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In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

The Devil was actually right when he promised Adam and Eve, “Ye shall be as gods,” if they would eat of that forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

It was a necessary process to really learn the difference between good and evil. I mean, a “god” who wouldn’t know right from wrong would be like a grown up man who doesn’t know where left and right is, right?

Of course, what he didn’t tell them was the ugly detour it was going to take to get there. Ugly for some, that is, namely those who weren’t interested in just the temporary counterfeit achievement of acting like a little “god” right here on earth…

The Abels of history have continued to suffer at the hand of the Cains until this very day, and all they have in this life is the promise that “we shall be like Him” (1John3:2). That will be the only way we’re ever truly going to be God-like.

Instead of swallowing the Devil’s propaganda and advertisements, we’ll listen to what the real Boss has to say, and thereby qualify for genuine divinity (see Ps.82:6, Isa.41:23 and John 10:34, 35).

It’s alright to want to be perfect, I suppose. One just has to come to grips with the fact that it will never happen in this life, and the only way to get there is His way, and not every other neon-lights flashing broadway that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is hoodlum.

It’s true that our imperfection sucks. Big time. But I have it on good authority that Perfection is not the absence of imperfection, but the ability to integrate imperfection.

If God uses our imperfection to perfect His Big Picture according to His idea (and after all, He’s the Master Artist), and by integrating us in His great work of art having some of His perfection rub off on us, who are we to criticize Him?

After all, we may be gods, but not God.

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At first I felt a little bad about the line in my “Farewell Mr. President” song to Bush, after Obama got elected, that says, “So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep,” thinking it was perhaps a little exaggerated ad out of place.

After all, there seemed to be genuine signals that Obama was bringing about positive changes indeed, like the executive order to close down Guantanamo.

Well, after having just watched only the first half of “The Obama Deception,” I humbly admit that my wife had a better sense of discernment than I did, and that “creep” seems to have been, rather, a compliment.

I never would have thought it possible that she was right when she said, “But what if he’s worse than Bush?” – Impossible, I thought.

Well, that’s whatcha get for thinkin’…

Woe is us.

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Someone called me up some time ago and said, “You’re the only dude on the Internet who’s giving his music away for free.”

Well, maybe so. But I’ve got it from Someone Who I consider a greater and more reliable authority on happiness than those John Denver referred to as “them money-hungry fools.”

You never read about Jesus charging an entrance fee for His sermon on the mount, nor did He charge for a single one of His fish sandwiches (although I’m sure He could have raked in a fortune). It just wasn’t in Him.

His credo was, “Freely ye have received, freely give,” and in my opinion one of the greatest disgraces about Christendom is the machine of commerce that it has been for more than 16 centuries, with no improvement in sight anywhere (at least not voluntarily).

Thank God the Antichrist is going to appear some time to put an end to all of that with his “mark of the Beast,” which will divide the wheat from the chaff, anyway.

Jesus made it pretty plain what he thought of that commercialized hybrid of religion or spirituality when He chased the vendors out of the temple. Imagine Him coming to the Vatican or your average drive-in church nowadays, or the mega-temples of the star evangelists. He probably knows why he chose to appear 2000 years before things would get really sick.

Of course, nobody ever believes all that stuff He had to say about not being able to serve God and Mammon (the god of riches), and about the birds in the air and the lilies of the field, and that the heavenly father would supply all our needs, just as He does theirs, if we would only seek first His Kingdom.

“Seeking first” the Kingdom would mean that that’s what you’d invest the majority of your time and efforts in, instead of raking in all the cash you can.

If you dedicate your time to serving Him and making sure that folks get His message (without having to pay a fortune for it), then, He says, He will also take care of your needs.

If you preach the Gospel and spread the Good News, then He’ll make sure that you can also live off the Gospel. Of course, if you only preach to those who’ve heard the Gospel a thousand times or more, and they’re willing to pay a fortune for your sedating sermons that will assure them they’ll escape the wrath of God for our collective selfishness and greed, then you’ll have good cards as far as the god of this world is concerned, and the game that he’s playing, but God may think differently about that kingdom you have built for yourself.

It’s called “modesty,” a trait long forgotten and forlorn, and it has an even more recent hero than Jesus and His early followers, namely the Italian monk St. Francis, who bucked the tide of the religious supermarket of his day and decide to be content with little for a change.

He saw a lot of misery, but I also believe that he knew more true happiness than most other folks in his day.

One of the secrets of life is the art of not falling for every single temptation the Devil offers us along the way; it’s the art of saying “No, thank you!” every once in a while, “I already have enough.”

I guess some people are starting to reap the first repercussion of the “never enough” attitude that has been prevailing in our modern, enlightened Western society for the past decades. But will we really have learned the lesson when and IF the economy recovers?

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The Dawkins Delusion? - Not much to sling in Dawkins face

"The Dawkins Delusion?" - Not much to sling in Dawkins' face

Apart from the fact that 10.-€ for a booklet of 78 pages seems a bit overprized, this flaw might have been overlooked if the content of those pages would at least have made up by quality what lacks in quantity. Alas, it is not so. The very thing McGrath holds against Dawkins, namely that by lack of information, his bias and repetition of dogma, Dawkins is doing the science community a disservice, McGrath becomes guilty of himself, in that he reflects rather negatively on the Christian community.

