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I remember the first time I saw the Matrix pretty much exactly 10 years ago, I knew I had seen something very special. I had watched films before that had had a touch of the supernatural, almost like a message form God, like Zeffirelli’s “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” and a few others, but this was special, and there have been very few movies since, that got anywhere near the deep spiritual significance of the Matrix, as far as I’m concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all about the way the powers that be use Hollywood and all that goes with it to manipulate the masses.

But I believe that there is a greater Matrix that envelopes the smaller matrix of the NWO schemers and their god: the bigger Picture of God, that happens to include the picture of our present reality including its evils, and that when it comes down to it, the Devil is just playing a part if God’s plan, whether he wants or not.

Which doesn’t mean I’m a fatalist, either; nor can I say exactly to what extent free choice effects destiny or vice versa.

As much as we hate it: we have to leave some of the facts and details up to God & trust we’ll find them out in His good time…

Some people didn’t understand all the rave and ado about it. They didn’t get it then and they don’t get it now. They figured, “Cool effects,” but they prefer “Lord of the Rings” or “Star Wars.” I guess it’s like musical taste: some liked the Beatles, some liked the Stones, or some like Britney…

Matrix was a movie you’ve had to watch it a few times until you really got all the details.

Back then I was still with one foot in the System and one on a banana peel.

But with all that has happened since then, you might say I’m definitely unplugged now (as in living by faith).

Back then, I may have known the way in theory, but I hadn’t really begun to walk in it yet.

I had some rough thoughts and ideas about how the dark forces are manipulating us from behind the scenes, but I wasn’t aware to what extent.

I was affiliated with what you might call “The Resistance,” but I wasn’t nearly as active a part in it as now.

Not until 9/11.

In a way, having seen the Matrix was perfect preparation for not falling for the lies they told us since 9/11.

While the towers were still burning, Rumsfeld spoke of “retaliation.” And I knew that what I was watching was propaganda. – The machines at work.

Six months later we watched television for the last time in our home.

We unplugged ourselves from the current of the mainstream media brainwash and started getting plugged in to the line of communication with the “Top,” call it Zion, call it Heaven…

…Call it Jesus. I guess if Neo represents any one thing it’s Jesus, but also what Jesus can do through each one of us if we dare to let go of the lie they have told us all our lives and believe that “There is no spoon.”

– The knowledge of the Matrix being a fake enables you to do things that most people in the Matrix can’t do.

I’ve often wondered if that’s what perhaps empowered Jesus to walk on water, etc.: the knowledge that there is no spoon. If our physical world was just a bunch of encoded information (and they’re finding out that there are gigabytes worth of information in every living cell… who knows what we’ll yet find out about the make-up of our universe…), and He knew the code (since He had obviously written it: “In the beginning was the Word = logos = information…”) then the program He had written was subject to Him, and it was not that He was – as we are – subject to or victim of the circumstances. – An idea that drives home the level to which His crucifixion was an absolutely voluntary sacrifice.

Similarly to the way Neo had to decide to risk (and give) his own life for his friend Morpheus, I have also learned since, how much truth there is in not thinking it’s you, or that we have to do it ourselves, but sometimes we just have to be there for someone else, and like Jesus said, be willing to lay down our lives for someone else, and that’s when all of a sudden you find yourself “in the way,” actually walking in it, not just merely talking about it or dreaming about it.

The big surprise at the end is that not even death can stop that kind of love, but it totally overcomes the Matrix and its agents. No wonder, if you keep in mind that God is love…

After a while of living in the consciousness of the extent of the Lie, the fake steak of the Matrix becomes meaningless to you, and money – since you know it’s just part of the lie – becomes almost irrelevant, and in its present form on its way to history, anyway.

Since Obama, the powers that are working on introducing the new global economic order have shifted to turbo, and it’s not as if Revelation 13 was like Sci-Fi in some distant future anymore.

Other people apart from us “loonies” can actually see it happening somewhere in the not too distant future – the cashless society.

It’s exciting.

That’s another thing that has changed: I’m not scared anymore.

It’s like you just know everything is going to be okay, even if they kill you.

Similar to the plots of the sequels to the Matrix, the Resistance isn’t actually always as united as it should be, and many don’t believe in “the One,” or in anything supernatural, for that matter, and the enemy forces are sheer overwhelming in numbers; but that’s all the more reason why you can pretty much take for granted that this war isn’t going to be won by sheer power of force, nor with physical weapons.

The fact that Neo had to take the last steps of his way blind illustrated that it’s only by faith and not by sight that the final battle is going to be won, and that’s what many people just don’t want to see, because they think their own arm is strong enough, while their faith isn’t…

Regardless of whether the NWO mind-manipulators had their hands in the making of this trilogy, it wouldn’t be the first time that God used something the Devil would like to take the credit for.

