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AquaMan Goes China

If anyone would have told me around this time last year that in twelve months’ time I’d be teaching English at a variety of colleges inChina, I don’t know what I would have done.

Maybe I would have broken out into laughter, or started to feel severely dizzy with a troubling pain between my ears.

But fate has its twisted little ways at times, and since my wife was twice denied entry to what I have since come to call the “Schengen zoo,” and my dream of forming an acoustic trio consequently had to be put on ice, after 3 decades of raking in a living with my guitar I’ve had to change professions, along with continents and locations, and have since become an English teacher in China.

Sometimes we get to a point of stagnation in our lives where we think we know and have seen it all. But then the great Celestial Wizard (I have to be more careful with religious vocabulary these days…) waves His magic wand,  takes us out of our familiar environment into a totally new & different one (my definition of China: “same earth, different planet”) and sits us in front of His great big celestial record player to the sound of the 70s tune by the Canadian band Bachman, Turner, Overdrive, “You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet.”

Mr. Know-It-All becomes Johnny Clueless, and has to prove all over again whether he ever really meant a thing about all the things he preached to others about learning from life, leaving it all behind and the whole “follow-the-great-Celestial-Wizard” sort of spiel.

Things can get awfully silent around folks like that in these situations, and that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

Besides, life is a lot busier for English teachers in China with a fraction of the wages for musicians inEurope.

 Especially during rainy season.

My wife told me today (and as every man would, I love it when she does), “You’re my hero.”

Not that I actually feel heroic, but in this case she was right: I had just approved myself as a super hero.

Remember “Aquaman”? The guy who commanded the element of water?

Well, that’s who I felt like today (for the second time this month, by the way), after just having been drenched within seconds during a sudden torrent (the sort of which makes one wonder whatever happened to that rainbow promise once given to a man named Noah) while riding my e-bike home from College. Drenched to the bone we found shelter under the roof of a hotel entrance (along with other unlucky bikers like ourselves), and were soon off to get a little more soaked before we finally got home…

Getting drenched inChina is a great thing to happen to folks who used to be fed up with their semi-organized, neat little lives in way too organized countries…

It’s as if Big CW (Celestial Wizard) grabbed a gigantic bucket of water and emptied it out over your head, saying, “Wake up, dude! You were only dreaming!”

Yes, I once dreamed that I knew something about the world I live in, and have woken up to the refreshing reality of my utter ignorance in a part of the world I knew next to nothing about.

So, if you should ever feel intellectually bloated and as if there were no more challenges, no new worlds to conquer, don’t be fooled! You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, and there’s always room for another “super hero” in China!

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I’m a firm believer in the fact that God can speak through just about anything and anyone, even people who are totally oblivious to their being used as a vessel for a higher, divine purpose.

The movie “Answer Man” points out the principle of how God can use even anything but perfect people to speak to the world through them, often very much in spite of themselves, rather than because of any specially pious qualities on their part.

In my free eBook project “The Deeper Meaning of Everything” that’s precisely the point I’m trying to stress: God speaks to us through everything.

In my movie blog “Talking Pictures” I try to point the lessons I glean from the movies I watch, and I also firmly believe that God has sometimes inspired songwriters – often totally unbeknownst to them – to broadcast downright prophetic messages to the world through their songs.

A few classic examples: “Let It Be” is, I believe, a prophetic song about the time of the end. “When I find myself in times of trouble…” – The Great Tribulation?

“Mother Mary” in the song, in my opinion, represents the Holy Spirit, “speaking words of wisdom.” Later it says, “Whisper words of wisdom,” indicating that those words won’t always be spoken out loudly from pulpits with microphones, but a cloudy night is coming, through which there will still be a light shining on those who believe, culminating in the great awakening to the sound of music (the “last trump”) at Jesus’ Return.

I doubt that Paul McCartney was aware of any such divinely prophetic ingredient, since his ideology certainly seems to be an entirely different one.

“Bye Bye Miss American Pie” also had a greater prophetic significance than Don McLean ever realized, if you’ve watched the development of pop music over the past 4 decades since that song was written, and perhaps even he knows by now that “The day the music died” wasn’t just the day Buddy Holly’s plane crashed. I often joke that it was the day Madonna recorded that song.

Then there was the ’71 album “Who’s Next” by The Who, a musical milestone, with their song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” ending with the line that so perfectly describes the succession of the current administration to the previous: “Meet the new boss! – Same as the old boss!” – I’ve even seen people wearing t-shirts with that line on it in reference to Obama…

Maybe I’ll come up with a list of other examples of songs with a touch of the prophetic…

In the movie “Hurricane” the statement is made that people don’t find the books they’re looking for, but their books find them.

