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Todays Davids Vs. Goliath

Today's Davids Vs. Goliath

If there are two peoples in history who show that the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from it, it’s the Germans and the Jews.

Not many people seem to share my personal sentiments toward the soon to be relieved from office President of the United States George Bush. At least not many seem to have the guts to openly admit it, except for, perhaps, the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, for which he will always have my admiration, a few Canadians, and the guys from Counterpunch, bless their hearts.

Of course there are millions of Arabs whose sentiments toward G.W. are even far less benign than mine, including those of the Iraqi population, even if they are not in a position in which they can freely admit so.

Then there are the Germans, thousands, probably tens of thousands of whom are quite daring to share their sentiments about the probably worst dictator the United States ever had, anonymously somewhere on Youtube or elsewhere when they’ve had a beer or two to many, but one thing hasn’t changed about the Germans since the Hitler regime: they’re still a bunch of cowards. Maybe rightly so, since cowards tend to live longer… But what sort of a life?

And cowards seem to breed ever more cowards.

That’s why there isn’t much to be seen or heard from the German public about what’s happening in Palestine right now. Just as their ancestors did 75 or 80 years ago, they prefer to watch and say nothing. They neatly swallow the government propaganda of today the same as it was then. “The Palestinians have brought this upon themselves, just as much as the Jews brought the 3rd Reich Holocaust upon themselves.”

It’s the great indifference that is killing the innocent, now, as it did then.

The Davids of the past have become today’s Goliaths, the persecuted of yesterday have become the persecutors, and the one thing that hasn’t changed at all is the indifferent stupor of the masses that just stands by and watches the slaughter.
Worst and most sickening of all, some Christian outfits think they need to publicly sympathize with the Israelis, perhaps in order to rectify some guilt of the past. They didn’t learn anything at all. They just swallow the same propaganda their parents or grandparents did, only from different sources.

No wonder Jesus vowed that he would vomit some of His supposed followers out of His mouth because of their lukewarmness

As for those who claim to be the heirs of Abraham, the day will reveal all that is being concealed.

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As a Christian, (as in follower of Christ’s teachings) who chooses not to ignore what my true Commander-in-Chief has to say and who won’t allow any man-made, government puppet to usurp that position of leadership and souverignty over my life, either, I cannot subscribe to the political choice of most of my supposed fellow-Christians, who presently seem to believe that problems are solved with guns and granades, and think a weekly hour of pew-warming will do to hide the fact that the gods they’re worshiping in reality are Mammon (god of wealth) and Mars (the god of war).

I’m speaking of the political right, as in Bush-ites or McCainians, the kind who would love to put a bullet into the man they call the “antichrist,” just because he has a different color of skin than they do, and because he doesn’t bend over backwards to kiss their flag-waving and pew-warming butts as much as his predecessor did for no other reason than convenience, because he didn’t want to make the same mistake his daddy made earlier by failing to please the Bible belt during a time when most of the colored U.S. population wouldn’t have cared to drag themselves to a voting booth, because they rightly figured it wouldn’t have much of a difference, anyhow.

On the other hand, I can’t subscribe to anyone advocating the mass-murder of innocent, howbeit unborn babies, nor to the notion that man is smart enough to solve his own problems without any help from God, not even if I’m as smart as Barack Obama…

I won’t deny that I consider Obama the lesser of two evils, but that doesn’t mean I subscribe to his politics. I’m happy for the Afro-American population to have for once received a chance to be liberated from the yoke of stupid white men, but I’m afraid their relief will only be temporary.

Call me a conspiracy freak, but I believe that the true powers that be (howbeit well hidden from public view by having bought the media and thus making sure they’ll stay out of them) have always mastered the art of creating two opposing forces – be it fascism or communism in the thirties, or liberalism and conservatives in the nineties – that the broad masses are led to choose sides from, in order to create the illusion of democracy and freedom.

In reality, G.W.Bush has only fulfilled his part in the advance of the New World Order by making the world yet sicker of his supposed type of government and religion, and prepared his country for Obama, who will take it yet another step further toward the goal of replacing religion with the NWO’S universal ideology.

