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Just how much of an issue 9/11 still really is, was shown by the recent incident on the website of the Huffington Post, where the editor had asked former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura to contribute an article, but a few hours after having posted it, they took it off-line again. The title of the article: “What Really Happened on September 11?”

Reason: It is against Huffington Post policy to publish “conspiracy theories.”

The question I have is, if everybody is only supposed to parrot the official fairy-tale, then why bother to pretend to be any sort of alternative news source at all?

Ventura wasn’t just warming up old theories, but reporting of the latest developments in the 9/11 truth movement, and the Huffington Post reaction is a classical example and proof that this whole issue is anything but over yet.

Come on: everybody is going hyper as soon as the slightest “evidence” comes out that might indicate that Jesus of Nazareth, also known as the Christ may not have been crucified, but buried with his wife and uncles in Jerusalem, or that He fathered dozens of kiddies instead…

If everybody is so gung ho to find out what exactly happened nearly 2000 years ago (since they obviously don’t want to believe the “official” report on those incidents), then how come nobody could care less about the real backgrounds of the greatest crime in modern history that took place not even 10 years ago?

It just shows that the one thing people like Arianna Huffington couldn’t care less about is the truth, unfortunately reflecting the vast majority of her cowardly colleagues of the international press.
The sad and deceptive thing about it is that these people pretend to be sources of new information and “uncovering” what’s going on in the world, when nothing could be further from the truth.

They don’t mind publishing “conspiracy theories” (formerly known as “inside information”) about the “War on Drugs” (the forerunner of the current episode of the War-On Morons, the “War on Terror”), or about who shot Kennedy, but to deny the official fairy-tale that would take away any and all justification for the genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and to some extent, Palestine, puts you into the same league as “Holocaust Deniers.”

It’s okay for over a thousand architects and engineers to risk their reputation by demanding a new investigation of 9/11, but obviously newspaper editors fall into a much higher and nobler category of folks (at least in their own opinion).
Personally, it only confirms my own experiences of 3 1/2 decades with the press, and the reason why I don’t have any respect for those people anymore at all.
It’s just good to know that the Huffington Post can be taken off my list of potentially alternative news sources.

Who needs another episode of “Howling with the wolves?” – Not me!

If you want to sell me something you dare call news, then you’d better give me something better than that average run-off-the-mill hogwash that thousands of journalists around the globe sold their soul for, in exchange for the cheap mess of pottage of seeing their name under some article that says everything they’re ever allowed to say in our Orwellian 21st century: absolutely nothing.

It’s better not having learned to read at all than to have to wade through such lukewarm hogwash.

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I think it’s about time for a post about the “God Journey,” in my opinion one of the hottest moves of God on earth right now.
The way we got wind of it was in such a way that you just know that it couldn’t possibly have been coincidence.
Geographically speaking, we’re pretty much situated right in the middle of the boonies. And the chances that some American speaker on spirituality should seriously arouse our interest and at the same time visit our neighborhood aren’t exactly high.

Yet about 2 years ago, some very close Christian friends of ours invited us to tug along to hear somebody named Wayne Jacobsen speak, whom we had never heard of, but who was supposed to have written a book that was going quite well.
I couldn’t go, but my better half did, and when she came back, she was pleasantly surprised about the fact that this guy (Wayne) had actually been talking about getting out of the churches.

Curious, we checked out his website, downloaded his book and you can find the download link to that book – one of the best I ever read – in the sidebar of this blog ever since.

Every now and then I check out TheGodJourney.com, a website on which Wayne Jacobsen presents regular podcasts along with his friend Brad Cummings, and I listen to some of their stuff, and every time I go, “awesome!”

Last week I listened to their podcast entitled, “It’s About Jesus” and once again, I thought “awesome!” and I felt more inspired about what I had just heard than I had been for a while, so I decided to listen to some more. In fact, I started downloading the whole caboodle of podcasts and to listen to them from the beginning.

It’s not that I was looking for any new source of spirituality of soul food, but I felt as if God was drawing me toward this.
Strangely enough, He had been doing similar things in my life previously and drawing my attention toward comparatively awkward sources of inspiration, such as the Franciscan writer Richard Rohr (Can anything good come out of the Catholic church?), or, as I mentioned recently, Malcolm Muggeridge, among others.