Some people give the Devil too much credit and are too scared that God is some kind of weakling… They’re scared of the stars, scared of candles, scared of sex, scared of the wrong kind of music…

But we’re not going to win this war by being scared.

Sometimes the battle looks so hopeless, even the Enemy asks us,” why do you keep fighting?” Neo’s answer to Agent Smith, “Because I choose to” was not appreciated by everyone, but it’s our choice not to give in that is going to see anyone through in the end.

You simply have to choose to keep fighting the Enemy. What other choice have you got? Quit? Surrender?

The message was, “Hell, no, we haven’t even yet begun to fight,” even if not with those words…

The one thing I didn’t like was the ending of the trilogy. A cop-out. A truce between the Resistance and the machines, which in the Matrix scenario may have been the only realistic solution, but it won’t be in the real battle.

Some people hold a grudge against God because of the bloodshed depicted in the book of Revelation or Ezekiel, and hate the God Who would allow any such thing to happen.

They would prefer for good and evil to coexist peacefully together in some sort of lukewarm truce. But I sometimes wonder if they ever dig anything at all of what life is teaching us.

I remember reading Revelation as a teen, and I felt very much like Neo did in the scene of movie when he finds out just what the Matrix is, and the first thing he does is throw up.

It’s a toughie, facing the reality of our world as God sees it, also, or especially in regard to its impending future (preceding the happy ending) as He foretells it (see Revelation 19-21). And not many people have the guts to face that reality.

But the only way we’re ever going to have peace and any type of victory is if we have enough guts to hate evil, and if nothing else in this world will ever teach us to do that, I’m afraid the coming years most certainly will.


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Zeitgeist: The Spirit of Antichrist

Zeitgeist: The Spirit of Antichrist

(A sequel to my previous post)

I used to read that passage about “the spirit of antichrist” in 1John and wonder, “Hmm, doesn’t make much sense to me. Who would in their right minds dispute that Jesus was actually a historical figure, and that He lived as a real man of flesh and blood?” Well evidently there ARE people who do, and they’re actively working on spreading their doctrine and spirit of antichrist, which they term “Zeitgeist,” the spirit of our time.

Well, as opponents of the spirit of antichrist and militant adherents to the Spirit of God, we’re supposed to resist and fight that move and counter their flood of lies with the truth.
I’m afraid, though, that the usual attempts of denying the similarities between Jesus and the pagan deities, which apparently give the zeitgeist or antichrist movement its momentum won’t do.

Christians will have to pull themselves together and realize once and for all that God is stronger than the Devil and face their ridiculous fear of astrology and the stars, as if it had been Satan who put them in the sky to tease Christians with them: “Don’t get too close, or they’ll bite you!”
If we’re going to combat the spirit of antichrist in the zeitgeist movement efficiently, we’re going to have to face the fact that it was God, not the Devil, Who created the stars, and created them for a purpose.
We’re going to have to face the fact, that it was also God Who created the star signs, and that the word “zodiac” is not evil or witchcraft, but actually originally appears in its Hebrew form, “Mazzaroth,” in the Bible, namely in the book of Job, and means nothing else than “the path.”
Furthermore can we not deny the fact that God created certain things in the physical in order to illustrate spiritual truths, and the sun and its relation to the stars are one of them. Sexual intercourse, by the way, is another one of them, and not the epitome of evil, as some Christians still seem to believe.
We have to realize that our God is not a wimp who created all these things in order for us to let the Devil run off with them and rake in all the credit for them.
I’ve even read websites of Christians who teach that candles are evil.
Well, what are you going to do when the lights go off in New York for the last time, brother? Sit in darkness because you’re scared to light a candle?

Of course, these people are scared stiff of any kind of symbolism, whether it be to depict Jesus as a lion, as in the movie “The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe,” and the star signs? Oh my God, they must have crept right outta hell. When in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, and if they’d just read their own Book, they’d find out.
Just because there are a few Scriptures in which it warns of the pagan astrologers and soothsayers, or the sort of people who are trying to figure out if you’re going to be lucky at the races tomorrow by your horoscope doesn’t mean we should throw the baby out with the bath water.
Of course, I’m not as naive to believe that I’m going to change that sort of people’s minds. But there may be others for whom there is hope, and who manage to ignore the “Thou shalt be scared stiff” dogma drilled into them for long enough to recognize God as the Big Thing in and around it all, the One Who created it all for His glory, and then develop the guts to grab what was rightfully ours to begin with and knock the Devil and his slimy cohorts for a loop with it.
We’re not too scared to kill of innocent Muslims by the millions, but when it comes to facing our real foe, all of a sudden we’re not that brave anymore, are we?
Well, it’s always easier to hate and kill a foe far away in a foreign country that you didn’t know much about and you never cared for much in the first place, than facing that treacherous foe who talks and looks like you right in your own country, waving the same flag, only that the stuff he’s saying is going to be the New World Order credo of tomorrow, and while we ignore and even sympathize with those friendly attempts of these traitors to poison us with their doctrine, destroying the faith of millions around us, we consentingly keep paying our taxes in order for more Muslims to be killed.
At least the Muslims believe that Jesus was a real person, and they even believe that He’s going to come back.
But that’s not what’s going to be taught in the public schools of tomorrow, if tomorrow isn’t already today.
It’s definitely not what kids are being taught via the tube in our oh-so “Christian” nations, nor the books we buy them by the dozens.
As long as they don’t talk about star signs, they must be okay… Get real!

