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It’s official now, as far as I’m concerned – and what hundreds of thousands of parents of homeschoolers have already known for decades, I’ve recently found confirmed by serious book authors, such as John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte T. Iserbyt: Public Schools make kids stupid.

If you want to know the exact reasons for this statement, you can read this paper by Kent Daniel Bentkowski, since I’m not just writing this blog to confirm what you’ve probably known all along, but I’m aiming at something else.

I’m aiming at a point I just discovered during the past 24 hours, and that is that the public school system is there for a special – less than benign – purpose. If life itself is a school, and God our great Teacher, then the school system is what the Devil cooked up in order to distract kids from what God is trying to teach us through everything, to indoctrinate us and inoculate us against His truth, so clearly visible everywhere in His creation.

When we are children, we still see it, but then the brainwashing starts, and all you see afterwards is confusion.

It’s not wonder that Rick Joyner saw school teachers among the guards and wardens of the “prison of life” in his vision in “The Call.” Along with other official defenders of the System, they’re one group of “guardians of the Matrix,” and if they dare to excel above their duty of making sure the kids stay dumb, they will probably run into the same frustrations J.T. Gatto describes in his books, “Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling,“ and The Underground History of American Education.“

I must give our faith-community, The Family International, credit for having recognized that fact from the beginning (our founder compared public schools to the ancient pagan deity Moloch, to whom newborns were sacrificed), and being on the forefront of Christian homeschoolers, when it comes to international movements, and for making home-schooling the undisputed choice of preference for children of full-time members.

Unfortunately, in some countries, such as Germany, public school is really compulsory, as in “you go to jail or lose custody if you don’t do it.” Bearing the only advantage that by the time you’ve had 6 children go through the treadmill of a public school system intricately designed to produce idiots, you can only whole-heartedly agree with the above authors. Too bad “freedom” doesn’t go all that far, in some so-called democracies, but we already covered that topic

The longer one lives in this world and actually sees what’s going on, the more aspects one finds in which the System is just a pitiful counterfeit of the Real Thing, God’s original plan for us: the health care system, the economic system, certainly the political system, the church system, and the educational system. All designed beautifully to bring about the desired result: total failure.

As the author of one article about the health care situation in the US wrote some time ago, “If you want to stay healthy, keep away from hospitals!” I would paraphrase that and say, “If you want your kids to be smart, keep them away from public schools!” IF you can, that is. If you love your child and the country you live in grants that liberty, use it!

No wonder, Jesus said one would have to forsake “all that he hath” in order to be His disciple. You won’t want anything this world has to offer. You just can’t have two masters. If you’re already being brainwashed by those poor underpaid and overworked teachers in public school and their dictated curriculum of “no sense, no purpose & no idea,” then it’ll be hard to concentrate on anything the Great Teacher is trying to tell you. You either let them convert you into a System-junkie, or you become a freedom-fighter for the truth.

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While browsing for a more reliable source of recommendations for edifying movies than Christianity Today last night (any site rating “Pan’s Labyrinth” higher than “Amazing Grace” must be about as “Christian” as George Bush, and we all ought to know by now how far his “Christianity” really goes), I finally came upon “Crosswalk,” a site not free of the hyper-patriotic and warmongering mindset of US-Insanity Today, either, but at least not as mind-warped & pseudo-intellectually twisted. So, if you’re looking for edifying movies, that’s the site, we’d presently recommend, rather than CT.

Before we found Crosswalk, there were a few other sites, recommending what they considered the “best” movies, say, of 2006, and one recommendation that caught my eye was “Shut Up and Sing,” the documentary with and about the Dixie Chicks, and particularly what happened after their statement in London in 2003, that they were ashamed of Bush being from Texas.

Being a big-mouth-afflicted artist myself, who has refused to go the way of all flesh for the sake of popularity, naturally my heart went out for the girls, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching their metamorphosis from “merely a Country band” into a “furious voice for the truth.

Even though it becomes clear during the course of the film that the Chicks are not promoting Christian values or view points, it’s almost as if God winked an eye and anointed them to a somewhat prophetic voice against the insanity and hypocrisy that so many people have the audacity to actually call “Christianity.”