Those who call Obama the antichrist are the same type of wishful thinkers who believe that Jesus will whisk them into the sky before the coming leader of the New World Order ever reveals his true face. Barack Obama is a puppie compared to what the Antichrist will be, and he sure as heck won’t be American, either.
America is a world power in its decline that’s turning out a whole lot less smart than it managed to make the rest of the world believe for some time. The Antichrist will emerge from the resurrected parts of an empire the world presumed dead and will “liberate” the world from the show that the clowns in Washington and their stooges in Europe are putting on.

So, where should a true Christian stand, politically? Left or right? Well, if you listen to what Jesus had to say, you won’t really fall for that whole left-or-right charade in the first place. He made it clear that just as He wasn’t from this world, so His disciples wouldn’t be, either. While we’re supposed to subject ourselves to the powers that be as long as they don’t interfere with the commandments God gave us to keep, that doesn’t mean that there will never come a time when we will have to prove that we are to obey God rather than men and show on whose side we really stand.

Politicians are always bigshots and popularity hunters, and Jesus certainly wasn’t a politician. While there may have been a time that a true Christian could also be a politician, if you look around, those days are pretty much over. Those in politics who call themselves Christians are like the guys who dressed up like Indians in the Boston Tea Party scam in order to get into war with England. They may even think they’re doing whatever they do for a just cause, but so did the Nazis who were condemned at Nuremberg.

When the people of Israel in the Old Testament were asking for a king, they weren’t doing themselves a favor, and God even warned them of this. It’s because people – and especially politicians, it seems – are bound to disappoint you. They simply don’t have the same qualities that our Maker does.

I’d vote for Him Who gave His own life for us any day before I’d put my money on any government-paid mass murderers, be their victims either innocent Iraquis or innocent unborn children.

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Hi everyone. Here’s a song I wrote and recorded this week in order to get some things off of my chest about the man who will probably go down in history as the man who gave Christendom’s image in the world the final blow, furthering the cause of those who say that the world would be better off without it, or any faith for that matter.

Regardless of religious convictions, though, I would like to invite anyone around the world who happens to be able to identify with the content and message of this song, to join in on it.

All you need is a webcam or a headset with a mic and sing along with the song, record it and mail me (Dave.Mendoza@gmail.com) the clip, and you’ll be included in an extended version of the song & video.

Although I’m referring to the chorus of the song in particular, which should be fairly easy to sing along to, if there’s a particular line in the song you like, you can also sing that one, although I can’t promise to include the audio, depending on the quality. (That applies only to the verses. All contributed audios will be included on the chorus, providing they’re half-way in tune.)

Since this leader’s politics have affected citizens from just about any nation on this planet, your contribution will be added regardless of nationality.

Looking forward to making a racket with you,


Song Lyrics:

Farewell Mr. President

This is a song for you, though it’s a song you’ll never hear

The man who’s wrecked & ruled “the greatest nation on God’s earth” for 8 long years

Oblivious to the facts, oblivious to how it feels to have lost a son in Iraq

for some greedy, old men’s petrol deals

I wonder who’ll wipe off that grin from your mischievous monkey face

You’re wading knee-deep in your sins, the blood of thousands on your hands

Of all the hypocrites I’ve seen you were the one that takes the cake

Farewell, Mr. President!

You sure fulfilled your daddy’s dreams: that New World Order’s rolling in

Cause, after all, what have you been than a mere puppet to their schemes?

And best of all, you’ve done it all in the Name of the One you hate

Cause you were taught not to repeat the one mistake your daddy made

The hypocrites fell for you the way that brand of people do

But me, I see right through your wicked smirk, oh, yes, I do

Farewell, Mr. President!

So now you’re leaving with a bang, the way that big-shot people do

to leave another man to hang in the place you have left him to

I suppose history will show what you did, who you were for real

Perhaps our grandchildren will know what all you schemers now conceal

But in a long, black list of fools, I think you’ll be and always will

the most pathetic one to me

Farewell, Mr. President!

War is your game, war has been your creed

Though it’s sure as hell not you who fight, no you let other people bleed

The wind you have sown, the storm you will reap

So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep

“We won’t get fooled again,” is that what we really believed?