This is another aspect that Christians have been totally deceived about: next to the dogmas that sex is sin, war is okay, God blesses the rich, God stopped talking 2000 years ago and Jesus will come back before the Great Tribulation, here’s another one: Star signs are of the Devil! And it turns out there is a good reason why the Devil wants you to believe that! Because if you wouldn’t, he wouldn’t have a chance to make people believe that Jesus never lived as an actual person, because you’d know that all those similarities between Him and all those ancient pagan “deities” are only because the deities were based on what the ancients had read in the stars!

I can only assume that one principal reason so many Christians don’t want to know better about these things is because if they’d have to admit that God is actually in all those aspects of life that they’d prefer to exclude Him from, it would mean they’d have to let Him play a far more significant role in their lives than they presently are willing to allow Him.

So many things are actually not the Devil’s fault, but ours, because we let him.
If the spirit of antichrist takes over the world, then it’s probably going to be just because too many Christians were plain too scared of the truth.

Did you know that fear is a sin? God commands us several hundred times throughout the Bible not to be afraid, but to trust in Him. So, if we’re not supposed to fear the Devil himself, nor our enemies, then how much less should we be scared of parts of God’s creation that He would actually like us to use for His glory?

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Pharisees - Then as now

Pharisees - Then as now

When googling for “the Family International,” (which happens to be the faith community I’m a member of since 30 years) one comes across a great variety of pages from all sorts of sources and different corners of the market of New Religious Movements, along with opinions and statements aplenty, both from our brothers and sisters around the world presenting their window to the world via the web, as well as disgruntled ex-members, and a bunch of “experts” who will define our community for you in their own particular way, based on whatever input they have gleaned about us from their sources.
Some remain factual, while others tend to gravely exaggerate. Unfortunately, whenever the media scrape together information, they prefer the exaggerations over the factual report: After all, their job is to divert the public’s attention from the fact that their economy is history, and that they’ll soon have bigger problems than they ever before would have imagined, and there’s nothing like a nice juicy scandal in order to make people feel better about themselves and their System, especially a scandal about the most hated and despised groups of people of all: the “SEX CULTS.”
According to them, my wife is a prostitute, and I’m a pimp who sends her out to get money whenever we’re broke. That’s just the way we do things in the Family – according to the media. And that’s pretty much as certain as the fact that we descended from the monkeys or that a bunch of carpet-knife swinging Muslim extremists perpetrated 9/11, and the list of “facts” goes on and on, that makes up the modern Western world view of our society in the 21st century.
Unless you happen to pay a closer look at the details, instead of just swallowing whatever gossip you hear, or whatever mantras you’re being fed from the mainstream machinery of propaganda.
Facts, for example, like the one that it is an ex-communicable offense for full-time Family members to have any sexual contact with outsiders since around 1986. The problem is, how can you practice prostitution if you’re not allowed physical contact with anyone outside the narrow circle of the full-time membership of your congregation?

Granted, the beliefs of the Family are generally a little more open-minded and permissive regarding sexuality than the average church’s, some of which even deny their members the right to re-marry once they’ve been divorced. And there have been times we went a little wild on some of our liberties. But those days are long gone.
It’s also true that we have some “weird” beliefs other churches don’t share, like spirit helpers, etc., and we vehemently refuse to believe that God stopped speaking and revealing things to His people 2000 years ago when John the Disciple finished writing the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible.
But that still doesn’t make us a New Age cult, just because we might believe in some similar things some New Agers do. In fact our faith is probably more fundamentally based on the Bible than that of the average members of modern congregations and churches, including the Catholic Church.

While far from perfect, in my opinion, the Family is the closest thing in existence to the Early Church, the followers of Christ during the first 3 centuries before Christianity became an established religion: a time during which Christians were labeled a sect, suffered relentless persecution, lived communally, did not worship in any temples or church buildings, and basically taught as Jesus taught them, that in order to be a disciple, one had to renounce his earthly possessions and become a messenger for the Cause of Christ – pretty much all attributes that also apply to (full-time membership of) the Family.

