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Hi everyone. Here’s a song I wrote and recorded this week in order to get some things off of my chest about the man who will probably go down in history as the man who gave Christendom’s image in the world the final blow, furthering the cause of those who say that the world would be better off without it, or any faith for that matter.

Regardless of religious convictions, though, I would like to invite anyone around the world who happens to be able to identify with the content and message of this song, to join in on it.

All you need is a webcam or a headset with a mic and sing along with the song, record it and mail me (Dave.Mendoza@gmail.com) the clip, and you’ll be included in an extended version of the song & video.

Although I’m referring to the chorus of the song in particular, which should be fairly easy to sing along to, if there’s a particular line in the song you like, you can also sing that one, although I can’t promise to include the audio, depending on the quality. (That applies only to the verses. All contributed audios will be included on the chorus, providing they’re half-way in tune.)

Since this leader’s politics have affected citizens from just about any nation on this planet, your contribution will be added regardless of nationality.

Looking forward to making a racket with you,


Song Lyrics:

Farewell Mr. President

This is a song for you, though it’s a song you’ll never hear

The man who’s wrecked & ruled “the greatest nation on God’s earth” for 8 long years

Oblivious to the facts, oblivious to how it feels to have lost a son in Iraq

for some greedy, old men’s petrol deals

I wonder who’ll wipe off that grin from your mischievous monkey face

You’re wading knee-deep in your sins, the blood of thousands on your hands

Of all the hypocrites I’ve seen you were the one that takes the cake

Farewell, Mr. President!

You sure fulfilled your daddy’s dreams: that New World Order’s rolling in

Cause, after all, what have you been than a mere puppet to their schemes?

And best of all, you’ve done it all in the Name of the One you hate

Cause you were taught not to repeat the one mistake your daddy made

The hypocrites fell for you the way that brand of people do

But me, I see right through your wicked smirk, oh, yes, I do

Farewell, Mr. President!

So now you’re leaving with a bang, the way that big-shot people do

to leave another man to hang in the place you have left him to

I suppose history will show what you did, who you were for real

Perhaps our grandchildren will know what all you schemers now conceal

But in a long, black list of fools, I think you’ll be and always will

the most pathetic one to me

Farewell, Mr. President!

War is your game, war has been your creed

Though it’s sure as hell not you who fight, no you let other people bleed

The wind you have sown, the storm you will reap

So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep

“We won’t get fooled again,” is that what we really believed?

But then we’ll believe anything, anything – you screwed us over in our sleep

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen)

Sure had us fooled again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

(So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu)

Please, don’t come around again

(Bye Bye, Miss American Pie)

Farewell, Mr. President!

Good to see you leave again

Download the song in MP3 format:

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All throughout history, men of notice have come before their kings to pay their tribute. After all, authority is impressive, and we all want to be on good terms with the head honcho, right? Every now and then (especially more now, than then, it seems), one or the other of those kings turns out to have been of less than noble ambitions, which has never deterred the worshipers, though.
Authority still rules, even if it sucks.
One problem about those boot lickers is: nobody ever hears of them again. After the demise of the former “German Democratic Republic,” not many of those artists and celebrities that had been loyal to the socialist regime were still able to butter their breads with their trade, to give one recent historic example.

Yet those solitary few who have dared to stand up against the tyrants of their day are forever honored in our history books.
From Moses before Egypt’s Pharaoh over Jeremiah the prophet before the king of Judea, and on down to Sophie Scholl and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, they are remembered, while the man-pleasers have gone down into oblivion. They are the Salieris of their time, popular, celebrated and successful for a season while the Mozarts go down in flames, but forever forgotten.

And what is the only thing we learn from history? Right. That we never learn anything from history. Even so, the vast majority of the populace stands behind their – more or less – elected kings, even if they tear them down to the abyss with them. Strangely enough, a lot of people don’t even notice they’re falling (they apparently think they’re still flying) – presumably until they hit the ground.

One of the lone voices speaking out against Nixon during his time once said, “Nearly the Devil’s entire power is in fear.”

Seems to be pretty effective.

Maybe that’s why the explicit order not to be afraid is mentioned a couple hundred times throughout the Bible. As Irish Folk singer Frances Black once put it: “Fear is the enemy of love.” What eliminates fear is faith in the God of Love, the REAL head honcho, Who, by the way, can help anyone interested to discern whether what your current local head honcho is up to, is any good, so you don’t have to go down the fools’ road along with the rest of the silent majority.

