaven as their future Home and destination for the bulk of eternity very seriously is that not an awful lot of information is available abut it, currently.
After John the Revelator’s astounding two final chapters in the Bible that give us some daring information about the eternal Home of those pilgrims and strangers on earth that the epistle to the Hebrews tells us every true believer should be, so daring in fact that most of those same believers would not dare to take it literally, almost two millennia of silence on the subject have left most Christians keeping their feet on the ground and their minds on earthly matters, rather than looking for that Better Place to come.

There were a few lone voices throughout time, some describing supernatual experiences they’ve had, and artists, inspired by the thought of the unfathomable beauty to come, have tried to visualize what expects the believer in the afterlife.
During the 1980s, the founder of the Family International, David Berg, recruited some of the artists within his movement to try to put on paper his ideas of the world to come, which were generally more daring than the contemporary versions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Adventists and the likes, but still – though far from the actual perfection that expects us, I’m sure – the more accurate illustrations of Heaven that I personally subscribe to.

I cannot imagine the prudish Heaven that so many conservative Christians seem to settle for in their minds, that make our unbelieving friends and acquaintances joke, perhaps not altogether unjustifiably, that “Heaven’s okay, but for meeting old friends, there’s no place like hell,” and similar jokes we’ve probably all heard…

No wonder so many Christians occupy themselves with overwhelmingly earthly matters, and when aproached about the idea of Heaven, often react a bit scared, as if they had no intention of going there any time soon. After all, down here is where all the action and fun is… isn’t it?

Personally, I don’t think so. Personally, most of what people consider fun down here, compared to the Real Thing, is probably comparable to the husks that the Prodigal Son stuffed himself with when herding swine for a living, compared with the abundance of food he used to enjoy at his father’s table…

I actually have a hard time understanding why most of my fellow-believers seem to be so gaga about this world, and don’t seem to want to waste a second thought on Heaven.
Heaven seems to be okay for old people, or for those who know they’re soon going to die, but it hardly seems to be the Goal that most of my brethren have set for their journey, unless they’re keeping it a big secret.

That’s why I’d like to make Heaven a little more palatable and real by whatever humble means available to me for the time being, most of which are restricted to words, for now, since I’m not a gifted artist, nor a wealthy film-producer, rendering my own personal version of “Heaven Can Wait” or “Made In Heaven” or similar previous attempts to give us a glimpse of the bright side of the afterlife.

Of course, there’s that other place, too, but others have taken it upon themselves to scare us into Heaven by scaring the hell out of us with their tales of Hell, so, I’d rather keep on the sunny side of things for now. After all, it seems there is more preaching about Hell than Heaven.
If we can’t make Heaven sound desirable enough for people to want to go there, I guess all we’ve got left is the attempt to scare them with stories about the other place that will make them not want to go there.

But I’d like to create a vision of Heaven that varies a little from the vague, conservative and prudish version that seems to fail so utterly to incite anyone’s interest and desire to ever want to go there. Let’s face it, our generation, and probably even more so the one after us, is probably the biggest bunch of hedonists and fun-junkies to ever have walked this globe, and I can only assume that the Devil is pulling out all his big guns and best “Pleasure Island” features he can in order to make God look like the loser – at least in the minds of those who don’t know any better and have never had a taste of Heaven, nor a glimpse of what Heaven is really like.

For starters, let’s begin with a statement that most people will probably find shocking. If there’s one attribute that Heaven has not been described as to the degree that in my opinion it should have, apart from all the usual ones, such as “wonderful,” beautiful,” etc, it would be sexy. Not in any nasty, dirty, sinful or pornographic way, much less associated to any sort of the manifold perversions that have attached themselves to the entire theme of sex these days, but nonetheless, undescribably, sincerely, purely and authentically sexy.