Jesus said in His famous and often-cited so-called “sermon” on the mount (which wasn’t really a sermon, since it was only directed at His 12 disciples, having left the multitude behind), “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake” (Matth.5:11).
When was the last time you or your church experienced the “blessing” of persecution and of people saying all sorts of things about you that weren’t true? When was the last time you lived a godly life in Christ Jesus the only way Paul said this was possible – by suffering persecution?
When was the last time you were in the arena along with the rest of the true believers, facing the lions, instead of up in the grandstands, along with the mob?

Let me give you a little lesson from something we usually never learn from: history.

The religious authorities who persecuted Jesus suffered a similar fate as the one they had imposed on Him 40 years after they had crucified Him at the hands of the Romans when Jerusalem was besieged and the temple destroyed.
The kind of persecution and slander you’re perpetrating against us today is only a little foretaste of what you will experience yourselves in due time when the world will be so tired of the hypocrisy that Christianity today stands for, that it will practically demand of its coming leader to “wage war against the saints” during the greatest Tribulation this world has ever known (and no, the “saints” it talks about here are not the Jews, since the only way a person can become a “saint” is through the blood of Jesus Christ; and no, Jesus will not come before that Tribulation!).

Maybe we’re strange, weird, and definitely a little different than you. But try to imagine how the Early Church must have looked to the by-standers on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit first fell on them, and they all started speaking in different languages, languages they had never learned! That certainly must have had a “New Age” slant to it!
Communal living in a more radical form than any Communists ever achieved! No wonder the authorities felt like they had to stamp out that dangerous sect, and tried to do so for 300 years.
Would you have been among the persecuted, or the persecutors?

That choice is up to you, today, and depends on who you’re going to believe. Just remember Jesus’ advice not to judge, because by the same standard with which you will measure others, you will also be weighed.

Time will do the talking, as to whether we’re the Real Thing or just another bunch of weirdoes that will sink into oblivion like so many others before.
But before you’re going to believe any lies about us (and alas, there are many), get your own picture.
Don’t worry. We’re not going to try to seduce you or lure you or hypnotize you. We’ve got our own problems and challenges to deal with and don’t really need any more.
But we’ve also found the Answer how to deal with those problems and challenges in Jesus, and that’s the one Thing we can share, just as it was for the Early Church.
Jesus is just as alive and kicking as He was in the Book of Acts. He hasn’t stopped talking. The Holy Spirit is not on vacation. And if you’ve had extra-marital sex in your life, cheer up! There’s hope! That’s doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hell, contrary to what many others will try to make us believe.
On the other hand, if it’s the loaves and fishes you’re looking for, that some claim we’re offering, you might be a little disappointed. We’re not the Sex Cult we’re made out to be, just another bunch of radical, sold-out Jesus Freaks, much to the chagrin of the god of this world, whose time is going to be up soon.
We don’t have a nice big church to offer, with comfortable pews and big entertainment, just the truth: God is alive and still doing the same miracles He did before, and greater ones to come.

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The B3: Boobs, Butts & Bucks

The B3: Boobs, Butts & Bucks

When it all comes down to it, the problem with the world is largely its indifference and its blatant lack of interest in its Creator.

Guess I had it already basically pinned down when I wrote that song, “Indifference.”

The problem is that everybody thinks that they are so much more interesting than God, and whatever they’ve got to say is so much more important.

Back in the 60s and 70s people were still willing to listen to what songwriters like Bob Dylan, James Taylor or Donovan had to say.

Today’s generation is more interested in boobs wiggling to the monotonous stomp-beat of the umpteenth re-make of some song of the 80s that most teens haven’t heard yet, and in putting their own voices to the karaoke soundtrack of that re-make, and wiggle their own butts & boobs (henceforth referred to as “B&Bs”), the way they’ve learned it from Britney & co.

It’s not that I’m opposed to B&Bs. But I am opposed to stupidity, (not referring to stupidity as lack of knowledge, but rather the tendency to continue to make the wrong choices, due to setting false priorities) which is probably our 2nd biggest Enemy, right after our indifference. Or maybe it’s our stupidity that causes us to be so indifferent…

Okay, so, our job as Christians or believers in God is to arouse people’s interest in Him and make them reconsider, “What on earth makes you so sure that you’re that much more interesting than the Creator of the Universe?”

Our job is to remind the creation that it’s not No.1, after all.

As I say, it was easier to use music back in the days when folks would listen to the lyrics, and the lyrics actually meant something.