In my life, pretty much the same applied to every song I felt magically drawn to. Even if at the time I first heard and started liking the song the meaning of the lyrics didn’t seem to bear any resemblance or parallel to what was going on in my life, later on, it did, and I realized why that song had “found me.”

Maybe you’re too rational, dogmatic or restrictive to consider that God could possibly work in such ways, and certainly the theory of Evolution wouldn’t lead to such a seemingly bizarre conclusion that our Creator should be involved in even such small details in our lives.

Well, Jesus gave us a clue that He’s more into details than many of us may think when He said that every hair on our heads was numbered, and no sparrow falls the Father doesn’t keep track of.

So, next time you hear a song and you feel its tug on your heart strings, listen to what it’s got to say. Chances are the Author of Life Himself has a message to you.

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I remember the first time I saw the Matrix pretty much exactly 10 years ago, I knew I had seen something very special. I had watched films before that had had a touch of the supernatural, almost like a message form God, like Zeffirelli’s “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” and a few others, but this was special, and there have been very few movies since, that got anywhere near the deep spiritual significance of the Matrix, as far as I’m concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all about the way the powers that be use Hollywood and all that goes with it to manipulate the masses.

But I believe that there is a greater Matrix that envelopes the smaller matrix of the NWO schemers and their god: the bigger Picture of God, that happens to include the picture of our present reality including its evils, and that when it comes down to it, the Devil is just playing a part if God’s plan, whether he wants or not.

Which doesn’t mean I’m a fatalist, either; nor can I say exactly to what extent free choice effects destiny or vice versa.

As much as we hate it: we have to leave some of the facts and details up to God & trust we’ll find them out in His good time…

Some people didn’t understand all the rave and ado about it. They didn’t get it then and they don’t get it now. They figured, “Cool effects,” but they prefer “Lord of the Rings” or “Star Wars.” I guess it’s like musical taste: some liked the Beatles, some liked the Stones, or some like Britney…

Matrix was a movie you’ve had to watch it a few times until you really got all the details.

Back then I was still with one foot in the System and one on a banana peel.

But with all that has happened since then, you might say I’m definitely unplugged now (as in living by faith).

Back then, I may have known the way in theory, but I hadn’t really begun to walk in it yet.

I had some rough thoughts and ideas about how the dark forces are manipulating us from behind the scenes, but I wasn’t aware to what extent.

I was affiliated with what you might call “The Resistance,” but I wasn’t nearly as active a part in it as now.

Not until 9/11.

In a way, having seen the Matrix was perfect preparation for not falling for the lies they told us since 9/11.

While the towers were still burning, Rumsfeld spoke of “retaliation.” And I knew that what I was watching was propaganda. – The machines at work.

Six months later we watched television for the last time in our home.

We unplugged ourselves from the current of the mainstream media brainwash and started getting plugged in to the line of communication with the “Top,” call it Zion, call it Heaven…

…Call it Jesus. I guess if Neo represents any one thing it’s Jesus, but also what Jesus can do through each one of us if we dare to let go of the lie they have told us all our lives and believe that “There is no spoon.”

– The knowledge of the Matrix being a fake enables you to do things that most people in the Matrix can’t do.

I’ve often wondered if that’s what perhaps empowered Jesus to walk on water, etc.: the knowledge that there is no spoon. If our physical world was just a bunch of encoded information (and they’re finding out that there are gigabytes worth of information in every living cell… who knows what we’ll yet find out about the make-up of our universe…), and He knew the code (since He had obviously written it: “In the beginning was the Word = logos = information…”) then the program He had written was subject to Him, and it was not that He was – as we are – subject to or victim of the circumstances. – An idea that drives home the level to which His crucifixion was an absolutely voluntary sacrifice.

Similarly to the way Neo had to decide to risk (and give) his own life for his friend Morpheus, I have also learned since, how much truth there is in not thinking it’s you, or that we have to do it ourselves, but sometimes we just have to be there for someone else, and like Jesus said, be willing to lay down our lives for someone else, and that’s when all of a sudden you find yourself “in the way,” actually walking in it, not just merely talking about it or dreaming about it.

The big surprise at the end is that not even death can stop that kind of love, but it totally overcomes the Matrix and its agents. No wonder, if you keep in mind that God is love…

After a while of living in the consciousness of the extent of the Lie, the fake steak of the Matrix becomes meaningless to you, and money – since you know it’s just part of the lie – becomes almost irrelevant, and in its present form on its way to history, anyway.