Of course, the whole incident reminds one of the episode with John Lennon and the Beatles in the 60s, after John’s prognosis that Christianity would vanish, and, after all, they were more famous than Jesus.

I ran a Google check recently, ”Beatles” vs. “Jesus,” and while the Beatles yielded a whopping 54.000.000 results, Jesus took the cake with 180.000.000. So, this just shows how fleeting fame and popularity are in this world. You may be more famous than Jesus one day, but then, never underestimate immortality: it’s got something that’s going to catch up with you sooner or later.

So, in the long run, John was wrong about that one. Nevertheless, he was right about a lot of other things he said. For instance, that New York is like the Rome of today. Or “All You Need Is Love” (providing you truly believe that God IS love, and that He’s capable of supplying all your needs, that is). Or “Give peace a chance!” (Remember, it was the time of the Vietnam war, a situation very similar to the present rape of Iraq).

We Christians have a saying, “There is no peace without the Prince of Peace,” but I also believe that it works the other way around: “Where there’s no peace, there the Prince of Peace isn’t, either,” no matter how ardently one may profess to believe in Him, or claim to have exclusive rights as His representatives on earth.

What people don’t realize is that He Himself prophesied that there would be many speaking and acting in His name, whom He would not recognize as His, but whom He will tell at the end of the world, “Depart from Me; I never knew you!”

Personally, I can’t blame folks for not buying into the kind of “Christianity” most people are selling as such, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if what Jesus said comes true, and there will be many from the East and the West, who will enter into His Kingdom before those who call themselves the children of the Kingdom.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d much rather see the Dixie Chicks there than pseudo-pious mass murderers.

I don’t know about you…

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In what is probably one of the currently most popular and widespread political blog entries on the web, Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, sheds a little light on what he calls “Bush’s Freedom Delusion.”

While – as a believer in the afterlife – I don’t necessarily agree with him that “Dead people cannot experience freedom,…” I do agree that that’s probably not the kind of freedom the Iraqi people were hoping for. It reminds one of the joke about the preacher in the Wild West who asked his crowd who wanted to go to Heaven, and everybody raised his hand. Then a drunk gun slinger stands up and says, “You’re not asking that question the right way, Preacher!” – pulls his guns, and asks, “Now, who wants to go to Heaven?!”

I guess Bush’s idea of “Heaven” or “Freedom” differs somewhat from that of most clear thinking folk, as does that of those “religious broadcasters,” who can give a standing ovation and shout “Amens” to such a farce.

If that’s freedom, then who wants it? If that’s the kind of people we’ll meet in Heaven, then who wants to got there?

Rightly, Hornberger questions, “If freedom and democracy really was the be-all and end-all for President Bush, would he really have spent the last several years funneling millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer aid to his close friend and partner Pervez Musharraf, the unelected brutal military dictator of Pakistan? The reason that Bush has never supported democracy in Pakistan is because it might produce a regime that isn’t favorable to the U.S. government.

It made me wonder. What is it, then, that makes us, in the West, worthy of the luxury of democracy, while other people are having paid dictators to keep them enslaved? What quality is it that makes us bona fide candidates for that oh, so glorious golden and shiny bluebird of happiness, Democracy?

You’re not going to like my conclusion.

It’s the fact that we’re already brainwashed. They managed to make us believe their hogwash ever since we were kids in school, and they ensure that we stay brainwashed by bombarding us with the same old tunes over and over and over again: when you pick up a magazine at the dentist’s, when you turn on the tube or the radio, when you go to church, work, or school… They don’t have to worry about us anymore.

It’s like the old story about black Sam, who was a slave on some cotton farm in the South before the Civil War. One day his master asked him, “Sam, how come you’re a Christian, and yet you seem to be having so many problems? I don’t even believe in God & don’t have nearly as many troubles as you.” Sam had to think about that for a while before he was ready to answer. But a few days later, they went on a duck hunt, and there Sam’s master told him to collect the wounded ducks and leave the dead ones lay. Sam came back with a big grin to his master after the hunt & said, “I now have the answer to your question, Boss! You see, I’m a live one. The Devil’s trying to get me bagged, and that’s why he’s giving me so many troubles. You’re a dead duck! He’s already got you in his bag, that’s why he’s leavin’ you alone.”