Back then, it was even possible to win a few souls by wiggling B&Bs to the tune of a Gospel song. Nowadays you’d just get lost in a sea of’em…

It’s hard to keep the vision of the Great Commission the Lord has given us to spread His Good News everywhere and preach the Gospel to every creature when every creature seems to be too infatuated with themselves to give the Good News of Creator’s love the time of day.

Certainly writing just another despairing blog isn’t going to do the trick… But it usually helps me to think & crystallize my thoughts, & perhaps come up with a good idea. I think God needs that. He needs a few more people with good ideas, but who are willing to use those good ideas to win souls, and not just make a big buck.

Not that I’m opposed to big bucks, either. But I am opposed to greed.

It’s probably our 3rd biggest enemy, right after our stupidity and indifference…

And let’s face it, folks: one reason why a substantial amount of people is becoming sicker of “Christianity” by the hour is because of its promoters’ passion for shuffling dough and building big fancy buildings while 10.000 people are starving every day, and that number is bound to increase this year, due to the things our greed has done to this planet and our global agriculture.

Maybe what’s going to get people interested in God (- and I’m not talking about the kind of “interest” where God & Jesus are hip because over half of the population goes to one of the churches on every block -) is going to be the consequences of where our lack of interest in Him is going to lead us.

Maybe what it’s going to take is a crisis. Maybe trouble is actually good for us, and is going to do more for our souls’ welfare than all the wiggling and shaking of B&B’s in the world put together…

And maybe our job is just to be there when the time arrives, to remind people that there is a God and He loves them, even if they wouldn’t have given a hoot about Him before the trouble came…

If that’s the case, let it be, and “bring on the night,” if that’s what it takes to wake us up.

Some of us seem to be awake, but paralyzed at the same time, unable to do anything to wake up anyone else.

Maybe that’s going to change soon. As soon as the repercussions of the current crisis will have hit the more sheltered regions of the world, and those parts of town where business still goes on as usual.

“Business as usual” doesn’t seem to be good for our relationship with our Creator. “Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God.” “Business as usual” creates indifference, stupidity and greed, because who was ever satisfied with what they have in the business of raking in ever more?

If that’s the case, let’s have some change, and not just wait for it to happen. Changing the world – if anybody’s still interested in that endeavor – starts with us, and it behooves us to change and adapt our attitudes, methods and whatever it takes to remind ourselves and others that there is yet something or Someone more important than the 3 Bs (boobs, butts & bucks).

Let’s see if we can’t convince a substantial amount of folks that God is actually capable of topping those. (After all, He’s the Inventor of at least the first 2 Bs, and maybe there’s more where that came from…)

Remember that 80s movie with George Burns, “Oh God, II” in which God recruits a little girl to start an advertisement campaign for Him? We need something like that… A slogan like “Think God!” or “God first” or … “God beats boobs, butts & bucks”…

C’mon, help me out here!

Of course, it’s natural that people want admiration, attention and recognition, and I’m not advocating depriving anybody of that. Long live the marvels of God’s creation! But all I’m saying is, first thing’s still first, and we ought to give credit where it’s due, & not exclude the Creator from His creation, as they have pretty much done over here in Europe for the past 150 years, and proud of it and celebrating the event, as if the ascent of homo sapiens was something we could pat ourselves on the back for.

What it all boils down to is that love (being God) beats sex, the Creator is actually more worthy of our attention and worship than His creation, and yes, there is even something more marvelous and magnificent to adore than our wee little selves, and that’s the One Who made us & loves us even more than we could ever love ourselves (and that in spite of all He knows about us.)

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The other night, after having read 2 recent articles on American warmongerism by Charley Reese from Antiwar.com, I wrote a rap about Babylon the Great, consisting mainly of verses from Revelation 17 and 18. And it got me into wondering, what exactly is the “wine of her fornication” that she makes the nations of the world drunk with? It’s obvious that the globe is being affected by a bug, and most churches seem to have the tendency to blame it all on sex and make people’s natural sex drive the true culprit. After all, “fornication” does sound as if it’s supposed to have sexual implications.

But if the Lord is our Husband, and we’re not supposed to have any other gods before Him, or other lovers, I’d say that sexuality – as much as it may be promoted in the media – is not the bigger culprit, but materialism is. After all, what’s supposedly the one thing that makes everybody happy – even those who are not the least bit interested in sex, and if they are, what can get them any amount of it they like? Money.

The primary Gospel of the American media since its beginnings has been the gospel of acquisition, prosperity, gain, financial success, affluenza, as some have started to call it, in short: MONEY.