Since Obama, the powers that are working on introducing the new global economic order have shifted to turbo, and it’s not as if Revelation 13 was like Sci-Fi in some distant future anymore.

Other people apart from us “loonies” can actually see it happening somewhere in the not too distant future – the cashless society.

It’s exciting.

That’s another thing that has changed: I’m not scared anymore.

It’s like you just know everything is going to be okay, even if they kill you.

Similar to the plots of the sequels to the Matrix, the Resistance isn’t actually always as united as it should be, and many don’t believe in “the One,” or in anything supernatural, for that matter, and the enemy forces are sheer overwhelming in numbers; but that’s all the more reason why you can pretty much take for granted that this war isn’t going to be won by sheer power of force, nor with physical weapons.

The fact that Neo had to take the last steps of his way blind illustrated that it’s only by faith and not by sight that the final battle is going to be won, and that’s what many people just don’t want to see, because they think their own arm is strong enough, while their faith isn’t…

Regardless of whether the NWO mind-manipulators had their hands in the making of this trilogy, it wouldn’t be the first time that God used something the Devil would like to take the credit for.

Some people give the Devil too much credit and are too scared that God is some kind of weakling… They’re scared of the stars, scared of candles, scared of sex, scared of the wrong kind of music…

But we’re not going to win this war by being scared.

Sometimes the battle looks so hopeless, even the Enemy asks us,” why do you keep fighting?” Neo’s answer to Agent Smith, “Because I choose to” was not appreciated by everyone, but it’s our choice not to give in that is going to see anyone through in the end.

You simply have to choose to keep fighting the Enemy. What other choice have you got? Quit? Surrender?

The message was, “Hell, no, we haven’t even yet begun to fight,” even if not with those words…

The one thing I didn’t like was the ending of the trilogy. A cop-out. A truce between the Resistance and the machines, which in the Matrix scenario may have been the only realistic solution, but it won’t be in the real battle.

Some people hold a grudge against God because of the bloodshed depicted in the book of Revelation or Ezekiel, and hate the God Who would allow any such thing to happen.

They would prefer for good and evil to coexist peacefully together in some sort of lukewarm truce. But I sometimes wonder if they ever dig anything at all of what life is teaching us.

I remember reading Revelation as a teen, and I felt very much like Neo did in the scene of movie when he finds out just what the Matrix is, and the first thing he does is throw up.

It’s a toughie, facing the reality of our world as God sees it, also, or especially in regard to its impending future (preceding the happy ending) as He foretells it (see Revelation 19-21). And not many people have the guts to face that reality.

But the only way we’re ever going to have peace and any type of victory is if we have enough guts to hate evil, and if nothing else in this world will ever teach us to do that, I’m afraid the coming years most certainly will.


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Modern Christianity

Modern "Christianity"

One of the apparent differences between what Christianity during the first centuries of its existence had to deal with and the problems it faces in the twenty-first century is that during its beginnings, Christians were surrounded by a large majority of people who sincerely thought that practicing a religion was perfectly legitimately done by offering incense and sacrifices to carved images of what we now call Pagan deities, be it their Greek versions of Zeus, Apollos, Aphrodite, etc., or their Roman or Babylonian counterparts.
One of the debates that kept St. Paul and his brethren busy, for example, was whether it was alright to eat food that had been offered to idols, maybe similar to the way we would wonder whether we should allow our teenage son or daughter to attend a rock concert of a questionable act that has been known to promote sodomy or witchcraft…

While the carved images of bygone days have long been history, only to be found in museums, I can’t help but wonder sometimes whether we really made that hurdle to overcome idolatry the way we may think we did…

Christianity wasn’t always as enlightened as it is today. When Mohamed came along, he was so disgusted by Christians bowing down to their statues of Mary and the saints, he swore to wipe that bunch of idolaters from the face of the earth.
Centuries later Martin Luther felt much like he had to do the same thing, and that Christendom was anything but a compliment to its Founder, but was content to reform the church, instead of starting a revolution.

Half a millennium later the majority of practicing Christians seems to have gotten the point that we don’t need any visible, carved images of God or any of His earlier followers in order to worship Him, and idolatry finally seems to be a problem of the past.

Or at least we got the point that it’s pretty dull to worship stuff hewn out of rock.
No, we’ve become a lot more versatile than that.
Much more innovative.