Of course, it would also help to learn something from the misery you’ve seen in the past, say 8 years, and try as hard as you can to keep the same mistakes from happening. And if nothing else, pray like a house on fire. Your world and your country needs it more than you may know.

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I’ve written a few things about all the weird (and not-so-weird) ways God chooses to communicate with us, in fact, I’m writing a whole book about it.

In the movie “Proof,” the daughter of a deceased mathematical genius who unfortunately seems to have been rather demented for the latter part of his life, grants a young student of her father access to his belongings. Among them he finds a scrapbook with a mathematical proof in it that presents some sort of breakthrough for the world of science and mathematics. To his total shock and bewilderment, the daughter tells him that she wrote it. As we watch the subsequent conflict between the student’s disbelief and the daughter’s hurt feelings evolve, we’re slowly guided through the actual events, and the circumstances under which the daughter wrote the proof.

The professor had actually been quite demented during that time, and while he was feverishly working on some “great” and “important” project, which turns out to have been mere lunacy and rubbish he was scribbling down. One evening, he rants on and on, uttering nothing but incomprehensible garble, while his daughter, as if being dictated, writes the actual proof.

Weird, ‘ey? But see, that’s a lot how God sometimes communicates with us, too. One man’s gibberish is another’s enlightenment. Take the song “Come Together” by John Lennon (and the Beatles), for instance. While each verse is a bunch of gibberish that only either the highly initiated or highly stoned on LSD could understand, yet the chorus reveals a very deep and important, universal and cosmic truth in 4 simple words: “Come together right now! – Over me!”

If you know God, or more explicitly, Jesus, then you know that’s how He actually works: He brings everything and everyone together over Himself. In fact, He is the Mediator that re-connects us with God the Father. But He is also the central Heardquarters of exchange for communication when it comes to really digging our fellow members of the human species. At least as far as I’m concerned.

The more I get to know people, and the more people I get to know, the more I see how everyone seems to be on a different wavelength. There are certain mediums that can bring people together onto the same length temporarily, like the phenomenon of 22 guys chasing a soccer ball, politicians making promises they’ll never keep, or Marilyn Manson tearing up a Bible on stage, vowing to destroy Christianity, but I wouldn’t exactly call that the right wavelength, however vehemently you wish to differ with me on that one.

But I’m firmly convinced that while currently we all may be living under the illusion of being separate entities, at least those who are called to His wavelength will eventually wind up being together, joined as one in every sense. He’s like the light, drawing all the little moths or planets that we are toward Him, calling us to become one with Him, and in doing so, we finally understand and fully comprehend each other; and perhaps, even more importantly: love each other.

This may all sound like a bunch of weird and senseless gibberish to you, but I’m convinced that some day soon you’ll see the living proof that I’m telling the truth, if you just follow His call. Can you hear it? “Come together! … Over Me!”

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20th Century Prophet

20th Century Prophet

What is a prophet?

A prophet usually isn’t invited to hold a speech by the prestigeous, nor to hold a sermon in front of your Southern Baptist congregation on Sunday morning (as much as one or the other preacher may think of himself as such).

A prophet doesn’t hold “improve your life” seminars or fancy workshops.

A prophet is never popular. Otherwise Jesus would have lied, when He said, “The servant is not above the master. If they have hated Me, they will hate you also.”

A prophet is the one guy out of 400 others that you don’t want to hear. There were 400 false prophets during Jeremiah’s day who foretold that Jerusalem wasn’t going to fall into Babylonian hands. Only Jeremiah preached otherwise, and was thrown in the dungeon. Only Jeremiah was right, though, and was pulled out on the dungeon on behalf of the conquering Babylonians.

A prophet is never a pop star, and a pop star is never a prophet.

A prophet doesn’t reap much applause. What does applause mean, from a world that crucifies its saviors, persecutes its prophets and applauds, nay, worships people that make Nero and Caligula look like Bambi and Flower in comparison?

People don’t like prophets. True prophets, that is. In fact, they hate’em. They’re a thorn in their side. They’re the epitome of embarrassment and worse.
They’re spots on the sparkling clean vesture of the Great Society, because they’re pointing at the blood beneath that cloak, and forecast that society’s doom. Who wants to hear about doom when we’re having so much fun? Who wants to believe that the world could possibly be as bad as they say, when we’ve got movies that can make us laugh and cry, and we can get ice cream and custard in any possible flavor you can imagine? When there are people around as wonderful as Oprah?
Who wants to hear about 10.000 starving a day, about Iraqui victims of an unjust war, aborted children, or unjustifiable justifications for torture when things are going this good?