After all, Jesus never said, “You cannot be a slave to God and your own penis at the same time,” (sorry for once again being so terribly blunt here, but, after all, let’s not forget, it’s just a body part He created, knowing fully well what He was doing, like with all the rest of them), nor does the Bible refer to that as the “root of all evil,” as much as some preachers make it sound like that. But what the Bible does refer to as the root of all evil is the love of money, and Jesus did say, “You cannot serve God and Mammon (the god of wealth).”

And yet that is what millions of people try or pretend to do, and probably one of the reasons why the Devil has just been contentedly standing by, watching the growth of American churches over the past decades. As long as they preach the Gospel of Affluence, it doesn’t matter to him if they sneak in a bit of the Jesus stuff. After all, as long as Jesus is just one of the “products” they’re trying to sell, their god is still money.

Incidentally, the One everybody tends to leave out of the equation doesn’t seem to be all too thrilled about this development, and as it so happens, the plug is being pulled. – Quietly, in the background, since the real crisis going on right now is the one neither one of the two presidential candidates would dream of addressing, and the god in whom Americans really trust, the once almighty dollar, is going down, like that old song by the 70s pop band Status Quo I never particularly liked, “Down, down, deeper and down…”

If you still don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, maybe here’s an illustration you can relate to: During our recent movie night we watched “Singing In the Rain” as a feature to watch with our daughter (partly exposing the deceit Hollywood has made a business of, and yet at the same time being another parade example of it), and afterwards we saw “Freedom Land,” a somewhat depressing, yet ultimately much more realistic show of the real America, as millions of not-so-blessed real people know it. There’s a definite, deep contrast between what we’re made to believe and reality.

The nations of the earth are drunk with the desire to have the pretty fake world that’s being portrayed to them in American TV shows from Timbuktu to Moose Jaw.

The “wine of fornication” that makes God really sick (when we swallow it) is the stuff we’ve been brainwashed with for so long that it’s extremely hard to get out of our system. The god of wine is having a heyday, because he’s getting us addicted to more things than we and our children have ever had to get addicted to. The wine of fornication is making a junkie out of you, even if you live in a slum in India or in a beduin tent in a desert somewhere, as long as you have a satellite dish and an i-pod. And it doesn’t have as much to do with your natural sex drive (although, admittedly, people can get addicted to sex, too), as it does with making sure you take your part in the machine to keep the show rolling.

As for Charley Reese’s call for “pulling the plug on the war state“, I hate to be the one busting such idealistic illusions, and breaking the news to such fine patriots, but I’m afraid this isn’t going to happen on behalf of any of the inmates of the greatest rehab camp on earth (most of whom haven’t even grasped yet that they’re addicted and need help), but the “pulling of the plug” is going to have to be done by the one to whom it is given to do the dirty work, aided by the ten mysterious kings described in Revelation and elsewhere who “hate the whore” and are tired of her selfish and destructive ways of getting what she wants and sucking the life out of the rest of the planet in the process. We may not be quite there yet, but as long as American leadership keeps following its current course, we’re headed in that direction, and when it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen very quickly. In 60 minutes, to be precise. One hour (Rev.18:10, 17, 19).

And down with her will go her pimps: the preachers of a christ who’ll buy you affluence in return for your tithes, and the very god everybody’s been worshiping all along, as cash will be replaced by the mark in your right hand or forehead that will enable you to buy or sell from then on, eliminating the root of all evil… or not?

We’ll see. In the meantime, if anyone has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches and get ready for one heck of a withdrawal period on the horizon…

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Humans definitely tend to being narrow-minded, stuck-on-themselves creatures. We always have to discriminate someone. Whether it’s folks of a different race, belief system, opinion, outward appearance or from another country than ours, another soccer team, age-group, or whatever, we tend to reject and antagonize them.

Whoever or whatever’s not like us isn’t cool.

One species or party we specially discriminate against is the invisibles.

It’s probably the one thing we hold most against God: “It’s His own fault if we don’t believe in Him. Why can’t He make Himself visible, like everybody else?”

That’s not what we actually say or think consciously with those words, but that’s the way we act.

“Why should I give any marbles to God when I can’t even see Him?” “Why should I be interested in His strange, invisible Kingdom, when all that interests me right now is what I can see, touch and feel and caters to my physical cravings?” “Why the heck should I be interested in anything that doesn’t live up to those qualities?”

Especially members of the younger generation, who have had impulses from the media cater to them basically non-stop since the moment they were born, find the invisible realm to be extremely “boring,” to say the least. Well, y’all know what I think about boredom…

What I mean is, it’s pretty tough trying to get folks interested in the Spirit World these days. At least the good side of it. But is it really God’s fault that we seem to be more interested in His opponent and find whatever he has to offer a lot more intriguing? Is God really that boring? Or is something wrong with our appetite?