We figure, we’ve really got the scoop on the ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, who worshiped sun, moon and stars, or statues of made-up gods and goddesses, and look down on them for being so dumb and Pagan…

In a world of talking images remotely controlled by buttons on a magic little tablet in our right, some holy grail filled with Budweiser or our favorite drink in the other, idols have become a lot more sophisticated and entertaining than statues hewn out of rock from a time when that’s just what a lot of folks earned their living with (no wonder they called it the “Stone Age”?).
We’ve got dancing pop stars, athletes, movie demigods and politicians dishing out promises that sound as glorious as the Promises of God Himself; and if we’re not into standing on the sidelines of some other sucker’s parade, we’ve got a moving, roaring idol in the garage that we spend our weekends polishing, or some other great achievement and fruit of the sweat of our brow.

Of course, then there are the more pious ones among us, who would never attend a Rolling Stones concert, not even care for Taylor Swift, but devote our time to listening to the Christian versions of Pop or Rock music, or attend mass happenings with star preachers pacing from one end of the stage to the other with the same type of headsets we already adored on Madonna or the Jackson offspring, only in this case to chime in the Hallelujahs and Amens from the tens of thousands around us at the event… something we usually don’t say when we’re at the mall or in school or at work.
After all, there is a time and a place for everything, and the time and place to worship the Lord is Sunday mornings, or at that other big organized event, but we don’t want to trouble our neighbors with our belief and love for the Lord. It probably wouldn’t be the Christian thing to do. In the 21st century.

But sometimes – just sometimes, I’m tempted to wonder how Jesus would fit in to one of those mega churches with tens of thousands making all that racket about Him, the Good Shepherd Who left the 99 in the fold in order to find the one lost sheep
Him, Who didn’t have a church to attend, only an occasional synagogue or temple He got kicked out of, threatened to be stoned to death by His brethren.
Him, Who didn’t have a place to lay His head, considering the foxes and birds more blessed in this aspect than Himself.
Him, Who urged His followers to forsake all their possessions if they wanted to be His disciples and to become fishers of men.

But you don’t become a fisher of men by assembling in huge gatherings to sing songs and listen to sermons in order to make yourself feel good.
The lost sheep are found on the highways and hedges of this world, and just like Mohamed of old, they’re not very impressed by people worshiping their own “Christian” versions of the very same things the world around them worships…
They may not be able to tell what the Real Thing is, but they sure know when it ain’t.

No, we don’t worship stony, graven images anymore, Hallelujah! But are we free from idolatry in this, our enlightened 21st century? You tell me!

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Someone called me up some time ago and said, “You’re the only dude on the Internet who’s giving his music away for free.”

Well, maybe so. But I’ve got it from Someone Who I consider a greater and more reliable authority on happiness than those John Denver referred to as “them money-hungry fools.”

You never read about Jesus charging an entrance fee for His sermon on the mount, nor did He charge for a single one of His fish sandwiches (although I’m sure He could have raked in a fortune). It just wasn’t in Him.

His credo was, “Freely ye have received, freely give,” and in my opinion one of the greatest disgraces about Christendom is the machine of commerce that it has been for more than 16 centuries, with no improvement in sight anywhere (at least not voluntarily).

Thank God the Antichrist is going to appear some time to put an end to all of that with his “mark of the Beast,” which will divide the wheat from the chaff, anyway.

Jesus made it pretty plain what he thought of that commercialized hybrid of religion or spirituality when He chased the vendors out of the temple. Imagine Him coming to the Vatican or your average drive-in church nowadays, or the mega-temples of the star evangelists. He probably knows why he chose to appear 2000 years before things would get really sick.

Of course, nobody ever believes all that stuff He had to say about not being able to serve God and Mammon (the god of riches), and about the birds in the air and the lilies of the field, and that the heavenly father would supply all our needs, just as He does theirs, if we would only seek first His Kingdom.

“Seeking first” the Kingdom would mean that that’s what you’d invest the majority of your time and efforts in, instead of raking in all the cash you can.

If you dedicate your time to serving Him and making sure that folks get His message (without having to pay a fortune for it), then, He says, He will also take care of your needs.

If you preach the Gospel and spread the Good News, then He’ll make sure that you can also live off the Gospel. Of course, if you only preach to those who’ve heard the Gospel a thousand times or more, and they’re willing to pay a fortune for your sedating sermons that will assure them they’ll escape the wrath of God for our collective selfishness and greed, then you’ll have good cards as far as the god of this world is concerned, and the game that he’s playing, but God may think differently about that kingdom you have built for yourself.

It’s called “modesty,” a trait long forgotten and forlorn, and it has an even more recent hero than Jesus and His early followers, namely the Italian monk St. Francis, who bucked the tide of the religious supermarket of his day and decide to be content with little for a change.

He saw a lot of misery, but I also believe that he knew more true happiness than most other folks in his day.