But then we’ll believe anything, anything – you screwed us over in our sleep

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen)

Sure had us fooled again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu)

Please, don’t come around again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

Good to see you leave again

Download the song in MP3 format:

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In his article “A Nation of Flatlanders,” Newsweek’s Michael Hirsh correctly addresses a condition, which, I’m afraid, has been ailing his country for a little while longer than since the Bush administration. While I thoroughly enjoyed the article (- myself having been aware of the “Flatland” concept since I was a wee lad of 13 – thanks to a spin-off on Edwin Abbot‘s “Romance of Many Dimensions” published in the 70s by David Berg -) to merely call the current hoodlum in Iraq someone’s “folly,” in my opinion is as blatantly failing to do the subject justice, as would be calling the Holocaust a “mishap” or “Hitler’s blunder,” and such a statement could only come from an American (who values foreign lives infinitely less than their fellow patriots’), and from someone who, although addressing a problem or spiritual disease, is himself currently a victim of the same, howbeit one of the exceptional kind who at least recognize the problem.

Last night we saw Peter Berg’s “The Kingdom,” probably one of the best portrayals ever, of the deeply rooted hatred between Americans and Muslims, and from the rational, “Flatlander’s” point of view, one would reach the conclusion that religion is probably the most idiotic thing there is (right next to patriotism, but that’s not the message the movie makers wanted to bring across). Only someone looking a little deeper, beyond the limits of their own finite dimensions of what is to be believed and accepted as “real” or not, can see the hands in the dark pulling the threads of manipulation, playing one party skillfully against another, creating what the Germans call a “Feindbild,” an artificial image of your enemy in your mind, and in this case, achieving that the majority of rational people in the world will believe exactly that: Religion is the Enemy.

While the two opposing (artificially created) forces of communism and capitalism were ensuring the necessary tension and strife to cater to the unseen manipulators’ agenda for half a century, the new culprit is religion, the last enemy to be overcome in order to achieve world peace within the glorious New World Order.

Without being aware of a plan that’s unfolding in world history and recognizing that the “New World Order” was more than just a neat line Bush Sr. came up with (- probably long before Mr. Hirsh had his job with Newsweek -), what Bush Jr. and his potential successor are committing is merely a “folly.”

In my opinion, it is a much larger folly to be as naiv to assume such a thing.

It isn’t just folly or plain stupidity to be pouring billions into a sinking ship called “The Economy,” deemed “unsinkable” for decades, (despite the repetitive outcries of the prophets of doom since the 70s), because just like the future abolition of religion, Mr. Hirsh, it is the New World Order’s cleverly devised plan and intention – not merely some poor dupe’s “folly” – to abolish the other thing, even more important to (most) people than their religion: Cash!

The arquitects of the New World Order know that the only way the masses are going to relinquish their beloved churches (temples, Mosques, etc.) and paper money, is by proving to the entire world that both only create problems, and are a nuisance – a relic of the past, soon to be abolished.

Of course, they’ll have a neat alternative handy and ready for each man, woman and child: a personal chip just for your right hand or forehead, as prophesied 2000 years ago, to get you what you want at the mall, plus, a taylor-made new world ideology to replace all pestering religions, including its own messiah, mahdi, savior or superman… whatever you wish to call him.

It’s understood that no one voluntarily wants to face such a bleak outlook, if that’s supposed to be the “guiding force” behind history and the glorious “extra-height” (as Abbot put it), or additional dimension, if that’s all there is to it. The good news is that above and around the matrix of evil, there’s yet another layer of truly divine and – for a change – benign purpose for mankind, and that’s God’s plan, “Matrix” or Kingdom, whatever you want to call it, which engulfs and only uses all lesser dimensions within it to teach the universe a lasting lesson with a happy ending.

You may be abolish religion, and with most of it, you’d probably be doing the world a favor. But you can’t abolish God. And there IS One, you can bet your cash on it!

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Can you blame anyone for refusing to subscribe to Christianity these days? With some of the biggest culprits & perpetrators of evil posing as Christians, including some of the greatest dorks this world has ever seen running entire superpowers, and the majority of believers falling for their scheme & voting for them… I can’t.

On the other hand, what are you really buying into when you join an average Christian church, these days? Does it even remotely resemble the life-style of Christendom’s Founder and His original followers, or is it just some artificial mock-up of the real thing, just as you get a made-in-America mock-up of nearly everything else on the planet?

No, I’m not blasting Christianity, I’m just trying to make you aware that there is a counterfeit version of the Real Thing around that everyone’s buying into, that’s poisonous. Not all that glitters is gold.