The neat thing is when you find truths that God has shown you confirmed by different sources: brothers and sisters around the world; and you find that He’s doing and showing the very same things in the lives of others that He’s doing in your own.
And one of the truths I find reflected in Wayne and Brad’s talks, for instance, is that it is Jesus building His church, His Ecclesia, His living body of called-out ones from among all sorts of different areas and walks of life, and not we ourselves. In other words, God’s part of the action is not only far greater than what we sometimes give Him credit for, or than what some people would grant Him the permission for, not only greater than anything we could ever possibly imagine, but it is, in fact, lo and behold, also greater than the supposedly so important part that we are doing.

And that may come as quite a shock to some of us who perceive themselves as the greater doers.

It’s an old truth that in theory I’ve grown up with: “Let go and let God;” but which has taken me decades to actually start putting into practice.

Some of the stuff they’re saying I’ve been taught for decades. But I guess it’s one of the jobs of the Holy Spirit to bring “all these things to our remembrance” even if it is via unexpected sources sometimes…

“Coincidentally,” (if there ever was such a thing), the podcast I was listening to today was all about the emotional hype that can be produced during religious happenings (in this case it was about the death of Pope John Paul II a few years ago), and how that can sometimes be a good thing in some people’s lives, but it can also be quite misleading, all of which sort of goes hand in hand with my recent lessons I learned from my brush with Mormonism

You’ll find a lot of similarities between some of the thoughts expressed in this blog over the years, and those shared on the God Journey, like the idea of taking God out of the box we sometimes like to stick Him in: our church, our group, our self-made confines for Him and His capabilities that we make up in our own minds… As long as we think our box is IT, we actually fail to see Him, and we forget that all we really are is little diamonds of dust, and that He is the light that makes us shine.

How long has it been since you’ve seen sunshine in your brother’s eyes?

Well, I’m afraid the only way we’re going to get back that shine is by focusing on the light, not by feverishly trying to shine in our own strength.

For passing on a bit of their shine and light of the experience of what they’ve learned in their own lives and on their jorney with God, I would like to thank Wayne and Brad…

Thanks guys, for being (part of) the Real Thing!

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The dead seem to be more alive than the living these days.

At least it seems to me that I’m finding more that I can wholeheartedly agree with among the writings of the deceased than among the ceaseless, ever more superficial and pseudo-intelligent babble of the large bulk of my contemporaries.

Well, as a person who never had a problem with life after death, and ever more evidence surging for it, including some refreshing accounts of how the dead seem to be alive and kicking and joyously communicating with those left behind on this side of the veil, I’m not too shocked. Although, who wouldn’t wish he had a few more friends we can actually feel and see?

But then it’s hard to come across minds even remotely comparable to some of those who dared to make a difference in the decades and centuries gone by – minds like that of Malcolm Muggeridge, whom I only recently discovered and find out I’m having more in common with than most of my living acquaintances.

I doubt, for instance, if I would find among the living anyone able to put into words as appropriately and eloquently my very own opinion on the topic of education as he did in his book “Jesus Rediscovered:”

“Education, the great mumbo-jumbo and fraud of the age, purports to equip us to live, and is prescribed as a universal remedy for everything, from juvenile delinquency to premature senility. For the most part, it only serves to enlarge stupidity, inflate conceit, enhance credulity and put those subjected to it, at the mercy of brain-washers with printing presses, radio and television at their disposal.”

“The most powerful instrument of all in bringing about the erosion of our civilization was none other than the public education system set up with such high hopes and at so great expense precisely to sustain it.”

— Or on the topic of science:

“We are perfectly capable of believing other things intrinsically as improbable as Christ’s incarnation. Towards any kind of scientific mumbojumbo we display a credulity which must be the envy of African witch-doctors. While we shy away with contumely from the account of the creation in the Book of Genesis, we are probably ready to assent to any rigmarole by a Professor Hoyle about how matter came to be, provided it is dished up in the requisite jargon and associated, however obliquely, with what we conceive to be ‘facts’.

I suppose every age has its own particular fantasy. Ours is science. A seventeenth-century man like Pascal, though himself a mathematician and scientist of genius, found it quite ridiculous that anyone should suppose that rational processes could lead to any ultimate conclusions about life, but easily accepted the authority of the Scriptures. With us it is the other way round.”