One of the secrets of life is the art of not falling for every single temptation the Devil offers us along the way; it’s the art of saying “No, thank you!” every once in a while, “I already have enough.”

I guess some people are starting to reap the first repercussion of the “never enough” attitude that has been prevailing in our modern, enlightened Western society for the past decades. But will we really have learned the lesson when and IF the economy recovers?

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The B3: Boobs, Butts & Bucks

The B3: Boobs, Butts & Bucks

When it all comes down to it, the problem with the world is largely its indifference and its blatant lack of interest in its Creator.

Guess I had it already basically pinned down when I wrote that song, “Indifference.”

The problem is that everybody thinks that they are so much more interesting than God, and whatever they’ve got to say is so much more important.

Back in the 60s and 70s people were still willing to listen to what songwriters like Bob Dylan, James Taylor or Donovan had to say.

Today’s generation is more interested in boobs wiggling to the monotonous stomp-beat of the umpteenth re-make of some song of the 80s that most teens haven’t heard yet, and in putting their own voices to the karaoke soundtrack of that re-make, and wiggle their own butts & boobs (henceforth referred to as “B&Bs”), the way they’ve learned it from Britney & co.

It’s not that I’m opposed to B&Bs. But I am opposed to stupidity, (not referring to stupidity as lack of knowledge, but rather the tendency to continue to make the wrong choices, due to setting false priorities) which is probably our 2nd biggest Enemy, right after our indifference. Or maybe it’s our stupidity that causes us to be so indifferent…

Okay, so, our job as Christians or believers in God is to arouse people’s interest in Him and make them reconsider, “What on earth makes you so sure that you’re that much more interesting than the Creator of the Universe?”

Our job is to remind the creation that it’s not No.1, after all.

As I say, it was easier to use music back in the days when folks would listen to the lyrics, and the lyrics actually meant something.

Back then, it was even possible to win a few souls by wiggling B&Bs to the tune of a Gospel song. Nowadays you’d just get lost in a sea of’em…

It’s hard to keep the vision of the Great Commission the Lord has given us to spread His Good News everywhere and preach the Gospel to every creature when every creature seems to be too infatuated with themselves to give the Good News of Creator’s love the time of day.

Certainly writing just another despairing blog isn’t going to do the trick… But it usually helps me to think & crystallize my thoughts, & perhaps come up with a good idea. I think God needs that. He needs a few more people with good ideas, but who are willing to use those good ideas to win souls, and not just make a big buck.

Not that I’m opposed to big bucks, either. But I am opposed to greed.

It’s probably our 3rd biggest enemy, right after our stupidity and indifference…

And let’s face it, folks: one reason why a substantial amount of people is becoming sicker of “Christianity” by the hour is because of its promoters’ passion for shuffling dough and building big fancy buildings while 10.000 people are starving every day, and that number is bound to increase this year, due to the things our greed has done to this planet and our global agriculture.

Maybe what’s going to get people interested in God (- and I’m not talking about the kind of “interest” where God & Jesus are hip because over half of the population goes to one of the churches on every block -) is going to be the consequences of where our lack of interest in Him is going to lead us.

Maybe what it’s going to take is a crisis. Maybe trouble is actually good for us, and is going to do more for our souls’ welfare than all the wiggling and shaking of B&B’s in the world put together…

And maybe our job is just to be there when the time arrives, to remind people that there is a God and He loves them, even if they wouldn’t have given a hoot about Him before the trouble came…

If that’s the case, let it be, and “bring on the night,” if that’s what it takes to wake us up.

Some of us seem to be awake, but paralyzed at the same time, unable to do anything to wake up anyone else.

Maybe that’s going to change soon. As soon as the repercussions of the current crisis will have hit the more sheltered regions of the world, and those parts of town where business still goes on as usual.

“Business as usual” doesn’t seem to be good for our relationship with our Creator. “Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God.” “Business as usual” creates indifference, stupidity and greed, because who was ever satisfied with what they have in the business of raking in ever more?

If that’s the case, let’s have some change, and not just wait for it to happen. Changing the world – if anybody’s still interested in that endeavor – starts with us, and it behooves us to change and adapt our attitudes, methods and whatever it takes to remind ourselves and others that there is yet something or Someone more important than the 3 Bs (boobs, butts & bucks).

Let’s see if we can’t convince a substantial amount of folks that God is actually capable of topping those. (After all, He’s the Inventor of at least the first 2 Bs, and maybe there’s more where that came from…)

Remember that 80s movie with George Burns, “Oh God, II” in which God recruits a little girl to start an advertisement campaign for Him? We need something like that… A slogan like “Think God!” or “God first” or … “God beats boobs, butts & bucks”…

C’mon, help me out here!