I’ve written before about how I perceive some outstanding Muslims or Hindus to have been greater saints or even better “Christians” than the majority of their officially pious & cross-flaunting counterparts, but I’m coming across more and more situations in real life that seem to confirm my theory that God doesn’t judge you by your tag.

Of course, we Christians have the excuse that the Devil’s on our trail and works a lot harder at stopping us from being good than perhaps the average Joe who has no reputation or standard to defend. But then it seems like an awful lot of us Christian soldiers aren’t very much of a bunch of fighters. We have big mouths & think we’re the greatest, sort of like the U.S. Army in little tiny 3rd World countries. But when it comes to really fighting a real foe we turn chicken & run, deserting our friends who bought into our “We’ll defend you from the bad guys” lines, when all we were interested in was their resources & 30 pieces of silver.

No wonder the Chinese are laughing at the elections in America, just as they’re probably laughing at the Western plastic version of Christianity. They’ve seen real Christians refusing to deny their faith for decades in their own prisons, and they can tell the difference between real fighters and a bunch of big-mouthed pussies (in the sense of little kittens – no offense!)…

As long as Christians in the world are at large more selfish and materialistic than their Hindu counterparts, more idolatrous in the worship of the things made or bought by their own hands than any Muslim, and greater opponents and obstacles to peace than the Buddhist population of the world, faith in Christ will never be an attractive alternative to members of other religions.
As long as Christians, in their actions are living a lie that brings death to the world, we’ll have a hard time convincing them that Jesus is indeed the “Way, the truth and the life.”

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Not many of us have the guts to see things the way they really are. Not many folks in the world are brave enough to really call a spade a spade. Thus, not many people are aware of the amount of darkness that surrounds us, and of the flood of lies the world is drowning in.

I thought I was in the “truth” business for decades, but I’m only beginning to learn the ropes now, of how rare, and thus, how valuable, the truth really is.

Nearly on a daily basis I discover more areas of every day life that the public – all of us – are being (and have been for decades) told lies about. It seems as if every single “War on something” the U.S. government ever concocted was and has been the exact opposite of what it professes to be, just like the Federal reserve Bank is just the exact opposite of “federal” and “reserve.” The more blatant the lie, the more effective it is.

The “War on Terror,” or course, as at least some people seem to begin to realize, is nothing but a war OF terror, perpetrated against the peoples of this world in order to usher in Big Brother’s New World Order, giving him full power to spy on your every move, and in the process get rid of some ethnic and religious impurities in the perfect society of tomorrow, thus helping to reach the desired goal of diminishing the world population.

The “War on drugs,” I’m sure, is just another farce and big cover up of the war OF drugs destined to reach those same goals, or at least, if nothing else, help further the desired goal of diminishing the world population – oh, and of course, – as applies to all “war on somethings,” rake in some extra cash to ensure that they, the rulers of today, will also remain the rulers of tomorrow. Money rules.

One other “war” the “War on…” morons have cooked up decades ago and I’m only now beginning to be made aware of, is the so-called “war on cancer.” And if one is to believe half of what this man, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has to say in his enlightening documentary, then it is no exception, and just another big means to reach the same NWO goals, and has been, in effect, no more than another war on the peoples of this world.

Probably tomorrow’s news will flash the new slogan “War on hunger” in your face, and you’ll know what that will mean. It will mean, “We have rigged up everything according to our magnificent ways in such a manner, that soon you and your families won’t have anything left to eat. So, starve, you bastards.”

Again, I apologize for my detrimental lack of political correctness, but I always tend to get a little beside myself when confronted with the aspect of unprecedented dimensions of genocide.

Of course it doesn’t exactly help that the supposedly “enlightened” people of the world, those who profess to have found the Way, the Truth and the Life and the Light of this world in Jesus Christ only add to the confusion by proclaiming that the wonderful system they’re living in is actually not darkness, but light, that there are actually no lies being told, but that the government is telling the truth (cough, choke!).

Recently we saw the 70s movie “A Hiding Place” about the Dutch Ten Boom family, hiding Jewish refugees in their house during WW2 and paying dearly for it with their freedom (and some family members with their lives.) Their own pastor was repeating the same old humdrum of “The Bible says to obey the government.” But old Papa Ten Boom wisely answered, “There comes a time when we must decide to obey God, rather than men.” How true, because that is even brought out repeatedly and more explicity in the Bible than the one place where Paul says we’re to submit to the powers that be.