If this is all that Christianity has to answer to folks like Dawkins, then woe is us, and no wonder people are being annoyed by our faith. Such lukewarm religion has never done anyone any service.

McGrath seems to have absolutely no clue about what “Intelligent Design” actually represents, but in a totally ignorant and uniformed manner repeats the same mantra about ID that is coming from the atheist camp. Only one hour of his doubtlessly precious time, devoted to watching the documentary “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” would have saved him from probably perpetual embarrassment.

If you’re looking for a book that will strengthen your faith in God, or would arm you with solid arguments to counter Dawkins’ disciples all around us, don’t buy this book. It would have been bad enough and perhaps tolerable as a blog or free e-book, but is frankly, not worth the paper it’s printed on.

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One drift that is currently or since a few years going around on the web is the notion that since there are so many similarities between ancient deities and religions and the story of Jesus, Christianity and its whole story must be a fabrication, and some go as far to claim that religion altogether seems to be a plot cooked up by the Illuminati to enslave mankind.

Certainly these people must be doing the Illuminati or whatever forces intend to enslave mankind a great favor by spreading their erroneous idea.

While it may be reasonable to conclude that similarities, such as the resemblance between the Babylonian “son of god” Tammuz and Jesus must be more than a coincidence, just as much as it was reasonable for Darwin to conclude from his observation of finches on Galapagos that changes are happening within creatures that help them to adapt to their environment, when that same train of thought and “reason” is spun further to an extreme, total nonsense comes out of it.

You’ve got to know when to tell your own mind to “stop! Thus far and no further!”

What the great conspiracy theory heroes like the producer of the movie “Zeitgeist,” and other similar Youtube productions, or Reptilians-Specialist David Icke fail to see is the very legitimate reason for the similarities between the Gospel story and the tales of previous religions of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece and Rome: These ancient religions were all based on astrology. And while millions of Christians around the world pee in their pants at the mere utterance of the world “astrology” because they know that it’s one of the corner stones of witchcraft and paganism, their sin of fear is depriving the world of some very valuable and ancient knowledge, which tends to become forgotten, but does not have to be.

The secret is that God had written the Gospel story in the stars, way before we ever saw it unfold, exactly like it is said in the Psalms:

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.

Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge.

There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath He set a tabernacle for the sun.” (Psalm 19:1-4)

We all know that passage and love it because it sounds so mystically poetic, but few people really know what it means. Thankfully, some people do, and have overcome their fears of what fellow Christians might think of them if they would write a book about naughty, naughty astrology, and if enough people cared about the truth, we could all relax in the knowledge that it was God, not the Devil, who created not only the stars “for signs and for seasons” (Genesis 1:14), but also the zodiac.

According to William D. Banks and his book “The Heavens Declare,” the origins of the zodiac dates back to Enoch (yes, the guy who walked with God, and “wasn’t found,” and from whom we’ve got the word “inch,” coincidentally). The word zodiac having its true origins in Hebrew (“the path” – coincidentally the name Early Christians gave their new faith among believers), and prophetically telling the story of Jesus, the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Rev.13:8), – depicted in the star sign Aries, the ram, or lamb – beginning with the virgin Mary (Virgo), telling about the price He would pay (Libra) to free us from the grip of the Enemy (Scorpio) by pointing the arrow of His truth at his heart (Sagittarius), being the Scapegoat for our sins (Capricorn), pouring forth the waters of His Word (Aquarius), gathering His church [called-out ones] (Pisces) to be a Coming Ruler (Taurus), representing both God and man, King and servant, Savior and sufferer in one (Gemini), to gather His flock into His fold (Cancer) upon His Return as the rightful Heir, King and Ruler over all (Leo), to give the gist of the story in a nutshell.

The names of the stars in these signs have in all “speeches and languages,” as Psalm 19 says, told the Story of “the One that was to come” for millennia before His actual birth, and since the stars were a major source of information to the scholars and wise men of the ancient empires, it’s no wonder that their religion sounded so similar to what Christianity would become.

To conclude that the similarities between them are a result of man concocting His own idea of God is comparable to Darwin’s conclusion that creation “concocted” itself – the only tolerable explanation for those who refuse to make room for God in their lives, regardless of the fact that life could never have created itself without information or intelligence, which always – undeniably and without exceptions – has an Author.

Conspiracy authors and filmmakers are thus unwittingly contributing to the cause of the very forces they try to expose, by tossing the only solution and hope of freedom for mankind into the same pot, confining humanity to the mental prison of an existence for no particular reason or purpose which already has created more misery than any other dogma in the past century.

The only hope they offer is that one day mankind will become enlightened enough to save itself from its own stupor, which generally is the same basis of all false religions and philosophies from Cain to Marx, based on the self-righteous assumption that one kind of people – for whatever reason – is better than the other, and thus deserves the position of power and authority over them. If that doesn’t sound like NWO-Philosophy, what else does?

The dilemma with the world is that nobody ever realizes that the attitude that they know better than God is precisely the predicament that has landed them in the mess they’re in.

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