Most of us who enjoy democracy only have that privilege because the Devil’s already got us in his bag. We think we’re free, and take the freedom to give that same freedom to other helpless nations at the point of a gun, or at least we pay our corrupt leaders to do it, or give standing ovations to speeches he actually made us believe that he believed their content himself.

Apparently even Hornberger seems to believe that. Well, that’s one more point I disagree with him on. Guess one day we’ll know.

In any case, now we know – or at least I know what makes us liable for democracy: a propaganda machine that operates so well that it can keep the masses perfectly enslaved without them even noticing it. We even applaud our oppressors.

If this is freedom, it makes me wonder if the Iraqis aren’t truly the luckier ones in this deal…

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Published March 10, 2008

The god of this world has a new name: Google Almighty. If there is any way I can imagine the antichrist coming into power, it’s going to be the same way Google did: Offering quick and easy solutions for everyone under a facade of “the nice guys from next door,” while slowly growing into a power that – woe if it turns against you.

We all fell for it, that irresistible offer of “X gigabyte and growing” of space in your mailbox, when Gmail first came out: even in spite of the warnings of our friends, who said, “Did you ever read their privacy policy?” We shrugged it off & said, “So what? What can they do to us, that would justify not grabbing such a generous offer?” during a time when Yahoo still held the crown of “the world’s best web-based email,” annoying us with its glitches and flashy advertizements…

Oh, and we all went for blogger, when it came up with all it’s wonderful new features, and posted our opinions, thinking that those “nice guys from next door” wouldn’t mind if they were going to be a little bit politically incorrect. That’s what you get for thinking.

We posted our videos on google video, uploaded our photos to our google accounts by the hundreds, and thought, “Oh, well, nothing happened so far, so all our private information must be safely in their hands.”

All until they pulled the plug on you. At first you thought, “Could it be? Google down?!” But then you find out via the – mind you, infinitely inferior – counterparts, such as yahoo search or dogpile (ever tried to find a decent site to help you, for instance, download a display driver for a Tecra 8000 via those engines? All the internet demons will come laughing at you, “Thou fool! How can you even try to achieve this without our god, Google Almighty!?”), that no, Google is not down, it’s just a small “local” problem with their blacklisting system which automatically bars undesirable users from any of their services. Somehow you fell from grace. Maybe you typed in a slightly illigitimate query into your google search bar, or accidentally downloaded some trojan that went “tattling” on you.
Maybe Google Almighty just figured that now might be the right time to give you a glimpse of the meaning of the word “almighty” out there, in Cyberspace.
(Reminds you of the lunatic in “Dreamscape:” “Down here, I am god, baby!”).

It’s probably a foreshadowing of the day when the Illuminati are going to pull the plug on us, and will let us know just how much we’ll get accomplished without electricity. You’ll wish you had a fire stove and some candles stacked away, then! (Oh, and plenty of bottled water, since that won’t come running out of your tabs anymore, either…)

I’m slowly looking around for alternatives to Google: I’m going to update my older, perhaps slightly humbler blogs with less features, & see whether they’ll also be barred from Google Search (“F__k the tags!”). Guess I’ll have to look around for a more reliable webmail service, too, or run back to my Yahoo account (if Google hasn’t bought Yahoo already by the time I’m done writing this …)

One should have known it. Power corrupts. No matter how nice the image. Once you’re part of the Corporate World, you’ll dance and play according to their tune, and often it’s the young, “open-minded” and dynamic success junkies who’ll become the most viciously loyal slaves of the System in their do or die quest to become “No.1.”

So, how does it feel up there, “Google Almighty?”

So you think the Internet’s going to last forever, and there’s nothing that could shake you and kick you off your thrown, do you? Well, I’ve got news for you: God’s wonderful new System is coming up, one without electro smog and cyber tyrants; most probably (at least if I’ll have any say in it) even without money, and no more machines ruling our lives!