And even though we’re supposed to submit and not cause a physical, violent rebellion, that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to swallow everything they say.

Especially in the light of the fact that governments have been notorious for doing nothing but lie in order to keep the powers that be in power.

So, by nodding their consent to a corrupt and downright wicked government’s activities, those so-called Christians, the false church and Laodecian Whore of the Apocalypse, becomes just as guilty as the very perpetrators of evil, because they contribute heavily to keeping the vast majority deluded.

They say, “There IS no darkness, folks! What are you getting so uptight about?” The only “darkness” their sheep are supposed to accept and see is that of the officially condoned political enemies of the state, falling into the categories mentioned above, of “ethnic and religious impurities in the perfect society of tomorrow.”

Former Illuminati member of the high ranking council of 13, John Todd, already stated in the 70s that churches (i.e. their pastors) were being bribed massively. I suppose one day we’ll know the amount of the billions that must have exchanged hands in order for preachers to deceive millions of Christians into believing that slaughtering Muslims is actually a “Christian” thing to do…

That’s what I like about lone voices of truth in the wilderness like Lawrence M. Vance. He calls a spade a spade. He calls the darkness darkness, and the totally un-Christian habit of slaughtering innocent people of different beliefs just that. – Especially when it turns out that the real motives behind the slaughter were multi-billion dollar oil deals, pipelines, and of course, the usual NWO agenda of diminishing the world population.

I used to get physically sick when I read the Book of Revelation, kind of like Neo when he found out what the Matrix was. Coming to grips with the reality of the Matrix of lies we’re living in right now, is pretty sickening, too, if you have the guts to believe it. It’s almost as if the Apocalypse were upon us.

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In reply to Frank’s comment on my blog entry “Babylon the Whore,” I’d like to get into the details a little deeper, of why I disagree, and can’t believe that the Roman Catholic church is supposed to be “Babylon” of Revelations 17 & 18. I already brought out some of these points in my recent entry about “The Gospel of Acquisition,” but I just read a wonderful book review, confirming my beliefs once more, but also helping me realize that the materialism is only one side of the coin, and the lesser of 2 evils. Certainly the Catholice Church is just as guilty of materialism as anyone, there’s no doubt about that. But there are a few descriptions of the entity Babylon that simply couldn’t be ascribed to either Rome, nor ancient Babylon somehow myseriously revived (especially in the light of that country – Iraq – having been wrecked & devastated for at least the next century), which I’d like to point out, that seem to point at some bigger culprit than the two combined, however piously innocent she’s trying to come across.

One of the principal reasons why Rome couldn’t possibly be synonymous with with the “fallen lady” of Revelation is that it’s commonly accepted by Bible scholars that “the 10 horns which…shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate ” (Rev.17:16) represent the 10 leading European nations, of which Italy is obviously one, so, it’s impossible for Rome to represent both, the Whore and the capital of the 10 horns.

As I already brought out in my study of Rev.-17 & 18, we’re talking about “that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth” (17:18). While that may have been the case with Rome during the time John wrote this, and he may even have believed that he was writing about Rome at the time, when we look at the present (for which those prophecies and revelations obviously given, since we are living in the times that see the Endtime events unfolding before us), then Rome hardly has a say in a lot of countries. Let me list some of the most outstanding ones for you: 1) Roman Catholicism is completely irrelevant to Russia, since they have their own, orthodox version of Catholiscism, which has nothing to do with the Roman version, nor does the Vatican have any say over it, much less does it “reign” over any secular areas of Russian life. 2) China, which by some is already hailed the “next superpower” and the greatest stronghold of socialism presently on earth, may definitely be infected with the Western bug of capitalism and materialism and somewhat intimidated by not so much the American government as the United Nations, but certainly it would be absurd to indicate that Rome exerts any power over China. Subtract Russia and China, and you’ve already got 2 of the biggest, most powerful and most populated countries on earth which definitely don’t fall into the group of countries that Rome exerts power over. The same goes for smaller countries like Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia and virtually all Muslim countries, along with countries like India, which may have a few Catholic missions here or there, but saying that Rome “reigns” over them would be sheer exaggeration.