–Or organized religion (aka “Churchianity“):

“Professing Christians and ostensibly Christian societies and institutions have by no means been true to the cross and what it signified, especially today when the nominally Christian part of the world is foremost in worship of the Gross National Product—our Golden Calf—and in pursuit of happiness in the guise of sensual pleasure. Yet there the cross still is, propounding its unmistakable denunciation of this world and of the things of this world.”

The way I came across my new heavenly friend was by means of one of his quotes on evolution, to which, of course, I also couldn’t agree more:

“I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it’s been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books in the future. Posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has. I think I spoke to you before about this age as one of the most credulous in history, and I would include evolution as an example.”

Since there are such wonderful aspects awaiting someone like me in the afterlife, of finally actually meeting folks on the same weird wavelength as mine, I can only agree with his following statement as well:

“As I do not believe that earthly life can bring any lasting satisfaction, the prospect of

death holds no terrors.“

To round off this train of thoughts, I’ll end this with a quote from wee little me:

When even that which is considered the worst that can possibly happen to a person – death – turns out to actually be the best that can possibly happen, then what is there to fear? What is there to lose? (April 20, 2008)

“That through death He might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; and deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage” (Hebrews 2:14, 15).

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If there is one conclusion that has to be drawn from not only my personal experiences, but also that of others with different backgrounds, stories and faiths, it is that power inevitably, and seemingly without exception, corrupts those who are ushered into it.

In some cases the corruption is manifested in the obvious ways of dictatorial and tyrannical behavior and abuse of their position for their own personal benefit. With others, the corruption takes place in the far more subtle way of compromise with the status quo of the silent majority in order to preserve the position: Former convictions and beliefs are being compromised for the sake of personal security and preservation of position and power.

While this may not be any great revelation, but simply an observation, there are implications related to this phenomenon, concerning the history of Christendom or Christianity per se, that only occurred to me in that shape last night: Another aspect of the vast difference between Christianity in the years ranging from 30 A.D. until 313, in which the Roman emperor Constantine declared it to be “okay” for anyone to be a Christian, and its role in the history that followed.

Before Christianity became officially recognized, it was actually dangerous to be a Christian. Anyone professing to be a Christian for the first 3 centuries of the existence of that faith was daily risking their lives by adhering to the teachings of Jesus. They were members of an ill-reputed sect (Acts 28:22), and the penalty for membership was often no less than a cruel public execution.
It was guaranteed back then, that anyone who would hold on to that faith until death, would also receive the promised crown of life (Rev.2:10).

Paul even went as far as saying that one could not really be a Christian without suffering persecution (2Tim.3:12).

And for nearly 3 centuries, the enemies of Christ tried to stomp out this new religion until Satan finally must have realized that it was useless, and a new tactic occurred to him: “If you can’t lick’em, join’em!”

Within a few relatively short years, Christianity became something totally different, if not in some cases the actual opposite of what it had been until then.
The formerly persecuted sect became the official state religion, and the greatest proof in history of that sad fact and observation as stated above: power corrupts.

Religious minorities of often simply other variations of the Christian faith that didn’t adhere to all the countless new dogmas and traditions of the Roman Catholic church that were not found in the original teachings of Christ were persecuted with the same cruelty by their “brethren” that their predecessors had experienced at the hands of the Romans.

To be a “Christian” from then on meant to be one of the in-crowd, part of the established majority, not a sufferer of persecution for his faith, but often a persecutor of others of different faiths. To be a Christian now meant something completely different than what it had meant for the original Christians of the first 3 centuries. To remain a believer until their dying day simply meant to be enjoying the privileges of power and status of the rest of society’s hotshots, barely deserving the “crown of life” Jesus had promised to those who were going to bear persecution and slander for His sake until their dying day.
Of course, there have been numerous exceptions of outstanding Christians who did not conform to the status quo of the new officially recognized version of their faith, who left their home countries in order to fulfill Christ’s commandment to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature,” often to be persecuted and martyred there by the very souls they were trying to save.
But as for the vast body of what was hence called “Christendom,” it went on to become the single greatest reason why a large percentage of seeking, honest minds and good people refuse to believe in a God Who would have fathered and initiated such a religion. The official representatives of Christianity became those who defied the command – among many others – of Christ to “judge not that ye be not judged (Mt.7:1),” and created the brand of religious bigotry Paul addresses in the 2nd chapter of Romans, summarized by the verdict: “‘The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you,’ as it is written” (Rom.2:24).