“You may say, I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

Who knows? Maybe there’s more to the message of “The Matrix” than even I have fathomed thus far (being one of the greatest fans of the series I know)… Perhaps there’s really something to it: the war between men and machines, and I have a notion that it won’t end in a peaceful truce, like the fictional trilogy did.
The ancient book of Enoch, which is quoted in the epistle of Jude in the Bible as sacred Scripture, states that it was the descended (fallen?) angels who taught man all sorts of things they weren’t really supposed to know, such as the art of war, and who knows what else they have taught and shown us since, perhaps unbeknownst to us? We think of ourselves as so advanced, so smart, so “evolved,” but what if a lot of those inventions man made – both good or bad – were based on inspiration in the true sense of the word, namely “given by spirits”?
We may claim the credit, but in the end, the Bible says, “What hast though that thou didst not receive?”
To what extent were spirits involved in the development of our machinery? And if they were involved in their development, to what extent are they involved in their usage? Whose music are we dancing to?

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I’ve been watching the first 7 issues of Chuck Missler’s Revelation video series on Google Video last week, and while I am thankful for the elaborate background information Missler gives on the deeper significance that lies in the Letters to the 7 Churches, there are also points in which I personally feel he’s totally off the track, such as the erroneous Pre-Tribulation Rapture, of course, but also his identifying Babylon the Whore as literal ancient Babylon in Iraq. I’ve also read portions of Dave Hunt’s book “A Woman Rides The Beast,” which Chuck Missler repeatedly recommends, to see whether I would be able to reconcile with the tought that Babylon the great Whore as described in Revelations 17 and 18 could perhaps be Rome, but also in this case, I must acredit those two Americans’ interpretation of those Scriptures to the same – typical for Americans – wishful thinking that misleads millions of Christians to belief in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

While it is certainly true that Rome and the Catholic Church are guilty of the blood of innocent millions, and it’s certainly true that the remnant of what used to be true Christianity that they are presenting to the world as such is blasphemous and certainly good reason for God’s indignation, it takes Americans to fail to recognize that the slaughter, rape of the truth and untold bloodshed perpetrated by their own country over the past centuries makes even Rome look innocent and saintly by comparison.

Of course, recognizing this fact takes a willingness to face the truth and to see beyond the “America the Beautiful” image that most Americans and part of the rest of the world (still) are enchanted with, and a look beyond the official version of history; a look behind the curtains as to who really financed and instigated the first two world wars, the Russian Revolution, and literally every other war during the past few centuries of our world’s history.

The bloody tracks lead to another “great and mighty city” that “sitteth upon many waters” and plays the tunes to which all nations really dance, be it financially, culturally or polictically. A city, so great and mighty, in fact, that modern day Rome looks like a little village in comparison, the skyline of which you see daily on TVs, billboads and web pages or in movie theatres all over the world

There is even a town called “Babylon” on Long Island, New York. As (not only) Insiders know, the Statue of Liberty is in reality an idol representing the Babylonian goddess Semiramis, watching over her favored child.

Just read for yourself the verses about “Babylon the Great Whore” which shall be destroyed in one hour, and make up your mind, whether this is most applicable to the Italian city of Rome, the – howbeit rebuilt – ruins of ancient Babylon in Iraq, or the City which not only houses the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, but also the financers behind it all, including the very material they’re forcing on our kids in school as “truth” every day: Rockefellers & Co.

If you’re in touch with reality at all, and you’re bold enough to face the ugly truth about your beloved and oh so great country, you’ll see that the other 2 alternatives are pitifully erroneous wishful thinking cooked up by people whose loyalty is rather to the flag of their country than the cross, when Jesus told His disciples clearly that they were not of this world, just as He wasn’t.

America, it’s time to open up your eyes that the rest of the world is seeing through your camouflage of “democracy.” You’ve just become another big bully world empire, dictating your views on the rest of the world, you’re the greatest oppressor of the poor and innocent this world has ever seen in its pitiful history, and you’re going to reap what you’ve sown. God promises it, and there won’t be any “Pre-Tribulation Rapture,” either, to save you out of it! Oh, and did I mention it? Your President is a mass murderer, – and he’s not the first in line – going down in history as another infamous villain like Hitler and Stalin, who were ultimately brought into power by your money in the first place, too.