Probably a lot stems from wrong concepts, too. Our classical concept of God includes the notion, for instance, that He doesn’t like or approve of some of the most fun and delightful things in life. We consider that we have to be “bad” if we really want to have some fun.

There’s a lot of jokes going around about “no place to meet old friends like hell,” and that that’s supposed to be the place where most of the fun is happening.

Well, not in my opinion, nor my idea of Heaven, which, as far from the norm as it may be, is only a fraction of a shadow of what it really is and is going on there… Whereas some of the reports I hear about hell tend to be rather disappointing, to say the least.

So, what’s the score with God’s invisibility trip, and why can’t He just make it easy on us and show Himself? Like Phillip, one of the disciples said, “Just show us the Father, Lord, and it’s enough!” In other words, “Show me God, dude, and then I’ll believe for real! All doubts finally eliminated.”

Sure enough! But that would be a wee bit too easy! We’d all be so intimidated, surely you couldn’t speak about “free will” anymore. We’d all know that “Woe is us” if we didn’t behave & follow E.T.’s advice to “be good!”

So, God made some rules to this game called life, and in order to be a winner in this game, you just can’t be as dumb as to only believe in what you see.

The way to score is by means of a magical, mysterious ingredient called faith. It’s by faith that we can skip that bummer called death, for instance. Faith is also what makes God like us. So much, in fact, that He’ll adopt us when we’ve got it and calls us His own children. Whereas without it, it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Faith is like a secret super weapon in this game of life, comparable to some of those computer games where you can pick up certain super powers in hidden corners that will enable you to kill like 10.000 monsters at a time, instead of just one or instead of you being eaten by them…

It is described as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Actually, the word “substance” here comes from the original Greek word “hupostasis” which means title deed. You own the thing you hope for, if you have the faith for it! And Luther translated the word “evidence” as “not doubting.” You don’t doubt the existence of the Invisibles, including their Head Honcho.

Well, the good news is – that whole shebang called Spirit World isn’t going to stay invisible forever. Sooner or later we’re going to see it. The only question is, how surprised or shocked are you going to be? How strange & alien will it all feel to you? Or are you going to feel right at home?

So, one mindset that’s going to help you prepare a little bit, is to get rid of that discriminating attitude against invisible folks. They’re really not that bad. And boring? Man, you have no idea what you’re talking about! In fact, you have no idea what fun really is, compared to what’s happening out there!

Computer games & Action thrillers are only cheap counterfeits of the Real Thing that’s going down all around us in the invisible Realm. The problem is that just because it’s invisible, we figure it’s not real, when in fact it’s a lot more real than our finite, temporal world, and the problem isn’t with them, it’s with us. We just can’t see’em. But you will, if you start believing… and, well, even if you don’t. It just might take you a bit longer.

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March 9, ‘07

Some churches don’t realize what damage they’re inflicting on people with their sanctimonious hypocrisy, and they don’t realize the damage they’re inflicting on God’s image.

We have friends who are having to deal with the matter of sexuality in their churches, and the outcome is usually pitiful. If a woman has been married once, their church forbids them to marry again. Condemned to a life in solitude. By whose authority?

It’s true that St. Paul recommends for women who leave their husbands, not to get married again (1 Cor.7:11), but what if the husband leaves her or doesn’t accept the teachings of Christ? And what about some of the other recommendations Paul makes, that are so blatantly ignored by church people? Like “Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth” or his reminder of Jesus’ admonition not to judge others (1 Cor.10:24, Mt.7:1, Rom.2:1-3)? If we stubbornly want to stick to every recommendation Paul every made, women are going to have to cover their heads while praying, as well: Don’t forget your hat when you go to church! Otherwise,shave your heads! That’s what Paul also says (1 Cor. 11:5,6)! So, why is everybody so picky about making sure that other people keep all the things Paul said about sex, but ignore all the other things at the same time? It’s so easy to make sex the culprit for everything and the epitome of sin in order to divert from the real problems of the church.

If a woman expresses any type of sexual desire, she’s being frowned upon and told she needs to get rid of her demons. Where’s all this hogwash coming from? No. It’s not from the Bible!

If those ultra-pious, holier-than-thou-and-everyone-else, too-scared-to-be- touched Christians would pause long enough in their hellfire and brimstone platitudes to really read their Bibles, they would find a truly different God indeed. A God Who, instead of being accused of being opposed to sexuality, in fact not only created it, but also made it clear and plain over and over again, that He intended mankind to use it as well.
What was the first commandment He ever gave to man? “Be fruitful and multiply!” (Genesis 1:28). And He didn’t only tell Adam and Eve, before they sinned (and that sin didn’t have anything to do with sex as much as with pseudo-intellectual head-stuffing), but He repeated it to Noah and his sons, to Abraham, to Jacob.