Of course, it’s natural to want to avoid persecution. It’s natural to want to blend in and be accepted, accumulate recognition, to want to be popular. But it can also be dangerous, because if the sort of convictions are being lost in the process that once made you stand out and apart from the “norm” and made you the salt of the earth, then what did all the popularity in the world get you?

It’s normal and only human to want to reign in the here and now, as well as there and then. But is it realistic? Aren’t those who are promised to reign with Him those who suffer with Him (2Tim.2:12)? Isn’t it so that there’s no rose without a thorn, no crown without a cross?

Isn’t it still so that the path unto life is narrow, and few there be that find it (Mt.7:14)? That “there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few,” (1Sam.14:6) in other words, God still stubbornly refuses to be impressed by numbers?
– And that the world is still waiting for people to really make a difference and resemble the way Jesus and His disciples truly lived, and refuse to let power corrupt them?

…Just a few thoughts to take with you on your way up to the top of the hill…

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I must say I do appreciate the work Alex Jones did on his latest two films, “The Obama Deception” and “The Fall of the Republic.” While there are certain elements in those films I would dare to disagree with, the content of valid information in them, in other words, the “truth factor” outweighs the flaws, such as his sometimes slightly overwhelming patriotism that is so common among Americans and seems to indicate that they truly believe that every American is at least ten times better than any citizen of any other country.
It’s hard to credibly condemn presidents and the powers behind the New World Order for sending American soldiers off to war, when you’re a victim of one of the principal mindsets yourself that fuels those wars, namely that sort of patriotism and nationalism.
If your country’s that great, why, it practically gives you a license to barge into any other country on earth with a gun in the effort to make that Hottentot backwards country similar in greatness to yours, and let some of its greatness rub off on it…

Without realizing it, they’re victims of the same media hogwash they rightly say the vast majority has been duped by, although to a lesser extent.

But as I say, the information he does put out is significant, and the truth factor does in my opinion outweigh the patriotic hype factors.
Without those two films, I’d probably still live under the illusion that Obama was actually an improvement since the Bush administration. By now I know without a doubt that it really doesn’t matter whose administration it is, and things, like the Bible says, are only bound to get worse.

As a believer, it felt reassuring to hear Alex give God the credit in his latest film, even if only for the exuberant greatness of his country.
At least he does believe in God, unlike other professional exposers of the NWO like David Icke, who seems to subscribe to the doctrines of his pal Brian Desborough, who claims that all religions and the Almighty Himself are an invention of the Illuminati, designed to enslave mankind through religion, a very popular notion that is also embraced by the Zeitgeist movement I wrote about recently. The infiltration of the truth movement by such people is probably the smartest move the Devil could have made, since they’re automatically robbing themselves of the only way out of the mess into which he’s steering the world.

That’s probably one factor Alex Jones fails to recognize, too, and just because he seems to believe in God, it would probably be an exaggeration to call him a spiritual man.
By failing to see the spiritual background of all these things, though, such as the rise of the NWO, I’m afraid one fails to see a substantial part of the picture.

For one thing, while the planned abolition of borders between countries may in terms of industrial independence and political sovereignty be a nightmare for patriotic Americans like Alex Jones, for believers who are aware that the New World Order is only going to be the last, necessary stop before God’s Kingdom will be established, the abolition of borders and national sovereignty has a less significant impact.

True Christians believe and know that the coming New World Order will ultimately be headed by the Antichrist, a man, who for the last 3 1/2 years of his life and reign will be completely possessed and controlled by Satan himself, and since Satan is only an imitator and counterfeiter of God, his kingdom will only be a sorry counterfeit of God’s Coming Kingdom, in which borders and national boundaries will be history, and a sad part of it, as well.
I’m sorry to disappoint Alex and perhaps millions of others, but I’m fairly convinced that there won’t be anymore red-white-and-blue flag waving folks around in God’s Kingdom, nor patriots of any other kind than those loyal to the Kingdom that has always been not of this present world, of a very different kind, and the difference certainly includes its stance on earthly patriotism (see Hebrews 11).