What you may not know is, that the Beast you’re riding on, that wonderful and glorious “New World Order” your head honchos like Bush Sr., are so eagerly promoting, will turn against you, rend you in pieces and devour your flesh. Read Revelations 17 and 18 for what they are! Read and weep!

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paralleluniverses_8x_copy4.jpg 2/11/08

The fact that there are people who have had to go through extraordinary hardships, and yet testify that if they had to do it all over again, they wouldn’t have it any different, leads one to wonder:

If God’s is really in charge, and He’s really putting an effort into making this whole stage-play of world history come out with the best results possible, then who needs parallel worlds? I mean, if God is omni-scient and can foresee the future, and like Nicolas Cage in the movie “Next,” foresee all the other options, then there would be no need to play them all out in an endless amount of alternative versions and destinies, each in their own parallel universe, as some claim ought to be the case, right?

No, that doesn’t mean that everything is preset and predestined, either. We still make our choices. But God does His best to help us make the right ones, and when we don’t, to make the best out of that, too. It’s a real, live work of art & Master piece in the making, the Big Picture; and I don’t think it’s just one of a gazillion just like it. This is it. The Real Thing.

If life – as bad as it sometimes or even often may seem to us – is the best it possibly can be (especially for those who try to make the right choices because they love God – see Romans 8:28), then it’s really another reason to trust God fully for what He’s doing right here and right now – or, even if He’s not doing it all Himself – for what He’s allowing to happen.

If we are convinced that in the final analysis, the outcome of our story is going to be the best possible, a universal lesson on good and evil never to be forgotten by men & angels, then we can fully embrace everything that’s happening, even if it may not look all that desirable to us.

Of course, some things are still left up to us. What’s really hard for us to believe and fully realize is that one of the most significant things we can do in order to influence things and really have an impact on the course of things is to pray. We prefer to make more physical contributions to the flow and rhythm of all things and show off how strong we are, instead of availing ourselves of some invisible Power we’re not always quite sure of.

But if we were, then we could certainly trust the universe (and the Power that both created and maintains it) around us more, instead of deeming it only one of innumerable options that are happening simultaneously. If God already knew all the other options and possible outcomes, then this is it. You don’t need to look or wait for anything better, nor passively resign to the great meaninglessness of everything, but you can put your whole heart into making the best out of the here and now, fully confident of the fact that you’ve got very competent help and support.

As usual, this option will sound way too naive and simple for most people to choose, who live by the rule, “Why make it easy, when you can make it complicated?” But if you’re ever tired of the confusion and apparent senselessness of it all under your current mindset, try simple and childlike trust. Yes, in spite of the circumstances and their gross and scary looks.

P.S.: One more thought on the idea of a nearly identical parallel universe. If you look at creation, you’ll inevitably spot God’s sense for variety. If He doesn’t create one snowflake or egg exactly the same as the other, it’s not very likely that He’d create another universe exactly like ours, much less a whole bunch of’em.

Besides, there are whole different dimensions to explore yet already, that we know very little about. So who needs another world just like this one, with only a few details changed? Not me.

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Turns out that those who have been suspicious about the sincerity of Bush’s supposed piety are being vindicated before Judgment Day. At least the London Times is giving us a wee glimpse of that “I knew it all along” feeling.
As far as the rest of them goes: no, we’ll be good & won’t say, “How could you have been so dumb all along?!”

Also turns out that ordinary dirt appears to be more than ordinary. A fistful of it contains billions of living organisms necessary to keep things on this planet growing, and consequently, us fed.
The bad news is, it’s disappearing. Like so many other things that didn’t seem good to us & we took for granted…
You just can’t beat God at anything. Not even at making plain old dirt.

Turns out … once again, we’re not quite as smart as we all would like to think, are we?

Oh, and it also turns out that an even greater pollution factor than transportation (as in cars and exhaust fumes), as well as occupant of 30% of the earth’s ice-free land is the production of the burgers we stuff down: meat.
No wonder the “Enlightened ones” want us to become vegetarians. After reading this article, one might even consider becoming one.

Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that’s going to be on the NWO’s “menu for the masses:” “Repent of the evil we have tempted you to commit all along!”

Well, I don’t mind, as long as I don’t have to take that silly mark in my hand or forehead. You can keep that for your cattle. I promise I won’t touch’em. Just don’t make us your new cattle.

Turns out that President Sarkozy of France is following in the footsteps of Napoleon and pretty much dancing to the New World Order beat. But this time I’m not surprised.

Finally, it turns out that, no, this doesn’t seem to be quite the end of our beloved paper money as we know it, before the Big Boys blow out the candle on us, and “the lights in New York will go out for the last time,” although – as we have not dared to hope otherwise, there are darker days ahead.

You wouldn’t have believed us, if we’d have told you that 30 years ago, would ya?

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I know I’m repeating myself, but it just seems to be a fact that comes slinging back in my face over and over again: “The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history” (A. Toynbee).

One particular thing I’m referring to that we don’t seem to learn from history, is what I’d call overcoming the “preaching at home” syndrome: It took the Early Church years, if not actual decades, until they finally realized and remembered (or at least cared to pay attention to the fact) that Jesus had bid them to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15), and not just to the Jews back home in the “Promised Land.”

It took a former enemy of the church, the persecutor Saul turned missionary no.1 Paul, to lead the way and show that the Gospel was destined for the World, and not just for fellow Jews at home.

Why am I saying that this keeps happening? Well, look at the church today: Who are they preaching to? When you listen to those big star preachers like Joyce Meyer or a song from one of the many Christian bands and superstars from the U.S., whom are they addressing? Almost exclusively fellow Christians. The attitude is similar to that which must have been that of the Early Church stuck back home: “We like our own kind. As far as them hottentots out there, well, let’em go to hell: we wouldn’t want them around in heaven, anyway.”

Not only did the Early Christians initially fail to obey their Lord’s bidding to spread out the message into the whole world, but they even gave the only fellow who actually did the job a hard time, by criticizing him and his ways of doing it and criticizing his flock (“Your pagan converts need to be circumcised and eat only kosher food, if they want to be saved,” etc.). They most definitely failed to support him, initially.

It seems that the only thing that finally got them to change their minds on the issue was what God usually has to use in order to get his people out of their comfy-cozy ruts: persecution. That was a lesson the Early Church Jews had failed to learn from their ancestors in Egypt.

They’d been having such a great time there in the fertile Nile delta, the land of Goshen, which had been given to Joseph (son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham – as a reminder) for saving the world from starvation, that the furthest thing on their mind was getting outta there for some “Promised Land.” It took the rise of some really mean Pharaoh, who was having them kill their own male babies and use the Jews as a slave work force, that very slowly mananged to change their minds.

Now, over a thousand years later, the first Christians didn’t want to hear anything about that promise of “I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance.” And it took incessant persecution to finally shake’em up and follow the footsteps of that suspicious Paul dude…

What will it take for today’s Christians to turn their focus outward, toward the lost sheep, instead of singing and preaching to each other over and over again? Especially those in a certain country which seems to almost resemble another “Promised Land,” which – in the opinion of others – is slowly turning into a spiritual Egypt?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what God is going to have to pull out of His sleeve this time to get His people to join the frowned upon few who are already in the fields, tediously raking in the harvest.

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What many people don’t know about the Bible is that it contains hundreds of ancient prophecies, written hundreds of years before they were being fulfilled. Of course, there are those who claim that the entire Bible is a fraud, just like they would have us believe that God is an invention of man, instead of the other way around, but I covered that earlier.
One of the ancient prophecies I’m referring to, is the one by the prophet Isaiah from around 700 B.C., which we also included in our Christmas card, shown in our Christmas post below:
“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).
In this, one of the most beautiful prophecies about Jesus’ birth, Isaiah describes a child that would be born, although at the same time it would be “The mighty God, The everlasting Father,” etc.
Most Christians refer to Jesus also as “Wonderful,” and some, thankfully, still consider Him the Prince of Peace (not the champion of warmongers), but the one thing I’m particularly thankful for this morning, which unfortunately is the one attribute that is not so avidly recognized by most of His believers, is that Jesus is also the most perfect Counselor one could possibly have.
I personally love communicating. Especially about spiritual and heavenly things. And the neat thing is, so does the Lord. But it seems that in most cases, He needs to trick us into accepting, receiving, or even becoming aware of most of His attempted communications with us.
Still, the majority of believers consider prayer to be their monologue directed at God. “After all,” they figure, “He said His piece, and whatever He had to say, in the Bible.” And then He quit talking ever since…