Of course, it’s natural that people want admiration, attention and recognition, and I’m not advocating depriving anybody of that. Long live the marvels of God’s creation! But all I’m saying is, first thing’s still first, and we ought to give credit where it’s due, & not exclude the Creator from His creation, as they have pretty much done over here in Europe for the past 150 years, and proud of it and celebrating the event, as if the ascent of homo sapiens was something we could pat ourselves on the back for.

What it all boils down to is that love (being God) beats sex, the Creator is actually more worthy of our attention and worship than His creation, and yes, there is even something more marvelous and magnificent to adore than our wee little selves, and that’s the One Who made us & loves us even more than we could ever love ourselves (and that in spite of all He knows about us.)

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On our way to our gig last night we were listening to some of Don McLean‘s old stuff, which I had recently dug out, and I was touched by the beauty of his art of expression, and most particularly in his anti-war songs like “The Grave,” or “Everybody Loves Me, Baby” etc.

It made me realize how drastically things have changed since the early 70s. People just don’t write lyrics like that anymore. The vast majority have come to accept war as a commodity of life to preserve the Western status quo, or the American Way of life, or whatever.

Instead of rebelling against their governments’ falling into nations that they have no business dropping bombs on, they accept the media hogwash and propaganda of “the enemy” and give their silent consent to the daily mass murder that’s happening on behalf of their tax money.

And that in spite of the lesson we ought to have learned from fairly recent history of what guilt people can collectively heap upon themselves by silently consenting to the evils committed by their governments.

How many church visits will it take to clear a conscience of that burden, that’s mostly not even recognized? How many donations or tithes will it take to buy forgiveness for the silent tolerance of the slaughter perpetrated in the name of us, “the people?”

The closest thing in recent times that I heard to some of the anti-war protest songs from a time when at least a substantial amount of the world population honestly admitted that war was evil and that the U.S. had no business wreaking havoc in Vietnam are songs like Pink’s “Dear Mr.President,” (although the song does not mention anything about American foreign policies, but only deals with domestic issues) and, of course, we’ve got Pearl Jam’s rendition of Dylan’s “Masters of War.” – Oh, and perhaps some of the Dixie Chicks‘ Anti-Bush rantings, for which they’ll always have my respect. Oh, and of course, good ol’ Neil Young’s “Impeach the President,” bless his soul!

Pretty much everyone else that I know of dances to the modern drums of war, or rather, to the tune of “let’s ignore what our country is doing in other countries,” unless another bunch of flag-wrapped coffins arrive at home, that is.

The trademark of the 21st century, thus far: the (cultural) voices of truth have become (nearly) silent. The nations cower in fear of their leaders and follow them like sheep to the slaughter of the innocents.

The problem with that is the universal law of cause and effect as laid down by many spiritual teachers, including Jesus’ follower St. Paul, when he said, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” There’s a cold wind blowin’, and we’re beginning to see the first fruits of our “harvest” in a crumbling economy and a crisis which now has officially exceeded the rank of severity of that of the Great Depression, (along with forecasts of food shortages coming upon us as early as this year, which many of us may find themselves unable to deal with).

Even the young staff of the joint we played in last night acknowledged in a conversation I overheard while packing up our gear, that we’re still going to chew on the repercussions of the current crisis for the next 5, 10 or 15 years, and that even though Europe hasn’t seen the worst of it.

Unfortunately, it will probably take more than a financial crisis for people to wake up and tell their government, “Mr. Obama, don’t follow in the footsteps of your predecessor, and please, stop killing people in Pakistan or Afghanistan.” Or to their most strongly supported ally, Israel, for that matter, “Please stop killing innocent Palestinian children!”

Even more unfortunately, if history continues repeating itself (- and that in such a drastic manner that some people have started to doubt whether history is really real -), then this current crisis, like the one in the 30s, will only lead to more and greater war, greater need for some “culprit” to blame and make pay for the domestic dilemma, greater cries and thirst for blood, and who will be the next people that will answer with a shattering unanimous, roaring “YES!” to the question, “Do you want total war?

Younger people nowadays speak critically of the hippie movement. But you’ve got to give the hippies credit for having had the guts to stand up for their love for peace, for being willing to acknowledge (unlike many supposed “Christians”) the Biblical reality that war is evil, and for being willing to oppose their authorities for their stance against war.
They may be looked upon with ridicule by today’s silent consenters and smug cogs in the machine that have learned to shut up and do as they’re told, but maybe a wiser future generation will look back at those rebels of the 60s and early 70s as the true heroes of the 20th century, and perhaps even as the last of their kind in history as we know it altogether.