I challenge any anti-sex pulpit preacher (before he’s going to get caught in public with another male prositute) to have a look at the language God uses in the description of His relation to His church, for instance, in the 16th chapter of Ezekiel! Doesn’t sound like the prudish God to me there, that they’re trying to sell their congregations in order to exert power and control over them!

Let’s have a look at the real sin, shall we? The word “Lust” that’s being used in the New Testament (for the Old Testament doesn’t bear any resemblence to todays religious anti-sex bigotry in Christianity, with God telling one of His prophets to marry a whore, another to walk around naked, allowing His kings and leaders to have multiple wives, etc. Read the Song of Solomon, if you don’t believe me, or the book of Ruth of Esther!) comes from the Greek word for “desire, longing.” Now, that’s traditionally, automatically being slanted to give it a sexual connotation. But sexual desire is not the only sin or desire that’s giving God a hard time. It’s probably the least of all evils that men – especially supposedly pious men – let loose on mankind. As one theologian so aptly put it, there’s total strictness when it comes to “thou shalt not commit adultery,” but we have found ways around the commandment “thou shalt not kill” in manifold ways. Just look at the cheap excuses George W. is giving for his holocaust in Iraq! And if you let him, he’ll march into Iran like Hitler into Poland! It seems that some people’s lust is for power! Another much greater evil than sex seems to be greed and avarice! Others fall prey to the need to deceive themselves as others, simply because they don’t care much about the truth. Fear lets us live out of the pursuit of safety and caring for that outer shell of ours, neglecting our souls, failing to trust God for all things. Yet others constantly avoid confronting life’s dark sides, they can’t take things seriously, because they’re addicted to fun & pleasure, or palin too lazy to deal with things. And how about that pride (as in attention junkies and popularity hunters), self-righteousness, that need, that untamed addiction to always put yourself above other people? “Oh, no, I’m not like those filthy, sinning unbelievers! (I’m getting my job done in the dark!”)

One can plainly see that “the flesh” consists of far more than that one part that made to be the culprit by the prudish party. What was it the Mothers of Invention sang? “What’s the ugliest part of your body?… I think it’s your mind!” (See Romans 8:7).

It wasn’t the sinners, the adulterers, the publicans, wine-bibbers and harlots who sold Jesus out to the Romans to be nailed on the cross, but the self-righteous, hypocritical religious authorities of His day, just as the same Pharisaical types crucify their own flocks to this very day in order to be able to fleece them!

If you really want to know where all that sickening prudery is coming from, read this compilation of resources on the subject of Christianity and Sex. The “Sex is sin” mantra is another political master stroke of the Devil, right next to the “theory” of Evolution, only that it’s a bit older yet.
There was nothing wrong with Adam and Eve’s nakedness until after they had eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (they had already known good), which evidently changed their perception drastically.

It’s not sex that is the result of sin, it’s your warped perception of things! Your sickening, self-righteous extensions of your own holier-than-thou egos which you try to sell to your flocks as “God,” just so you can enslave them, exert control over them and have them come back every Sunday to make sure they won’t lose their Salvation – withholding from them the truth that they can’t ever lose their Salvation in the first place! Thus giving them eternal insecurity, instead of peace and trust!

The sad thing about it is that you’re making the rest of the world – those who are too smart to swallow your lies -sick of a God Who would be so cruel to equip mankind with sexual organs, only to forbid them to ever use them. It doesn’t compute with intelligent people. That’s why Christianity is about to meet its demise. At least that hollow, tainted shell you dare to call by His name is, and Jesus isn’t going to come and pick you up before it’s going to happen, either!

The rest of the world has dug long ago that what you’re trying to sell them is baloney! They listen to their bodies! They look at nature – including their bodies – and see that it is “good,” not evil, as you try to have them believe! It may not be “very good” as in the beginning, before the knowledge of evil warped our minds, but it’s still, basically “good,” and no worries, He’s going to fix it again and make it “very good” in time.

I’m not saying that the major token of our manlihood has never gotten us in trouble. But I daresay it would even be half as important to all of us, and only a fraction as dangerous, if you religious, pious and prudish ignorants of the true God hadn’t made it such a big no-no to begin with!
And it’s by far not the greatest evil around. Not nearly as bad as what your politicians are pulling off every night on the news. Not nearly as bad as the stench of all that hyprocrisy! When are you going to give the world a break? Probably never, voluntarily.
I reckon the price is just too high. Giving up all that power and pride. It’s humbling to bare yourself before another, and get down to the nitty-gritty of what God commanded us to do in Genesis 1:28. Probably too humbling for some. But don’t legislate self-righteousness! You’re causing way more damage than you’re aware of!

“Christ is become of no effect unto you whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace” (Galatians 4:7).

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