A mute God, instead of a Counselor. There are even some catholics who are smarter than that. One of them is Richard Rohr, the Franciscan who puts it so wonderfully in his book “Radical Grace:” “Unless we can presume that the Lord is speaking right now, how can we believer that He ever spoke? To have an attitude of faith is to hear the Lord speaking everywhere and all the time, in the concrete and ordinary circumstances of our lives.”

There are many Promises in the Bible in which God tells us that He would counsel us, if we care to listen. God’s phone number, Jeremiah 33:3, for instance, says, “Call unto Me, and I will show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”
In the Psalms He promises, “I will guide the with Mine Eye,” or elsewhere, “thou shalt hear a word behind thee, saying, ‘This is the way…‘” or “Knock and it shall be opened unto you,” “Acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”
In other words, if you have a little time on hand, but no cash to spend on therapists or counselors who will “lead thee in the paths” of Nietzsche and Freud, try the best Counselor of all times. In fact, He’s so good at it, advertisement for His services was already written 700 years before He was born.
Try a little hearing from Heaven, and see what it can do for you!

Happy Christmas to Y’all!

Happy Birthday, Wonderful Counselor!

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060 Inconvenient Truths

Last night, under the motto, “better late than never,” we watched Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth.” A bit late, since I have developed a natural distrust toward politicians in general, but during the course of the film I couldn’t help but imagining what a different place this world might be right now, if Al Gore would have won the presidential elections in 2000…
Being a creationist, it may sound odd for me to say that I would have preferred a president who believes in Evolution to one who even passed a bill in favor of creationism in parts of his country, but I kept saying, “This man is intelligent.” I mean, he’s actually capable of formulating entire grammatically correct phrases in a row without problems. Not to mention the actual sincere concern not only for his own country, but the entire planet, which one can tell is real by a look into his eyes, and not some permanent hideous smirk of one who knows he’s only in power because of nasty trickeries, deceptions and frauds.
It confirms what I’ve been saying throughout this blog, such as in my articles about Gandhi or Yusuf Islam, better known as the former pop star Cat Stevens: It doesn’t matter what somebody claims to believe, actions speak louder than words.
Or what I’ve said about the Pharisees: the religious leaders of Jesus’ day basically believed or professed to believe the same things Jesus did, they read the same Scriptures and called the same God their Father.
But Jesus corrected them, and told them, that’s what they thought, but in reality they were children of the Devil.
It doesn’t matter if one believes or claims to believe all the right things in their heads. If their heart isn’t right, it’s of no avail. “By their fruits ye shall know them” (Mt.7:20).
I recently discovered a wonderful web preacher, who pretty much happens to defend the same point as I, that many people who call themselves Christians, but in reality give ear to doctrines that “tickle the ear” are simply sincerely deceived, and subject to the spirit of witchcraft, and that they may have another thing coming…
It’s kind of encouraging to know that I’m not the only lunatic on the web preaching such things, although my degree of lunacy probably goes a few degrees further than that of Monica Dennington.

So, the gist is, even if George Bush really believed what he claims to believe in, (which I personally doubt, but even if he did,) I believe the world would have been better off with Al Gore for president. But I suppose, this world isn’t destined for any genuine and lasting improvement or salvation brought by our own hands, because the point God is precisely trying to make is that no matter how many good intentions there may be, we’re just going to make a mess of things without Him. In fact, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,”
“and many there be which go in thereat” (Mt.7:13,14), (not to mention those with less than good intentions).

On the other hand – being the skeptic I am, especially when it comes to politicians – perhaps the whole things is just part of the plan of making Christians – and especially Creationists – look so stupid that it won’t be hard to convince the rest of the world that they’d all be better off without them.

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