In my experiences with abundant acquaintances I’ve come to realize the fact that some people simply refuse to acknowledge the existence and reality of their mistakes, thus depriving themselves of the possibility to ever learn from them, but thus to remain “willingly ignorant,” as the Bible puts it, which Kent Hovind appropriately translated into modern English as “dumb on purpose.”

What if an entire nation or generation chooses to be willingly ignorant, or “dumb on purpose?”

It reminds me of one of those relics from the 60s which may have even sounded a little naive back then, but in the face of the reality of the past 4 decades, acquires a bitter by-taste: “When will they ever learn? – –

When will they ever learn?”

If “there is no peace, saith my God, for the wicked,” then I dare to re-define “the wicked” as “those who want no peace.”

Some of my favorite Anti-War Songs from the 60s and early 70s:

Donovan – The War Drags On

Buffy Sainte Marie – Universal Soldier

Bob Dylan – Masters of War,

Pete Seeger – Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Don McLean – The Grave, Everybody Loves Me

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Barry BcGuire – Eve of Destruction

CCR – Fortunate Son

John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance

Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Sam Halbert – Billy

More recent anti-war songs:

Galliano – Prince of Peace

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon

Some of my own:

In Thy Skirts

Better Place


The Bible Says

Thou Shalt Love


Sarajevo Rain

Wikipedia List of Anti-War Songs

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Apart from the short line in my song “Donut” about Bono’s desire to bring an end to world poverty, which was based on a piece of Yahoo news that had caught my eye around the time I wrote the song, I never really did waste another thought on the vocal frontman of the 80s band U2.

Of course, I have done my obligatory U2 covers in my time, even though I was never much of a U2 fan myself. I was surprised when in the early 90s an English friend told me that U2 was supposedly a Christian band. Never noticed. After that, whenever I saw Bono on MTV with his larger than life and blacker than death sunglasses, looking a bit like a man-sized insect, I just thought, “Christian, huh!”

Oh, and I read the Rolling Stone article in which he claimed to read the Bible every day, sort of like General Patton.

To be honest, for the longest time, I didn’t know what to think. Good guy, bad guy?

He definitely outed himself for me, as far as “Christian” goes, with his live performance of “Sympathy for the Devil,” strutting across the stage like someone with the same type of inflated-ego problems that you’d expect Lucifer himself to have. You just can’t sing that song the way he did and afterwards run to Jesus, telling Him you’re His friend.

But then, we’ve all had our compromises.

Some Christians view Bono and U2 among the avant guarde of Christian song writing. In an Interview with Christianity Today, Bethany Dillon quoted Bono on one of his secrets of writing smash hits (I guess the secret lies in camouflaging the message to an extent that even Stalin wouldn’t have considered it “politically incorrect”).

I don’t deny that U2 have had a few big hits in their day.

Like the one, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” in which the singer practically tells the Lord, that he believes that He bore the cross of his shame and all, but – so what? “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” In other words, “Jesus, you may be sort of cool & all, but you don’t really cut the cake…”

If you haven’t found what you were looking for in Jesus, then what the hell are you looking for? Or perhaps it’s safer to put it this way: If you haven’t found yet what you’re looking for, I doubt that you’ve really found Jesus! Unless what you’re really looking for is the same old temporal counterfeit thrills & satisfactions that everyone else is chasing…

There’s an adjective for that type of Christianity in the Bible, from Jesus’ own mouth: “Lukewarm.” The same type of Christianity that’s being observed by the majority of Christians, by the way, who basically live their lives in the feverish attempt to prove Jesus wrong when He said, “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.”

Well, the news about Mammon is, that his days are just about up. What you see unfolding in the economy right now is just the beginning of sorrows, and when the tale is told, and our “economy” is reduced to the value of what it’s actually based on – paper – then there will only be one other alternative left, besides serving God, and if you’re not going to feel too comfortable with that one, you’ll wish you’ll have found what you’ve been looking for by then.

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Hi everyone. Here’s a song I wrote and recorded this week in order to get some things off of my chest about the man who will probably go down in history as the man who gave Christendom’s image in the world the final blow, furthering the cause of those who say that the world would be better off without it, or any faith for that matter.

Regardless of religious convictions, though, I would like to invite anyone around the world who happens to be able to identify with the content and message of this song, to join in on it.

All you need is a webcam or a headset with a mic and sing along with the song, record it and mail me (Dave.Mendoza@gmail.com) the clip, and you’ll be included in an extended version of the song & video.