The same applies to the abolition of cash. While the New World Order’s plans to replace paper money with the cashless system the Bible terms “the mark of the Beast” (“the Beast” being a term for the Antichrist) certainly will be truly diabolical, and we strongly advise anyone to refuse to take that mark, it is on the other hand, only yet another way in which the Devil will try to imitate God’s Kingdom, because you can bet your bottom dollar that there won’t be any folks left chasing paper money, and what the Bible calls “filthy lucre” in the Kingdom of God!

Ignoring the spiritual factors behind the New World Order and only seeing the people involved in it, is very short-sighted, indeed.
The problem is, a lot of the good folks speaking in Alex’ films are of the opinion that if the American people would unite and stand up and rise up against the NWO, then the world could be saved from its fate, but there is unfortunately no way around this darkest chapter of history. That display of blind patriotism will be just as futile as that of the people of Israel during the time of the prophet of Jeremiah, who warned them to submit to the yoke of the king of Babylon (in some ways a proto-type of the Antichrist, since the Bible refers to both as “the king of the north,” although the king of Babylon, Nebucchadnezzar, did in the end turn out to be a good man, which won’t be the case with the AC).
Jeremiah was thrown into a dungeon because of his heretical treason, but it changed nothing about the fact that he turned out to be right, after all.

Some people who don’t trust Alex Jones accuse him of fulfilling a purpose in the plan of the New World Order cronies: that he will be instrumental in evoking an uprising and violent resistence against the NWO that will give the rulers an excuse to clamp down on them with force, and although I doubt that this would be Alex Jones’ intention, the danger that this is going to happen is quite real.

Physical, armed resistance against the NWO will be just as futile as the efforts of Jewish zealots during the Roman occupation of Judea, which was totally crushed.
As I wrote in my last entry, one of the reasons the Jews rejected Jesus was because they had been hoping for a messiah that was going to liberate them from Roman occupation. But Jesus actually extended His compassion to Romans as well, as well as Samaritans, which were despised by the Jews, and it seemed that He was announcing that God was going to extend His pact to any heathen that would accept His sacrifice, which is in effect what happened.

The problem is that if you think that you and your country or people are so good you’re just about perfect, and the only liberation you need is from the physical oppression of those who are making you pay taxes, then you wind up shouting “crucify Him!” at the one who indicates that you have a bigger problem, which you need to get rid off first.
Jesus clearly stated that the yoke of sin that even the seemingly perfect Jewish people were under was something much more serious and warranted greater attention than liberation from the Romans. He would deal with the Roman empire later, just as He will with the upcoming New World Order, be assured, but what you need to be liberated from first of all, is your sins. You need to avail yourself of the only exit and way out of this present matrix by accepting the blood of Jesus Christ as remission from the one thing that will hold you captive in a stronger grip than any physical oppressor could. Why?
Because as good as you may think you are, there is no guarantee on God’s earth that you would do any better if you were in charge, unless you heart has been supernaturally changed by the grace of God, and you have allowed Him to replace your own sinful, selfish and carnal nature by the new creature Christ can and will make out of you, if you let Him.

One of the major issues about this present life, as far as God is concerned, is the issue of flesh versus spirit. What will you place your bet on? Which will you put your money on? Will you put your hopes in your own arm of the flesh (and remember, your brain is just another chunk of that flesh, and your own smartness won’t save you, either)? Or do you recognize that there is something Greater at work, even if invisibly, behind the scenes, that is going to empower you to truly rise above all the evils in this world, just as It- or He – empowered all the martyrs throughout history?

Do you think that the worst that could possibly happen to you is your physical death, and the end of your fleshly existence is going to be The End, period?

Think again!

It all depends on which you’ll choose to put your trust in: God’s Promises of eternal life in a better world than even your oh-so-beloved America, or your own wit and strength to save you.
I guess it’s always harder for those who have got it all going for them in the flesh, to choose the humble and submissive option of yielding to God and letting Him do it through you, rather than the do-it-yourself option. I guess we’ll meet at the finishing line and see who will have made it there first. But let me give you this little piece of advice from Aesop, the citizen of a country and culture which at one time in history deemed itself to be the most glorious and the peek of civilization, just as quite a few others before and since:

“The hare never made it, but the tortoise did.”