If this begins to bust your former concepts of Heaven, then I’m succeeding, although I admit, it must probably be hard for you to fight the fear that I’m trying to lead you up some wicked, sinful path here, because we’ve all been drilled to the point of insanity that sex and sin are practically one and the same thing, which I have dared to challenge formerly, as did the aforementioned David Berg…

If God’s first commandment ever uttered to man was not “Thou shalt be good,” or “Pray and be holy,” but “Be fruitful and multiply,” in other words, “make love,” and there was nothing whatsoever wrong with nudity until the serpent made its debut in paradise to introduce his advertisement for his idea of “fun,” then we must assume that God is not prudish, but indeed, – and I’m perfectly aware of how many people will hate me for saying this – a sexy God.
And His Habitat will look accordingly, quite different from the usual Jehovah’s Witnesses’ portrayals of people roaming Heaven clad in 20th century business apparel.

I’m not saying that all people ever do in Heaven is have sex, although I would boldly defend the statement – contrary to some – that what they won’t do is never have any, but to say the least, interaction between the sexes in Heaven is infinitely more pleasant than it is currently down here, with all the usual misunderstandings and misconceptions about each other gone for good.
Jesus said that nothing is hid that shall not be revealed, and I believe there is total openness and honesty in Heaven with no need to cover up and nothing to hide. Probably also retrospectively, and in regard to incidents of the past. It’s my personal conviction that our current history from Eden to Armageddon will serve as invaluable source of education for future citizens of God’s Kingdom, and not only will we be able to explore Napoleon and Mussolini’s moments of glory or lack thereof, but perhaps we might even gain a little more insight into some of the more intricate, perhaps even delicate bits of not-so-well-know history, according to each one’s personal scope of interest.
Some, for instance, might get a real kick and inspiration out of re-living the scene of Janet Soskice’s conversion under the shower as a philosophy student in the 70s in 3D, with the esteemed philosopher’s consent, naturally…
Or to view on Heaven-TV what it was like for the first, most perfect (and not ape-like at all) couple in Eden, before Satan convinced them that it certainly would be more appropriate to wear clothes…

But “sexy” isn’t the only unusual attribute I’d give Heaven, that would make the future citizens of Hell turn red with envy – especially since the boss in that place doesn’t seem to be fond of God’s original commandment, at all, and many who are looking forward to a party in hell will probably experience the disappointment of their (after-)lives.

Adventurous” is another one that probably wouldn’t fit many people’s current concept of God’s Capital. But that’s probably because God Himself is only reduced to the few fractions of imagination and knowledge they have about Him based on the meager interest they have shown Him throughout their busy lives.

Maybe some just want to be surprised, as I’m sure they will.

Anything we enjoy on earth is merely a shadow and a poor counterfeit version of the Real Thing waiting for believers There.

“Treckies” will probably finally be able to experience the Real Thing and explore the galaxies that the Creator certainly did not only create to leave us all puzzled…
After all, the first description of a U.F.O. or “space ship” in history is found in the Old Testament’s book of Ezekiel

And, of course, man’s oldest dream, that he has finally learned to realize during the last century, of flying, is finally enjoyed without any technical and costly gimmicks nor any risks involved. After all, we have this much solid information from John: “There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain” (Rev.21:4), which already sounds like all the reasons in the world I need for wanting to go there, since I was never the masochistic, melancholic nor death-loving type.

Another tidbit about our Future Home from St. John is the promise that we’ll be like Jesus – in other words, perfect, and that will be quite a welcome change, indeed, from the “perfection” we’ve enjoyed so far…

But if God is only twice as merciful as some of the fire and brimstone preachers portray Him – perhaps for fear that there won’t be room enough for them in Heaven if they’d let too many people in – we might even meet some old sinners like ourselves who made it there by His grace, and in spite of their earthly imperfections, and among them many of the famous people whose work we appreciated during our life-time, not to mention all the really greats that we never even heard of that will blow our minds.
And there won’t just be tons of cool – or rather, hot people – but also angels and other heavenly beings that the Bible describes here and there…

Those who love sports will probably be able to enjoy a large new variety of acrobatics possible with their new immortal bodies…

The philosophically inclined will be able to benefit from a wealth of resources unfathomable by our earthly standards…

Just a few ideas to whet your appetite and make you reconsider if you thought that Heaven was going to be boring. As one of the prettiest women alive once said, “Only idiots get bored,” and I’m just about 100% certain that there won’t be anymore of those in that wonderful Tomorrow

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