Although I’m referring to the chorus of the song in particular, which should be fairly easy to sing along to, if there’s a particular line in the song you like, you can also sing that one, although I can’t promise to include the audio, depending on the quality. (That applies only to the verses. All contributed audios will be included on the chorus, providing they’re half-way in tune.)

Since this leader’s politics have affected citizens from just about any nation on this planet, your contribution will be added regardless of nationality.

Looking forward to making a racket with you,


Song Lyrics:

Farewell Mr. President

This is a song for you, though it’s a song you’ll never hear

The man who’s wrecked & ruled “the greatest nation on God’s earth” for 8 long years

Oblivious to the facts, oblivious to how it feels to have lost a son in Iraq

for some greedy, old men’s petrol deals

I wonder who’ll wipe off that grin from your mischievous monkey face

You’re wading knee-deep in your sins, the blood of thousands on your hands

Of all the hypocrites I’ve seen you were the one that takes the cake

Farewell, Mr. President!

You sure fulfilled your daddy’s dreams: that New World Order’s rolling in

Cause, after all, what have you been than a mere puppet to their schemes?

And best of all, you’ve done it all in the Name of the One you hate

Cause you were taught not to repeat the one mistake your daddy made

The hypocrites fell for you the way that brand of people do

But me, I see right through your wicked smirk, oh, yes, I do

Farewell, Mr. President!

So now you’re leaving with a bang, the way that big-shot people do

to leave another man to hang in the place you have left him to

I suppose history will show what you did, who you were for real

Perhaps our grandchildren will know what all you schemers now conceal

But in a long, black list of fools, I think you’ll be and always will

the most pathetic one to me

Farewell, Mr. President!

War is your game, war has been your creed

Though it’s sure as hell not you who fight, no you let other people bleed

The wind you have sown, the storm you will reap

So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep

“We won’t get fooled again,” is that what we really believed?

But then we’ll believe anything, anything – you screwed us over in our sleep

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen)

Sure had us fooled again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu)

Please, don’t come around again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

Good to see you leave again

Download the song in MP3 format:

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I’ve written a few things about all the weird (and not-so-weird) ways God chooses to communicate with us, in fact, I’m writing a whole book about it.

In the movie “Proof,” the daughter of a deceased mathematical genius who unfortunately seems to have been rather demented for the latter part of his life, grants a young student of her father access to his belongings. Among them he finds a scrapbook with a mathematical proof in it that presents some sort of breakthrough for the world of science and mathematics. To his total shock and bewilderment, the daughter tells him that she wrote it. As we watch the subsequent conflict between the student’s disbelief and the daughter’s hurt feelings evolve, we’re slowly guided through the actual events, and the circumstances under which the daughter wrote the proof.

The professor had actually been quite demented during that time, and while he was feverishly working on some “great” and “important” project, which turns out to have been mere lunacy and rubbish he was scribbling down. One evening, he rants on and on, uttering nothing but incomprehensible garble, while his daughter, as if being dictated, writes the actual proof.

Weird, ‘ey? But see, that’s a lot how God sometimes communicates with us, too. One man’s gibberish is another’s enlightenment. Take the song “Come Together” by John Lennon (and the Beatles), for instance. While each verse is a bunch of gibberish that only either the highly initiated or highly stoned on LSD could understand, yet the chorus reveals a very deep and important, universal and cosmic truth in 4 simple words: “Come together right now! – Over me!”

If you know God, or more explicitly, Jesus, then you know that’s how He actually works: He brings everything and everyone together over Himself. In fact, He is the Mediator that re-connects us with God the Father. But He is also the central Heardquarters of exchange for communication when it comes to really digging our fellow members of the human species. At least as far as I’m concerned.

The more I get to know people, and the more people I get to know, the more I see how everyone seems to be on a different wavelength. There are certain mediums that can bring people together onto the same length temporarily, like the phenomenon of 22 guys chasing a soccer ball, politicians making promises they’ll never keep, or Marilyn Manson tearing up a Bible on stage, vowing to destroy Christianity, but I wouldn’t exactly call that the right wavelength, however vehemently you wish to differ with me on that one.

But I’m firmly convinced that while currently we all may be living under the illusion of being separate entities, at least those who are called to His wavelength will eventually wind up being together, joined as one in every sense. He’s like the light, drawing all the little moths or planets that we are toward Him, calling us to become one with Him, and in doing so, we finally understand and fully comprehend each other; and perhaps, even more importantly: love each other.

This may all sound like a bunch of weird and senseless gibberish to you, but I’m convinced that some day soon you’ll see the living proof that I’m telling the truth, if you just follow His call. Can you hear it? “Come together! … Over Me!”

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