The only city that comes close to fulfilling the criteria of “reigning” over those countries is the seat of the United Nations. – However, the real power is not found within the walls of the U.N., but in the buidling across the street, where world policies and wars for tomorrow are being planned and cooked up today, the CFR, some of whose key members also reside in that great city which makes Rome look like a pueblito (little village) in comparison.

We can argue about the scope of influence that the Catholic Church is exerting over the nations on international levels, compared to the American Mass media. We can also argue over the amount of damage being done by either. At least the Catholic Church is still somewhat devoted to spreading somewhat Christian virtues, but you couldn’t possibly say that about Mickey Mouse or Rambo.

Then we’ve got the “Blood of prophets, saints, and all that were slain upon the earth” found in her. That may have been the case with Rome 2000 years ago, but if you’re familar with the history of the past 200 years, Rome looks like an innocent choir boy, compared to your average G.I. raping Iraqi teenagers

Let’s say, if I had a choice between a ticket to Rome and one to N.Y.C. at the time of judgment, I’d prefer Rome any day, although I hate big cities per se.

Besides, it wouldn’t take a whole hour to destroy Rome. It might not take an hour to destroy N.Y., either, but I’m still not sure whether I believe that the destruction and judgment will be limited to that city alone.

In my opinion, the refusal to see America’s guilt and the interpretation that Rome is the big culprit is just another pitiful case of wishful thinking and self-deception.

There was a time when I tended to see the Babylon of Revelation as a solely spiritual entity, which is the current doctrine of my own faith community (so please, don’t blame them for my anti-U.S. rantings), although nearly 40 years ago our founder taught without hesitation that Babylon was America. That was during the Vietnam era, and our group’s nickname for Nixon was “Nitler.” Well, we all know now that indeed a lot worse could befall the world than Nixon and Watergate. You’ll definitely find more parallels drawn by Americans between Hitler and Bush.
But you can’t really destroy a spiritual entity with fire, and not within 60 minutes. You can’t see the smoke of a spiritual entity burning and sailors standing from afar bewailing it. It must be a physical place that Revelation 17 and 18 is talking about. And I simply believe that there is a greater sin to be judged here than the sins of the Catholic Church. A sin which has finally been publicly addressed in a book by one courageous Christian writer who must have found one other courageous publisher, unless he published it himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me humbly present to you my hero of the day, Lawrence M. Vance, in his own historic words from his excellent book I honestly urge you to buy, (because if you don’t, who will?):

“Christians who condone the warfare state and its nebulous crusades against ‘evil’ have been duped. There is nothing ‘Christian’ about the state’s aggressive militarism, its senseless wars, its interventions into the affairs of other countries, and its expanding empire.

‘The chief wonder is that Christians, followers of the Prince of Peace, should have concurred in this mad idolatry of strife, and thus been inconsistent not only with themselves, but with the very genius of their system.’

The fact that a government claims a war is just is irrelevant, for American history is replete with examples of American presidents who have exaggerated, misinformed, misrepresented, and lied to deceive the American people into supporting wars that they would not have supported if they had known the facts.

Many supporters of the senseless war in Iraq are high on religion. Add a religious element to a war and the faithful will come out in droves in support of it. In the case of the current war in Iraq this is easy to do. Because the United States is supposedly a ‘Christian nation,’ the war can be turned into a modern-day crusade since Iraq is a ‘Muslim’ nation.

“Christian warmongers … would rather be associated with Bush and the war than with people whom they and others have deemed undesirable. In actuality, however, they are choosing to be associated with a war criminal and murder than with the truth just because some people who are usually wrong happen to be right on this particular issue.

Rather than receiving a proclamation of liberty, what many people in foreign countries receive instead are threats, bombs, and bullets.

From a Christian perspective there is only one way to describe U.S. foreign policy: It is evil. It was evil before the United States invaded Iraq, and it would still be evil if the United States withdrew all of its forces from Iraq tomorrow. It is because of our foreign policy that the U.S. military has become—through its wars, interventions, and occupations—the greatest force for evil in the world. U.S. foreign policy sows discord among nations, stirs up strife where none existed, intensifies the hatred that many foreigners around the world have for Americans and each other, and creates terrorists faster than we can kill them.

Is asking God to bless and protect the troops as they shoot, bomb, maim, mine, destroy, ‘interrogate,’ and kill for a rogue state with an evil foreign policy consistent with the Christianity you find in the New Testament?”

Thank you, Lawrence, for having made my day!

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