Or, as Morpheus put it to Neo in the Matrix scene in which he teaches him to fight properly (relying on spirit, rather than flesh):

“Do you think that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? — You think that’s air you’re breathing now?”

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The Shack: Another proof that God by far hasnt stopped talking 2000 years ago, as the conservatives claim

The Shack: Another proof that God by far hasn't stopped talking 2000 years ago, as the conservatives claim

Some Christian communities or “authorities” of whatever kind decry “The Shack” by William P. Young as some sort of heretical New Age teaching, so when I came across a copy myself, I did not expect anything of it. Of course, it was a bit comforting for me to know that Wayne Jacobsen had been involved in it, since I trust him, loved his book “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore,” and even though I may not agree with every little jot and tittle of his doctrine, I believe he’s more right on than by far the vast majority of Christians I’ve known; and it’s no wonder they decry him as a heretic, because the more people listen to what he has to say, the more pulpit preachers are going to be out of a job.

Well, they better get ready for that position in God’s Kingdom, anyway.

So, back to “The Shack:” I love it. There may be some minuscule theological details I would dare to disagree with or question (like the statement that God the Father is supposed to be sexless, male and female in one, which differs from the doctrine I adhere to, that the female part of the “Trinity” is the Holy Spirit), but in general, the spirit of the book is fabulous, and confirms very much my own experiences in my personal walk and talks with the Lord.

The Jesus speaking in this book is the very same I have spoken to and known, and while the idea of God the Father or “Papa” being represented here as a “large black woman” may not have been exactly my idea of “Papa,” either, perhaps it was the ideal “camouflage” for us to prevent to make ourselves any other false images of God in our minds, since that seems to be exactly what a lot of us do. (Remember that it doesn’t say that God is that colored lady, but simply chose to appear as such for Mack – the main character’s sake, since he had a “father issue.”)

What matters is the message that was conveyed, and I consider 99% of it kosher, to say the least, if not thrilling, edifying and redeeming.

The spirit of what’s happening in the “shack” is love, and the author has grasped that spirit better than probably any other Christian author I’ve known, except perhaps for Wayne Jacobsen, and definitely better than the authors of the last 2 Christian books I’ve purchased, which I could not recommend.

One of the nice factors about this book is also that it was not aimed at a Christian audience, in other words, not mimicking what Christians pitifully do over and over and over again, namely endlessly preaching at each other instead of those who haven’t heard the message yet, but it is aimed at a wider audience, namely one consisting of readers who may not necessarily consider themselves “in the fold” yet, sometimes understandably so.

It’s good to know that there are people concerned about people getting to know God who don’t know Him yet, instead of getting another “convert” to add to their “flock” as a statistic or potential source of income.

What was fabulous was the sense of humor coming across in the book, a quality that you’d think God is downright denied by some of His more fundamentalist and zealous representatives.

People who adhere to the teachings of “The Shack” will probably be more likely to wind up in God’s true ecclesia than some of the dogmatic hardliners who are trying to get souls saved by getting them scared stiff of hellfire and brimstone and wouldn’t light a candle because it could attract demons…

One of the beautiful mysteries of God that the Shack reveals is explained in the conversations about the “limitations” which God (mostly in His Son) took or takes upon Himself for our sakes, in order to be closer to us, and out of love and respect for us. The idea of God becoming like us that Paul already hinted here and there 2000 years ago is brought out beautifully here, and much easier to understand than we can by reading Paul’s epistles.

As far as I’m concerned, here’s another proof that God by far hasn’t stopped talking 2000 years ago, as the conservatives claim.

God is not only alive and kicking, but – according to this book, and I believe it – also occasionally laughing His head off, shedding tears over our pain, and doling out hugs and kisses through whatever manifestation He can get a hold of.
God is not only alive, but He’s talking, humming, dancing (listening to Funk and Cockburn, among others) and enjoying life the way He wished we all would.

This book is probably also one of God’s best answers to the faces of God’s enemies who are bombarding all of us (and especially our kids) with their New Age doctrines that they brainwash us with through their innumerable books, movies and songs in the media, into believing that our striving for independence from God is supposed to be so important and desirable, when it’s actually our single most insane quality.