A prophet is the one guy that has the guts to say, “God damn America” while all the rednecks stop their ears and scream with all their might, “No, no, no! God BLESS America!” When that’s the one thing even the Almighty simply can’t do anymore.

A prophet is the one who weeps while everybody else is still drunk with laughter. He sits in sackcloth and ashes while the rest of the world parties, mesmerized and totally in love with themselves.

A prophet is an idol smasher. He has the audacity to crush that picture of a fake reality, that idol, that image people worship instead of the one true God, and could never be less appreciated for his deed.
He does and says what is the only right thing to do and say, even if no one wants to hear it or insists it’s the wrong thing to do or say.
He doesn’t go by the status quo. He goes by a different standard. God’s.
He does so because he has the audacity to say that God still speaks today, to anyone who’ll listen, young or old, because He is not a God of the dead, but of the living.

A prophet is all you wouldn’t want to be if your hopes, dreams, ambitions and treasures lie in this world, and something one can only even consider becoming if he sees and knows that all this world has to offer is husks and like ashes between your teeth compared to what the World of tomorrow has to offer.

A prophet isn’t moved by the scoffers. Trying to please them would be like betrayal and a slap in his God’s face. He considers their opinions but dung that needs to go down into the ground in order to help bring about new life from the ashes of the old.
While everybody else roars the national anthem of the champions, he quietly hums the tune of God.
He is weird. Strange. Different. Disliked. Derided and despised. But never a coward.
Let the pack of the rest of them band together against him, the wolves gnash their teeth and the howls of a million demons threaten him, he still knows that he alone with God is a majority, for “more are they that be with us than they that be with them.” (2.Kings 6:16)

A prophet is one who will pray for you to be able to see it (2Kings 6:17).

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People often interpret the term “all-powerful” to indicate that God does it all: everything is predestined; He created the Devil to be bad, and predestined Judas to betray Him, and everything is pre-programmed, anyway, so what difference does it make, anyway, what choices I’m going to make today?

That’s why we put the blame for practically anything that goes wrong on God. We hiss a sarcastic “thanks a lot!” in His direction when something doesn’t go our way, because we figure He did it to tease us. After all, He’s all-powerful, so He does it all, or doesn’t He?

No, He does not. Just because Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him, doesn’t mean He made him do it. The same applies to the fall of Satan, or the Fall of Man with Adam & Eve. He didn’t make’em do it. Nor does He make any of us do the stupid things we do, nor is He the one causing all our troubles.

As James put it in his epistle: “Let no man say when he is tempted, ‘I am tempted by God.’ Because God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does Hed tempt anyone.” (James 1:13).

Everybody has their own specific job in the Big Picture, and the Devil has chosen (God didn’t make him do it) to take on the role of the tempter. That’s his job (with the help of his cohorts, that is, both flesh & blood and spiritual). It’s our Savior’s job to save us out of the mess we allow ourselves to get into when we fall for the Enemy of our soul’s temptations by choosing to say “yes” to them, instead of no, like a foolish kid who simply doesn’t have the strength of character to refuse his first cigarette or drug. (Been there! – Repeatedly!)

On one hand we refuse to give credit to our Maker for all the good things He does; we even refuse to give Him credit for His very creation, preferring to believe the total nonsense that it has somehow come about by itself. On the other, we blame everything bad that ever happened on Him: “How could He allow that?” Well, allowing things to happen is what free choice is all about, but it still isn’t the same as making them happen, or making us do it.

We have to realize that God is the good Guy, waiting there at the other end of the tunnel to take us Home again, the One Who sent His Son to become like us in order to save us, because He loves us. That means, He’s our Friend, not our Enemy.

Even people who believe in Him since decades can get upset at God and blame everything that goes wrong on Him (I know what I’m talking about). It’s because we swallow the deception of His enemy, which is very clever indeed: Satan projects his own profile and personality on God, so that what we see or imagine when we think of God is actually the tyrant, the big head honcho who wants to run the whole show and accuse and condemn us as soon as we make a mistake.

But that’s not Who God is. God prefers to remain in the background, He doesn’t run the whole show the way His opponent is getting ready to do, with all his pompous ado. Look at Jesus, His Son: He wasn’t a super star, no big politician or even a religious head honcho. According to His own words, He didn’t even have a bed. He was a lowly and humble carpenter’s son, and for 3 years He pursued a public ministry of healing and teaching, never once seeking fame in any of what He did, never trying to be the “cool guy,” just doing what needed to be done, saying what needed to be said, and then getting out of the way to let His followers pick up where He left of. He even promised them, “You will do greater things than I did!”