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Predicting another Depression since 1970: The MO-Letters

Predicting another Depression since 1970: "The MO-Letters"

Religious lunatics all have certain qualities in common: they drive you insane, irritate you, make you hate them, want to wipe them off the face of the earth, strangle them, persecute them, exterminate them…

But the deadliest of all their qualities is that sometimes they just happen to be so painfully right about some of their predictions.

When the Jewish prophet Jeremiah predicted that his country was going to be conquered by the Babylonians, his distinguished colleagues dared to differ by the hundreds. So vehemently in fact, that they threw him in some hole in the ground. But it was shortly thereafter that Jeremiah was pulled out of the hole on behalf of the Babylonians who had conquered Judea regardless of contrary predictions of peace and prosperity made by hundreds of false, though respected, prophets.

Three days before His crucifixion, Jesus announced – when His disciples marveled at the architectural structure of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem – that it was going to be destroyed. In fact, that not one stone was going to be left upon the other.

The Jews – as usual – dared to differ, and continued to rebel against Rome until Jerusalem was besieged in 70.A.D., precisely 40 years after Jesus’ prediction. When the citizens of Jerusalem barricaded themselves inside the temple, the Romans set fire to it, causing the gold in the temple to melt. In order to get a hold of it, the Romans virtually pulled every brick off another.

No wonder Jesus still doesn’t have many friends in the Mideast – regardless of how much money Christians keep pouring into it. (After all, they want to be on good terms with the “chosen people.” Except that they missed some details about why Jesus had to die in the first place.)

The truth simply isn’t very popular. Nor were the predictions made by David Berg in the 70s about impending doom and destruction for America, whom he identified with “Babylon, the Great Whore” in the Book of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, whose riches – so says the Bible – would come to naught within one hour.

Most American Christians like to interpret those chapters differently, just like they do the rest of the Bible, and the culprit “Babylon,” in their version, is the city of Rome, the capital of poor old Italy in Europe… But that’s another story I’m not going to get off on again.

Mr. Berg (also known as “Moses David” during the 70s), also predicted that an economic crash would precede the apocalyptic destruction the Bible heralded, an economic crisis, similar to the Great Depression of the 1930s, only much worse, which would usher in a New World Order, eventually spear headed by the notorious Antichrist, who would solve the World’s financial woes by a new cashless monetary system, in which cash would be replaced by a “mark,” – a computer chip or digital imprint – in each world citizen’s hand or forehead, as also predicted by St. John the Revelator.

While it yet remains to be told whether our current crisis is indeed that dreaded one which is to usher in the End of the World as we know it, the number of those who draw the connection between now and the Great Depression increases daily, and not just among religious freaks.

And whether it will result in the introduction of the Antichrist and his “mark of the Beast” also remains to be seen, but what we have got already is Henry Kissinger telling the American public on television that Barrack Obama would be the man to seize the golden opportunity within that crisis, to sell the world the New World Order.

I have stated before why I don’t believe that the Antichrist will be American, and I, like everyone else, would hope that we all still live many happy years in a prosperous world. IF I hadn’t seen what excessive prosperity and ease can do to people…

I also wouldn’t want to come across as some wise guy who rejoices in the plight and ill fate of others just so he can say “Told you so.” But I also know from experience and the things we never learn from history, that time will do the talkin’ about who were the “lunatics” and who were the false prophets.

It took the Great Depression about 5 years until it finally hit the last wealthy family in Suburbia. Years that gave rise to a man in whom many see the epitome of Antichrist.

Mrs. Angela Merkel recently said that “the worst is already over.” I will be as bold to label her one of the false prophets of our time.
(After all, no leader of government could ever earn my respect by hauling away a 15 year old from her home with 16 cops for being home-schooled.)

I will be so bold as to proclaim that if you think Hitler and the Great Depression were bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I hate to be another party-pooper and religious lunatic. Of course, I’d much prefer to be popular, like everyone else does. I’d love to close my eyes to any impending evil and say, “Hey, but we don’t deserve this! We’ve all been good boys and girls.” I would, if I’d stand a chance in a million that my face would not turn tomato red and my nose wouldn’t sprout twigs and leaves like Pinocchio’s, after saying so.

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