So, next time we tend to get upset with God (and I’m preaching to myself here, more than anyone else), let’s try to remember Who and what God really is. He’s not the bad guy that the Devil is trying to make Him out to be. He’s the good Guy Who’s going to save us out of this mess.

Alright then, sometimes we think He could or ought to be doing that a little sooner than He actually does, and we get impatient with Him for not saving us immediately at the onset of the slightest pain or trial. But maybe it’s because we haven’t called Him for help yet. After all, we’re trying to do everything else in our own strength, so that we can pat ourselves on the back for the hard workers we are, so why should He barge in on us unsolicited? Or do you know anybody who is actually trusting in God for their daily bread, instead of their own arm of the flesh? I’m not saying those people don’t exist, but they’re a rare breed, and certainly not your average church attendant or preacher.

God is not the liar, the thief, the culprit, nor the one trying to cheat us out of our happiness, and the sooner we realize that, the greater favor we’ll be doing ourselves.

Our false concept & picture of God (perhaps that’s why one of His commandments was not to make an image of Him, because no matter how hard we try, it’ll always fall short of the Real Thing?) is probably what makes us want to keep Him locked up in the box we have built Him for a home: the church building. Nicely and safely locked up for 6 days and 23 hours a week (with few exceptions), and only let loose upon our spirits to torment us for that one dreadful hour on Sunday mornings… Well, thankfully, that Pollyanna type of churchiantity has waned over the past decades (otherwise no one would be going to church anymore at all), but most people I know want to keep God out of their private lives, and when they want to have fun, they don’t want to think about Him. “You’re the bad Guy, You go back inside Your box!”

Personally, if God is Love, and love is what I happen to enjoy most, I’d like to have Him around and enjoy Him as much as possible. After all, if He’s cool enough to have created all of the things & people I like best, then who knows what other fun stuff He might possibly be up to? So, I think I’m going to pull God out of my “grump corner” (I don’t have a church building to stick Him in, so that had to do for now), and invite Him to tug along next time I’m going out to have some fun. Maybe I’ll live to tell y’all how it went.

Most people obviously think they’re better off and doing just fine without Him, but I guess people’s idea of fun varies a lot, and can differ as drastically as my personal music taste from my daughter’s. But I’d still recommend the idea of giving God a chance to be your friend. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out that He’s the best you ever had!

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“Jesus replied, ‘If anyone loves me, he will obey My teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.'” (John 14:23)

Whether it’s going to take another 10 years or twenty – and I seriously doubt that it should take another 30 years – before Jesus will deliver this place from the usurper, insiders ought to make themselves savvy of what the future Ruler of earth has to say. The problem right now being that very few people actually care about what He has to say, whether in the Gospels, or in real-time..

There are 2 ways of finding out what Jesus has to say: you either read what He had to say 2000 years ago, which in its unaltered form is still good today and will even be when heaven and earth pass away, and one can tune in to His latest news via the gift of prophecy, which is a fully legit means of finding out what He has to tell you right here and now, offered in the Bible as one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Another problem being that the only gifts most Christians are interested in are small papers with pictures of dead dudes and round numbers on them, like “10,” “20,” “50,” or “!00,” etc., you read me.

Another, 3rd way of finding out what He has to say is having someone else tell you or interpret if for you, which seems to be people’s favorite means, but it’s also a bit risky, because whatever Jesus may have to say through somebody else might always be tainted by their own views and opinions (and oh, they are many…), so my recommendation would be to cut the detour and find out from Him personally.

In this case, what I would have to say to you would spell: “Don’t listen to what I’ve got to say! Find out what Jesus has to say!”

In order to do that, I’m going to do you the favor and give you the opportunity by shutting up right now. If you absolutely have no clue about Jesus and His recorded words, start with the Gospel of John, (don’t like reading? Watch the movie!), and if you’re up for the latest, grab something to write and ask Him to give you some news on your situation, the world, whatever, and I promise, you may well wind up surprised by the results. Alternatively, you could subscribe to Activated magazine in which you’ll find portions of news and views from the future Boss of the world on all sorts of topics.

P.S. (July 18, 2009): Coincidentally – if I’d believer there ever was such a thing as coincidence – this blog entry inspired the birth of another book project, which today – although far from completed – has seen the light of day.

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